banking jobs in singapore

banking jobs in Singapore

Banking jobs in Singapore are the kind of employment that are often sought by many people across the Singapore. It is because now the economic world has changed and there are no people who like to keep their money on their own. They are rather to keep it in the bank to keep it safe from any unwanted events. That is why now many banks can be found anywhere in the world, including in Singapore. Working in a bank is very promising.

There is a good career in there and also an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge about economic stuff. Working in a bank is also guarantee pleasing future because the salary of banking jobs is very satisfying. It is always above average, and people with banking jobs are never paid in the minimum wage. No wonder, many high school students who have just graduated then choosing to enroll to economic school. They hope to get a great job in the future and earn an excellent salary. Below is the information about the salary. Below is the information about the salary of banking jobs in Singapore.

1. Experienced Banking Jobs Salary

The word experienced here means that the banking job employee has worked in the field of business for at least a year. It will be written in the resume so that it will be better if the experienced job seekers write the exact year of their experiences.

One year is enough, but the company will consider choosing a new employee with as much as experience and who has already master the field of banking job. The company will consider that a banking job employee with experience can work a little bit better than a freshly graduated banking job employee. They also already have worked in an office or a company before so that it will make their adaptation process much quicker.

For an experienced banking job employee with Bachelor’s Degree, the average annual salary for them is approximate $3,000 per month. As for the experienced banking job employees who have the higher educational degree such as Master’s Degree, the salary will be approximate $50,000 annually. It means that they can earn $4,150 every month. With such salary, no wonder that a banking job is a good option for everyone in Singapore to make money. However, the job requires many skills and patience because you are going to deal with a serious matter like money and savings.

2. Fresh Graduated Banking Jobs Salary

In across Singapore, the salary of the people with banking job is always above the average. They will never be paid minimum wage because they have special skills. For fresh graduate banking job employees, they have just usually graduated from university or college. They are considered to have a very few working experience in the field of banking. However, they are still paid quite a lot of money.

For fresh graduate banking job employee who have Bachelor’s Degree, the average annual salary for them is approximate $33,155. It means that they can earn more than $2,760 in a month. With this amount of money, it can be said that banking job is a very promising job even for a fresh graduate who just starts his journey in the world of banking. As the time passes by, his experience will also be greater and greater and eventually he will master the world of banking and can raise his salary.

That is all about the information of the salary that will be received by the people who works in banking job. Singapore as one of the centers of economy in the Southern Asia owns many banks and banking jobs opportunity. So, it is your turn to find your way to get the banking jobs in Singapore.