Singapore Flyer Cost

Singapore Flyer Cost

For travelers who love to go to visit The Singapore Flyer, of course, they have to aware about the Singapore Flyer cost. As you can see, Singapore is one of the top countries in Asia which always receive millions of travelers who come from many countries all over the world. This country is widely popular for their entertainment parks, casinos, high luxurious shopping spots, fine dining restaurants, and many other tourism spots that can be enjoyed by the travelers.

This article will specifically tell you more about the Singapore Flyer, which is one of the newest tourism spots in the country. You may get much information from its time, its cost, and why you should visit this place. Well, let’s check the details up!

Singapore Flyer Cost: Is This Worth Your Money?

Singapore Flyer for a Wonderful Panoramatripadvisor read reveiws

The experience of sky-walking is introduced to the travelers by using the Singapore Flyer. This attraction lets you stand in their ‘flying’ capsules and see the whole Singapore directly from above with your bare eyes. Singapore Flyer is a giant Ferris wheel that is constructed carefully, so you don’t have to worry about its safety. This thing has 28 capsules that can accommodate more than 20 persons in each capsule.

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There are some Singaporean that also held a birthday party or romantic dinner here. With this kind of enjoyment, no wonder people want to spend their money around S$ 33 for one flyer session about 30 minutes (Special price $29 at Tripadvisor). For you who like to see the scenery of Singapore from 165 m height, of course, this is worth of your money.

Singapore Flyer Cost: Membership and Additional Ticket Promos!

For you who will often visit this place, We suggest you enroll the regular member to reduce cost from buying the admission ticket. The price for the membership is only around S$ 69, as a member, you can get many excellent benefits! First, you may get an unlimited ride for a year (one day= one ride). You can also get 15% discounts for another entertainment from this place, such as Singapore Flights, Singapore Cocktails, and also Singapore Sling Flights.

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Check more details about Singapore Flyer ticket at Tripadvisor page. Hundreds of customer review that have ridden this great Ferris wheel are available here. You may use that discussion as your consideration to try Singapore Flyer

You can also get exclusive benefits from the food and beverages tenants in this place, and well, it’s magnificent. To get this membership, you can simply come directly to their central office in the Singapore or apply online via their website.

Package Passes for Singapore Flyer

There is a type of package tickets that will allow you to enjoy the ride bundle with meal voucher, free photos, etc. This package is named Singapore Flyer City Passes. Read more details

You may also get the package to enjoy riding the Singapore Flyer and take the cruise in the Singapore’s river with their unique boat and open-roof bus. This particular package only priced about S$ 50.

That’s our entire guide for you about the Singapore Flyer cost. You may use Tripadvisor search tools to find another interesting and recommended attraction in Singapore by reading its review. Have fun!