In Singapore, there is a great theme park named Universal Studios Singapore. It is a theme park in Singapore that was built in 2010. However, it was closed in 2013 before it was opened again last year in 2015. The reopening date is on the 25th of May in 2015.

universal studios singapore

Now, it becomes one of the most popular and favorite parks in Singapore. It is also popular out of Singapore, especially in Asia. If you want to go vacation in this country, you must visit Universal Studios Singapore. If you have a plan to go there, there are many things that you have to know.

Universal Studios Singapore Address

This theme park is addressed near Resort World Sentosa Hotel. This resort or hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Singapore. This hotel also becomes one of the most favorite choices for tourists because of its good popularity.

Universal Studios Singapore address is on Sentosa Island in Singapore. In detail, it is located on 8 Sentosa Gateway in Singapore 098269. Because it is strategic, this theme park is easy to access. Therefore, you can find it easily.

How to Get to Universal Studios Singapore

To get to USS (Universal Studios Singapore) theme park, there are some ideas of transportation that you can use. So, you can choose from the following choices to get there:

  1. By Public Buses

The first way how to get there is by bus. 2 public busses will get there. The first is RWS 8 that operates from 06.00 a.m. up to 11.30 p.m. Besides that; there is also 963R that operates from 08.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.

  1. By Sentosa Express

If you consider Monorail train, you can start from the station. You will be linked to VivoCIty Mall and then transferred to Sentosa Express Train before reaching Universal Studios Singapore.

  1. By MRT Train

For you who come from near North-East line train, you can start from it to HarbourFront station. Then, you will be transferred to a bus that is RWS 8 or Sentosa Express train to get Universal Studios Singapore.

  1. By Car

If you consider personal vehicle, you can go this theme park by car. You can park your car at the basement car park of Resort World Sentosa. You can also enter through Sentosa Gantry, but you will be asked for an extra admission charge.

  1. By Taxi

Taxi is another option that you can choose. It is similar to how to get Universal Studios Singapore by car. However, the cost is certainly higher.

Opening Hours of Universal Studios Singapore

If you want to visit this beautiful place and get many attractions & entertainments there, you have to know the opening hours first. You can visit Universal Studios Singapore from every day.

However, the opening hours are different. On Sunday until Friday, it opens from 10.00 a.m. up to 07.00 p.m. Then, on Saturday, it has the longer opening hours from 10.00 a.m. up to 08.00 p.m.

So, if you are interested in going there, you have to make sure that you visit there at the opening hours. Click here to Book the admission ticket from Tripadvisor. Best Price Guarantee

Universal Studios Singapore Attractions

universal studios attraction map

Universal Studios consist of seven zones. Each Zona has their themed attraction look liked their named zone. Some of the best attraction in Universal Studios Singapore are Transformer 3d, Revenge of the Mummy, Shrek 4d, and much more.

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What You Can Do Inside Universal Studios Singapore

At Universal Studios Singapore, there are many things to do. In fact, there are many attractions, games, views, and other things that are offered. So, you can do many things you want. For example, you can hang out for relaxation, enjoy their restaurant, eat ice cream (because of the weather is very hot in Sentosa Island).

Besides that, you can also take some pictures for save your fun holiday moment, and visit other tourism places or destinations. Even more, you can also try Singapore culinary as you want, because there are some excellent restaurants in Universal Studios Singapore. And there are still many other things that you can do at Universal Studios Singapore.

If you want to come to Universal Studios Singapore, there are two types of pass that you can buy:

  1. One Day Pass

The first pass that you can buy is one day pass. One day pass is a ticket that can be used to enter this theme park for one day package. It is divided into three categories. The first is the adult for those who are 13 up to 59 years old. The second is the child for those who are four up to 12 years old. The third one is senior for those who are above 60 years old.

  1. Two Day Pass

The second pass offered by Universal Studios Singapore is the two-day pass. A two-day pass is a ticket for a package of two days. It is also divided into three categories. The benefit of this pass is that you will get the less expensive prices. So, it can be the better choice of Universal Studios Passes if you want to visit this theme park for more than two days. However, it depends on your desire. So, just choose it wisely. That is all Universal Studios Packages that you can buy. You can compare them and choose it based on your desire carefully.

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Ticket Prices of Universal Studios Singapore

To enter this theme park, you must have the ticket first. The tickets come with different passes and categories. So, the prices are also different. As it is mentioned before, Universal Studios Singapore offers one day pass and two-day pass. Starts from one day pass, adults should pay $ 74. For children, they need to pay $ 54 whereas seniors must buy the ticket for $ 36.

universal studios ticket price

Different from one day pass, the two-day pass offers the more affordable ticket prices. For adults, you just need to buy the ticket for $ 118. It means you save $ 30. Besides that, you will save $ 20 if you purchase the ticket for children because the ticket is only priced for $ 88. Lastly, Universal Studios Singapore ticket for seniors is also more affordable with only $ 58 so that you save $ 14.

That is all Universal Studios Singapore tickets price that you can buy. So, you can buy it depending on your need and desire. Book Universal Studios Ticket at Tripadvisor, You will get special price for only USD $56 for adults. Exclusive for this website’s visitor, Click here

What to Ride at Universal Studios Singapore

At this theme park, there are some offers that you can ride. You can get it if you have bought the ticket whether it is one day pass or two-day pass. There are so many attractions to be ridden. For example, there are some roller coaster, 4D cinema, trick eye museum, etc.

The 7 Distinct Zones of Universal Studios Singapore

There are seven different zones separate Universal Studios Singapore. From those zones, you can find many rides, attractions, and many others. So, you have also to explore all the following zones. Each zone have its own theme

  1. Hollywood Zones

universal studios singapore holywood zone

Hollywood is located at the entrance of this theme park. So, it becomes the first zone that you see and must visit. In this zone, you can find great art nouveau buildings of Hollywood in 1940s. You can also find many restaurants on the street lines near this zone.

  1. New York Zones

universal studios singapore new york zone

Next to Hollywood zone, there is New York zone. This zone provides attractions that purpose to make the guesses interested. Besides that, this zone also includes one of the most delicious steakhouses in this country named KT’s Grill. So, you will be disappointed if you do not visit this zone.

  1. Sci-Fi City Zone

universal studios singapore sci fi city zone

The next zone at Universal Studios Singapore is Sci-Fi City. It becomes the heaven for you who love science fiction. Besides that, it is also a good idea for the hit show Battlestar fans. There, you can also ride roller coasters available in this zone. This zone is very exciting so that you must visit this zone.

  1. Ancient Egypt Zone

universal studios singapore egypt zone

This zone is one of the most attractive zones especially for those who like ancient treasures. At this zone, you will be offered with popular movies such as The Mummy and Seek Buried Treasures. If you feel hungry, you can eat at Oasis Spice café. It provides Malay cuisine and spicy Mediterranean.

  1. The Lost World Zone

universal studios singapore the lost world

This zone also relates to movies. If you enter this zone, you can enjoy some actions movies related to ancient time such as Waterworld and Jurassic Park. You can feel the experience of riding a river plagued down with T-Rex’s. Then, live action shows are also available at the Waterworld. So, you will be entertained at this zone.

  1. Far Far Away Zone

universal studios singapore far far away

At this zone, one of the most attractive features offered is 4D Shrek films. Besides that, live concerts can also be enjoyed there. If you feel bored and want to go shopping, there is Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop that provides various beverages. So, you can buy drinks there.

  1. Madagascar Zone

universal studios singapore madagascar

The last zone is Madagascar. This zone at Universal Studios Singapore provides a river ride with many capacities. So, it is appropriate for a family. Besides that, there are also two restaurants available there where you can go to the restaurants when you feel hungry and tired. If you ride the river ride, you will have an unforgettable experience.

Other Attraction Near Universal Studios Singapore

If you want to visit this theme park located on Sentosa island, you have to know other interesting attraction outside the Universal Studios Singapore. One of the attractions offered is Sentosa 4D Adventure Land. Besides that, you can also consider Madame Tussauds & Image of Singapore package. Then, there is also underwater world Singapore and dolphin lagoon. Besides you can also enjoy the attraction of TrickEye Museum. It will also be a good idea to see Adventure Cove Waterpark. So, you will not be bored to go to Sentosa Island.

There are still many other attractions that you can see in Singapore. For example, you can enjoy Hippo City Sightseeing Tour. It is also near Gardens by the Bay so that you can also visit it. There is also Singapore River cruise. The next attraction idea is Singapore zoo to see various animals. It also offers River Safari.

Other attractions that you can enjoy at Singapore are Alive Museum, National Orchid Garden, and Jurong Bird Park. Considering those many attractions above, you can choose what attraction that you will choose to see.

Ending Section

Here is the end section of this article, We are trying to provide the best comprehensive guide about anything about Universal Studios Singapore. If you have any question or any comments, just put on the comment form below, All comments will be replied and moderate.