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Universal Studios Singapore map will be useful to show the locations of every attraction. A map will make things easier but on top of that, visitors need to make a plan on the attractions they want to visit. Is it possible to visit all attractions? The Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is not particularly large but of course, it’s not small theme park either. There are various attractions inside that will be fun to be tried. If a visitor wants to try all of them, it is possible. However, tourist needs to be smart in time management and choosing the attractions.

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Taking the Challenge to Try All USS Attractions in One Day

What can be done to try all attractions of USS? First of all, book the tickets through Expedia. On the day of the visit, come early and queue even when the gate is not opened yet. If possible, reach there by 9.30 AM. The gate will be opened at 10.00 AM. Go to Guest Service right away to exchange tickets for express pass/vouchers and then go to USS store. In this store, don’t waste time to take a look at the souvenirs. Instead, buy the disposable ponchos (rain coat) that will be useful for Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure.

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Take guides and schedules of the studio and shows. Pay attention closely to the schedules of shows such as Monster Rock, Madagascar Boogie (children’s show) as well as Waterworld. These two shows will have three to four shows in a day. Try to arrange a schedule of watching these shows. It’s best to start with Waterworld afternoon show and choose evening show for Monster Rock. As for Madagascar Rock, choose any time that will suit the entire schedule. After deciding schedule of the shows, it’s time to check the available attractions and start having fun.

It will be better to start with popular rides such as Jurassic Park Rapid or Transformer. These two rides are popular, and the queue might be as long as two hours. Riding them as soon as possible is clearly a great choice. In choosing the next rides, it is recommended to check on the Universal Studios Singapore map and also check express pass and choose the rides without an express pass. Why? Because there will be a need to queue for quite some times before able to take a ride on. At the other hand, the express pass will allow the holders to ride particular rides without taking time for queuing.

While checking on the USS map, try to figure out the best and the most convenient route that will fit with the schedule of watching shows as well. It might be good to queue and ride Canopy Flyer first. Taking this ride in the morning is more recommended because it will be crowded in the afternoon. Remember top pay attention to the schedules of shows. It is also recommended not to waste time just to take pictures while moving from one ride to another ride.

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Tips for the New Visitors

What if this is the first time a visitor come to Universal Studios Singapore (USS)? First-time visitors tend to choose rides one by one from right to left or vice Versa. They also tend to take time around the Hollywood area to take pictures.

The problem is, almost every guest plan and do the same thing.  There will be very long queues on the rides. Therefore, it will be better to do something a little bit different. What can be done for the best experience?

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First of all, consider visiting the USS during working days or low seasons. Avoid visiting during weekends, peak seasons and public holidays because it will be very crowded. Try to get the express pass for particular rides (or maybe even all rides for the super lucky people).

During the time at USS, don’t waste time to take pictures or also picking souvenirs before taking the chance to ride the fun and favorite rides. Don’t come to restaurants during lunchtime and choose the time before or after lunchtime for the more comfortable and lesser queue of lunch. In before all of the fun, book tickets for about one or two months before visiting. Don’t forget to check on Universal Studios Singapore map and find the route to have a great moment in Universal Studios.

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