Singapore Geographic Location

Singapore, a country on a small island, but very famous around the world. Even if we open a world map, and spread it on the floor, Singapore will look like only a “dot” on the map. We can reach this country by sea and land, if we are planning to visit Singapore by land, we are only can visit this country thru Malaysia.

In the beginning, Singapore has a bunch of small island around the main island, but nowadays, only three big main islands left, Singapore Island, Sentosa Island, and Ubin island. All the small island among them have been joining the main island developing the island project with sand for expanding and link all the small island to the big main island.

Merlion-Park singapore

Why Called Singapore, and What is Singapore Means

Singapore is famous with their icon, the lion icon, the name that Singapore country comes from. Lion in the Indonesian language is called “Singa” that’s because the symbol of this country is the lion, from the translation of lion in Bahasa.

Singapore also was known as Garden City too. Singapore government trying to made Singapore become “City in a Garden” country. The plan for creating Singapore as “City in a Garden” is clearly aware by tourist when visiting Singapore. When entering Singapore, across all the street towards the center city of Singapore is green, green and green. All the buildings have many plants and tree below, so do the street and city park.

Many factors made Singapore as one of the leading tourism destination in Asia. A bunch of attractive destination places are available in this country. The country was also stable. There was very little conflict in this country, the conflict that makes tourist not comfort for getting a holiday at Singapore. Crime chance in Singapore also low, that makes the tourist feel safe for vacation.

MRT-Train singapore

Singapore’s Basic Tourist Accommodation Information

When I decided “accommodation” to be used as this subtitle of this paragraph, I hope all my readers will not think the accommodation is only about hotels or resort. Accommodation is something that fulfils a particular needs, so the specific needs when we are visiting Singapore is not only about a hotel for spend the night, but something supports us to optimizing our travelling activity such as Public Transportation, Public Facilities, Handicap facilities, security and certainty, many more.

Useful Tip: You can use Tripadvisor to find your desired hotel by using their PriceFinder tools. This tools will help you sort the particular hotel rates from 200+ booking sites. You will get the result filtered by its price.

Discussing about public transportation, Singapore’s public transportation is one of the comfortable, efficient, secure, user friendly among the public transportation among all the country over the world. One of the greatest public transportation in Singapore is MRT (mass rapid transport). Singapore also support using bus, tram, speedboat, cargo boat, plane, train. However, you will find our complete information on this website about finding cheap accommodation in Singapore,

Demographic Status of Singapore

Based on 2012 data, total population of Singaporean’s was 5.183.000 people, that are combine from 3.789.000 foreigner (permanent residents). Singapore ethic was combine from Chinese, Melayu and Indian. Chinese is the majority in Singapore (74.1%) followed by Melayu (13.4%) and Indian (9.2%). Singapore known as multicultural country with ethnic variation.

The government of Singapore is now motivating the citizen for having a child because Singapore’s birth rate was very low, a country needs young generation for continuing the flow of a country. English, Melayu, Chinese, and Tamil are Singapore’s language, but English is the main primary language used in that beautiful country.

Singapore’s Climate, Time Zone and Currency

Singapore climate is general as same as many Asian countries, tropical climate with a temperature between 20-24 Celsius at night, and maximum 36 Celsius at noon. Different from other Asian countries like Japan and China that have four seasons, Singapore doesn’t have any season. Climate condition at Singapore during all the year is usually stable, stable temperature and weather condition.

Singapore’s time zone is GMT+8, 1-hour faster from my country, Indonesia. School and business activity at Singapore usually starts from 7.30 – 7.45 morning.  You can check time zone different between Singapore and your country at here.

singapore dollar money

SGD (Singapore Dollar) is the currency used by this remarkable country. One cent is the smallest denomination here, following by 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, $1, $2, $5, $10, $50, $100, $1.000 and $10.000 is the largest denomination of Singapore dollar. You can check the currency comparison here.

Hope you enjoy this article about Singapore. If you need other detailed about Singapore such as the good hotel, nice restaurant, cheap hostel, and attraction in Singapore, You can find that information on this website. Just leave a comment if you have any question.