holidays in singapore 2016

Holidays in Singapore 2016 are the moment that many people have been waiting for. It is the time to time to start to plan your 2016 vacation. People focus too much on their job so that sometimes they forget to spare a little time to relax and enjoy their lives. Vacation is the solution for that. A break or a vacation can help you refresh your mind.

If you are ready to plan your vacation, Singapore can be a great destination for you. Even though Singapore looks like just a small island in the Southern Asia, there are many tourist destinations in Singapore.

The people and the culture are also very friendly for tourism activities. Moreover, Singapore has a beautiful scenery to refresh your eyes. Below are some tourist destinations in Singapore that you can visit in your holidays in Singapore 2016.

1. Orchard Road

Great Shopping Experience in Orchard Road

Orchard Road is probably the most famous road all across Singapore. Why? It is because Orchard Road is like a heaven for many tourists, especially female tourist. In the Orchard Road, it can be found many couture stores such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Those stores are where girls and women can buy branded bags, shoes, clothes, perfumes, hats, belts, and so on.

This road is always full of tourists who go crazy and shopping all over the stores. There are several malls also on the road so that the road is shopping haven for the tourists. They can purchase anything in the Orchard Road. Read more about Orchard Road things to do, attraction, hotel and restaurant list here

2. Singapore Botanic Garden

If you rather spend your vacation time in Singapore to visit more natural places, well, this Singapore Botanic Garden is the right option for you. The vast garden, which is located in Cluny Road, is filled with many plants.

singapore botanic garden

As long as you look, you will only see green plants, flowers, and the blue sky. No building that will block your sight, no pollutions, to traffic craziness, all just nature and beauty. In Singapore Botanic Garden, you can find more than one thousand orchid species collection and over two thousand hybrids. There is also a rainforest in the garden. The situation is just chill, full of breeze, and very comfortable for you to relax. More info and review

3. Universal Studio Singapore

Do you bring your kids on your vacation? Singapore a the place that must be visited by them. It is the Universal Studio Singapore, the best theme park in Singapore, even South-east Asia. In Universal Studio Singapore, there are many attraction sectors that you can visit.

universal studios attraction map

All of the sectors are related to many great films that are produced by Universal Studios. Some of the sectors are New York, Hollywood, and Far Far Away. In the New York area, you can meet Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert, and Ernie from Sesame Street. In the Hollywood area, you can find Po from Kung Fu Panda, Hollywood classic artists like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and much more. As in Far Far Away, you will meet Shrek, Donkey, Princess Fiona, and also Puss in Boots.

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Beside of the three tourist destinations above, there are still many tourist destinations in Singapore such as Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Underwater World Singapore, River Safari Singapore and so on. Singapore will provide any vacation you plan. Just plan your vacation from now and get ready for some excitements you will get in your holidays in Singapore 2016.