Month: April 2016

Affordable Shopping Mall in Singapore: Guide for You

As one of the greatest travel spots in the world, many people looking for the suggestions for the best shopping mall in Singapore. As you can see, there are many activities that people usually do when they are travelling to a country, like eating, sightseeing, and also go to shopping around the city, including to the malls. However as a tourist, of course, you want the best experience when you go to the shopping malls. Besides, you can also discover some good places for you to spend your money on unique products from Singapore. Based from that, we love...

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Hotels in Little India Singapore – Finding a Good One

Singapore is a fascinating country with beautiful places and cultures. Many tourists have visited Singapore, and they are delighted by their experience travelling around Little India. Hotels in Little India Singapore are something you have to consider if you decide to visit Little India on your next vacation. In Little India, the cultures, cuisines, and the society are very delightful and unforgettable. If you are living in a country that too far from India but you dying to visit India to enjoy its fantastic view, there is an alternative here. If your country is closer to Singapore than to India, you...

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Find Cheap Singapore to Phuket Flights Tickets

Singapore to Phuket flights is something you are going to need if you are Singaporean or currently live in Singapore and you plan a vacation to Phuket, Thailand. Nowadays, everyone needs to go on a holiday at least once a year. It is because the world is getting busier and stressful. They are forced to wake up early in the morning, prepare themselves to go to work, and then after that; they have to spend seven to nine hours at work. When they get home, it is already late. They are tired and go to bed immediately. This cycle...

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Cruises from Singapore – Recommended 2016 Packages

Enjoying cruises from Singapore 2016 can be your perfect upcoming vacation. We all know that most people around the world are now getting busier and busier. They spend too much time at work and eventually have no spare time to relax and enjoy their lives. The result of that kind of lifestyle is the increase of stress possibility and depression. Vacation is something that obviously needed for reducing tension and stress. There are many choices of vacations such as traveling aboard, going to a beach, and much more. However, if you are looking for the ultimate vacation you can...

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Indian Food Delivery in Singapore – Find The Delicious One

Indian food delivery in Singapore is quite well-known. Although Singapore is not a big city, traveling all day long might be tiring for you. If you like Indian cuisine, Indian food delivery can be your solution. There are some services for Indian food delivery in Singapore for your references. North Indian Tandoori Cuisine This restaurant provides its delivery service for all areas within Singapore. However, the delivery charges are vary and charged based on the distance. The minimum order to use this service is SGD 25. You can pay it by cash or credit cards. Chicken Kali Mirch Kebab is...

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