Vacation is best enjoyed with family. For your ideas, Singapore can be the best destination ever. This place is surrounded by the crystals clear water which makes for the destinations that are ideal for holidays and families. This affluent country offers the ample opportunities for the tours, sightseeing, and interesting activity which would never make you get bored. One of the best places for spending your holiday time in Singapore is at Sentosa Island. We will share you an awesome attraction located in Sentosa, Wings of Time laser show.

What is Sentosa Island?

What is Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is part of Singapore country in different island. You can reach by Singapore Cable Car attraction and you can get the bird’s eye view of the city. You will experience the spectacular view of whole Sentosa Island from above the sky. Sentosa Island has so many interesting attraction. There are Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A Aquarium, Trick Eye Museum, Wings of Time and much more.

Wings of Time at Sentosa Island

Wings of Time at Sentosa Island

Wings of Time is one of the best night show in Asia. We will watch a story like in cinema but in an unusual screen. They use water, projector, laser and fireworks as the media for the story telling. The technology used in this attraction is the most advanced one. The sync between the water sprayer, projector, sound, laser lighting and fireworks makes this show unforgettable by your family. There is no age restriction for enjoying this attraction.

The Storyline of Wings of Time

The storyline of Wings of Time

Talking about Wings of time, it will tell the stories about the fantastic journeys through space and time. There will be phoenix creature namely as Shahbaz from the prehistoric time goes on the adventure with two teenagers search for a best living place. Along the ways, they can discover the worlds by exploring the wondrous locations around the worlds. As those teenagers assist the newfound friends for discovering their ways home, they also have to face the tests of the friendship and courage. For the details of the story and show, you better visit and enjoy this attraction together your family

Wings of Time Admission Ticket

Wings of Time Admission Ticket

Wings of the time are new signature night extravaganza which takes place on 17 June 2014. This place very welcomes to both overseas and local guests alike with one of kind performance which will thrill, inspire, and move the audiences like they never experience before. This place would be ticketed performances with the daily shows at 8.40 pm and 7.40 pm along the Siloso Beach. The premium seat for this night attraction is available for about $24 for each person. However, the standard seat is about $20 for standard rate and about $16 for the local resident.

You can get Wings of Time ticket pass at Expedia. They have money back guarantee program if you find other site selling cheaper than Expedia

Before the show of Wings of the Time, there are pre-show segments which are started 10 minutes before the show times. On this pre-show segment, the casts will be out for entertaining the crowds with the lovely enchanted songs. Wings of the time are a kind of a tale of courage and friendship start with two teenagers namely Felix and Rachel that embark on the adventure.


Shahbaz, a bird-like creature are helped by those teenagers in finding the ways home. Together, those left the modern Singapore on the breathtaking adventures through some panoramic vistas such as Silk Road era, Industrial Revolution, underwater depth, African Savanna, and many others interested spots. With the combination of state of art effects and contemporary story-telling and the audience engagements, Wings of Time is offering the high value and unique entertainment experiences.

For those see this attraction, their eyes would be attracted to the visual feasts, the awe-inspiring displays of water, fire effects, and the laser is spectacular and breathtaking. The audiences will be immersed in the show time and they will let the imagination to take the flight. All you need to do just follow the characters and allow them for leading the audiences through the whole different scenarios and places. Just look at the laser multimedia effects and beautiful water. Combine those with the catchy music scores; the show time is simply awesome. Unluckily, the show is just 25 minutes which is may not enough for you to enjoy.

As the firework warm up the skies, the show of Wings of the time comes to the end. As you see this show, it will be completely your fabulous night with the spectacular night shows that are displayed against the backdrop of the open sea. You could spend the quality times with friends or families by watching this show together and share the imaginative impression with them once the show ends.

Some Tips for Enjoy Wings of Time Attraction

Some Tips for Enjoy Wings of Time Attraction

If you are the first timers visiting Sentosa Island, you don’t have to worry since you can get there by public transportations which are easy. You can take the train to the Harbourfront Station, change to the Sentosa Express for getting to the Sentosa Beach Station. It must be noted that there will be no refund even if this rains at the shows would go on. So, you probably want to check firstly the weather forecast before purchasing the tickets.

It will be better if you come earlier in order to get the good seats at the center of Wings of Time stage. But, you don’t have to worry since the areas of seating are quite wide. But, for those who come late, they would end up at extreme ends of seating areas, far away from the main stages of the show time. There are the eateries where about $5 vouchers can be redeemed which are crowded extremely after the shows when you are there. So, try to get there earlier if you could. Don’t forget to book this attraction ticket at Expedia before arrival, because the ticket price is cheaper than if you bought from ticketing office at Sentosa Island, Guaranteed!