Month: January 2016

Orphanage in Singapore: A New Passion of Traveling

Orphanage in Singapore is used for some orphans. The orphans are kids who don’t have parents because both of their parents died or left by divorce case. It also used for kids who have a single parent. Orphanage in Singapore cannot be called as an orphanage. It tends to be called as children’s home. Here are some descriptions about orphanages in Singapore. Orphanage in Singapore, Home for Poor Kids You can find some orphanages in Singapore, when you go there either for travelling or staying for your jobs there. Usually, that home is also facilitated by free school and...

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Getting Confused Where to Stay in Singapore? Read This

Where to stay in Singapore? This question often asked by those who is going to have a holiday in Singapore. Singapore is a beautiful small city. Even though its size is not very large, you need more than three days to explore the beauty of this amazing city. There are numerous luxury hotels you can find in this town. If your budget is not big enough, you can find some budget hotels in affordable rate. Here are some ideas of where to stay in Singapore. Famous Tourism Districts and Hotels When you are booking a hotel in Singapore, you...

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Singapore Flyer Ticket Price and Information

Singapore Flyer price worth the experience you will get. Singapore is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. This country offers you with various attractions and interesting places. Singapore Flyer is one of them. One of the icons of this country known worldwide. All about Singapore Flyer Singapore Flyer is a giant Ferris wheel. It is 165m-high. When you are riding it, you will be able to see the panoramic view of Singapore and its neighboring countries from above. Singapore Flyer was open in 2008. To build this giant Ferris wheel, the owner spent $180 million...

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Tips For Finding Cheap Hostels in Singapore for Budget Travelers

Backpackers with a limited budget will wonder about the cheap hostels in Singapore. Among all of the options of accommodation, hostels are the best place for the travelers with very limited budget. They are made to be cheap but comfortable enough for the guests. Are hostels safe? This question will be asked by anyone who wishes to stay in a hostel during holidays. Good hostels are not difficult to be found in Singapore, you only need to put extra efforts to find the best hostel that will be safe and comfortable. Several Basic Considerations for Good Hostels Let’s start choosing...

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Finding Best Indian Restaurant in Singapore

What is the best Indian restaurant in Singapore? An interesting question is in need of an answer. Indian foods are tasty and very flavorful. There is no more popular Indian food other than curry. The Indian curry has a great punch of flavor loved by a lot of people from around the world. When seeking for the Indian curry, everyone wants the best. The original taste of India that will come from the excellent combination of spices. In Singapore, there are a lot of Indian restaurants run by the locals of Indian descents. The question now is the best...

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