universal studios Singapore opening hours

universal studios Singapore opening hours

Do you know the Universal Studios Singapore opening hours? When you are having the traveling time in Singapore, visiting the Universal Studios is a must. There are so many people visit USS. Especially for the weekend, the rates of visitors are increased. They come from all around the world.

This place is well known for the tourism place in the modern concept. You will not find the same atmosphere as Universal Studio in the other countries in all around the world. Set a vacation to go to the Universal Studios is a must.

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The enjoyment will be complete if you invite some friends and families to go with you. What can we do in the Universal Studios? There are so many activities which you may do. Taking photos is a must. So, please prepare your cameras if you want to visit there.

Well, in this short discussion, we will describe a little information about Universal Studios. Have you ever known about the big movies on the television? You might wonder about the setting. You need to know that some of the scenes are made in the Universal Studios.

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If you go there, there are so many interesting places which are used for making the scenes of the movie. It’s a fantastic place to visit. It feels like Hollywood. So, seeing the great studio does not mean that you need to go to America. You may go to Singapore for knowing the studio. Of course, you need to know the universal studio Singapore’s opening hours first.

Universal Studios Weekday Opening Hours
Park Operating Hours: 10:00AM-7:00PM
Booths: 9:00AM-7:00PM
Universal Studios Weekend Opening Hours
Park Operating Hours: 10:00AM-08:00PM
Booths: 9:00AM-08:00PM

In the weekend, the opening session will be longer. Please go there in the weekend session. You have to book tickets for the flight first. If you are living in the far countries, you will spend hours to have a flight. But of you are living in the Asian countries, spending the time in the flight will not be so long.

Another Interesting Places in Singapore

After visiting Universal Studios, you should continue to visit other places in Singapore. There are so many tourism places which you might visit. Singapore is the paradise for women. Do you know the reasons why? It is so because there are so many shops in Singapore. Shopping becomes something that makes women happy. They will spend a lot of money to buy clothes, glasses, shoes, bags, etc.

You may spend your money for shopping also. The items which are sold are the branded items. You can get the best quality for everything. There are so many Indonesian people visit Singapore. Of course, they will visit Universal Studio also. It will be a great moment to have vacations. You should arrange your schedule to go to Singapore soon. There are so many places which will attract you with the best shops.

Useful Tip: You can use TripAdvisor as your reference of this attraction because they have millions of user review for travel related things like hotel review, restaurant review, etc.

Now, it is your time to plan to go to Singapore. Ask your friends to go with you!