Month: March 2016

Public Holidays 2016 Singapore: Schedules and Recommendation

We believe that it’s important for you to know about the Public Holidays 2016 Singapore list because you can arrange your holiday schedule perfectly here. As you can see, this country is popular for many tourists, mainly come from the Southeast Asia’s countries. They are coming for the beautiful dining spots, bars, entertainment parks, casinos, high-end shopping experience. The flights to the Singapore is one of the busiest flight routes in the world. It’s crucial for travelers to know about their public holidays, to avoid chaos in their schedule and can feel their traveling experience gracefully. Well, let’s check...

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Singapore Flyer Cost: Information for Travelers

For travelers who love to go to visit The Singapore Flyer, of course, they have to aware about the Singapore Flyer cost. As you can see, Singapore is one of the top countries in Asia which always receive millions of travelers who come from many countries all over the world. This country is widely popular for their entertainment parks, casinos, high luxurious shopping spots, fine dining restaurants, and many other tourism spots that can be enjoyed by the travelers. This article will specifically tell you more about the Singapore Flyer, which is one of the newest tourism spots in...

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Recommended Furniture Shops in Singapore

Have you just moved into Singapore? Then after arriving at the new place, the first thing that springs to mind must be about where to buy the furniture for your new home. You need from some furniture shops in Singapore so that you could settle in your new place immediately. We understand that moving to a new location could be unnerving, especially if you move from a different country. If you want to fill your new home with new furniture, but still does not know where to look, then you have come to the right place. As in this...

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Looking for Best Buffet Experience in Singapore? Read This!

Experiencing culinary delights is one of the ways to fully enjoy your trip to some foreign country, and if you are in Singapore then certainly, you should not miss the experience to enjoy the best buffet in Singapore. When it comes to the level of international buffet experiences, surely you would only want to taste the best of the best and might also want to go all out and enjoy them in a five-rated stars hotels. The world class chef serving world-class food, the posh and luxurious ambience of the dining environment. Only the best premium ingredients are included...

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For Tourists: Tax Refund Guide in Singapore

Do you want a delightful shopping experience which is hassle free and tax-free? Then you should know about the policy of tax refund Singapore that could provide you with such experience. In Singapore, tourists may be eligible to get electronic tourist refund scheme, which is a policy which allows people to claim a 7 percent refund on Goods and Services Tax, known as GST (Government Service Tax). This ability to apply for a refund would be available to payment paid on the purchases made at retail shops that are participating in the policy before you depart from Singapore. Terms...

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