The main purpose of everyone’s holiday plan is for fun; we must not include pain on our vacation trip. Majority pain from getting a holiday is our heavy carrier that makes us exhausted when we must carry our suitcase or bags all day. Because of that, we must bring only the most needed stuff on our luggage when we want to enjoy our holiday trip in Singapore.

Tickets and money are the most important thing that we must bring on our trip to Singapore. But in addition to tickets and money, there are some things you need to prepare when going on holiday abroad. Here are ten majors equipment that we need to take a vacation in Singapore:

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  1. Documents

    passport to visit singapore

The most important documents were taken and not be left behind is the passport, visa, and ticket. Keep this document in a safe and tidy. Safe that is not only safe from being lost or missed it somewhere but also safe from damage such as water, spillage of colored materials such as food and beverages.

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  1. Outfit and Wear

    best outfit for travel to singapore

Choose the right outfit to bring out. Most ordinary objects that fulfill contents of suitcases and bags we are clothes. The main tips to choose clothes for the holiday is bring clothing, both uppers and bottoms are that the material is foldable and easy to dry.

The default is the T-shirt material. For the Bottoms, avoid jeans. Choose pants or skirts are made from cotton or made of flexible or stretch. In addition to light, t-shirts or cotton easy when inserted into a suitcase or bag because it can be rolled up. Becomes the habit of people carrying clothes too much, consequently becomes heavy luggage, and there was no place left for other stuff, such as souvenirs, gadgets, etc.

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  1. Small Bag and Backpack

    backpack for visit singapore

While on holiday abroad, if not necessary, you should not use a suitcase to pack the goods. In addition to heavyweight, luggage bags must also be entered into the aircraft baggage. That means you have to spend some vacation time to await the release of the suitcase from baggage queue plane

In addition, the weight of the backpack is not as heavy as the suitcase. You can run easily when the need to pursue the transportation that will be boarded. Then a small bag, its presence also greatly help you store documents and valuables such as money during the trip. This bag was relatively safe from the hands of ignorant because the suitcase is always embedded in the body. Unlike the suitcase that anytime can off from your grip.

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  1. Camera

    pocket camera for travelling in singapore

A camera is needed during the holidays, not only to Singapore but all destinations around the world. Bring a lightweight camera, compact form to simplify and not to be a distraction when we’re walking.  The Large and heavy camera feels torturing if we are not used to bringing it around all day long.  If you are accustomed to using professional cameras like the DSLR, then you can bring that kind of camera because the image quality result will be much better, as great as our vacation in Singapore

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  1. Mobile Phones and Charger

    mobile phones and charger to used in singapore

When we are on holiday abroad, maybe some of us do not want to do business communication, or it can be said we did not want to be bothered by the business. But there is also a good idea we still carry a cell phone, and buy a sim card in Singapore, with the aim that we can easily communicate when needed, for example, split up in a shopping center.

Also, the mobile phone can also be used to access social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others to upload photos of our excellent vacation simply. Also, do not forget to bring a cell phone charger as it would be very inconvenient and time-consuming just to locate and purchase our mobile phone charger in the destination country for the holiday.

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  1. Medicine and Vitamins

    supplement and medicine to go singapore

We recommend that you bring a supply of medicines. Such as cold medicine, dizziness, heartburn, cold medicine, medicine wounds, rubbing oil, and multivitamins.

You will get tired easily while traveling, temperature and weather are different from the country of origin trigger the body susceptible to disease. In the destination country, there are not necessarily have a regular supply of medication as you consume.

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  1. Itinerary

    singapore travel itinerary

Before leaving on vacation, you’ll want to plan a trip. When on for holiday location, you do not have to follow that have been framed. But that trip plans can give you an idea of the places worth visiting.

Itinerary greatly helped us to arrange a time, budget estimating and determine the appropriate interest in our sights. You can build you own itinerary by using our website as your reference for holiday schedule. You can choose the hotel to stay, attraction to visit, where to shop, restaurant to eat and all of the exciting place in Singapore

Useful Tip: Prepare your hotel ticket before arriving Singapore. You will get a cheaper rate when booking online compared to on-the-spot booking. Use Tripadvisor search tool; it will search from 200+ booking sites for your desired hotel and select the cheapest one.

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  1. Universal or International Electricity Socket

    universal socket in singapore

In Singapore, the form of the socket is not necessarily the same as our home country. Some states use three or orifice plug strip.

For gadgets such as cameras, cell phones, and laptops can be charged, It is worth to bring international universal socket while on vacation. You must keep your gadgets such as cameras, cell phones, and laptops are still in power. Some hotels usually provide the universal socket for the loan, if you forgot to bring it, just try to ask the receptionist to borrow.

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  1. Toiletries and Skin Care

    bring toiletries to singapore

Typically, toiletries already provided at the hotel where we will stay has become the international standard for the hotel to provide toiletries, but many of us who prefer to use personal equipment. Bring toiletries as necessary to move to a smaller bottle like shampoo, liquid soap, lotion, and others. Do not forget to bring a sun protector let skin safe from sun burn. If you want to bring a towel, bring a small towel in order not to waste space

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  1. spare pocket money

    spare pocket coin singapore dollar

Sometimes in the holidays, we bought some stuff out plans such as clothes or gadgets with special rates, therefore, highly recommended spare money because we do not know for sure we are going to spend money during the holidays.

It is better to take the money with currency spare are used as a tool of international transactions, with the goal, which we exchange rate on the common currency as USD is usually higher compared to when we bring the money from our home country. Hope you will enjoy your trip to Singapore, please do leave a comment if you have any question.