Public Holidays 2016 Singapore

We believe that it’s important for you to know about the Public Holidays 2016 Singapore list because you can arrange your holiday schedule perfectly here. As you can see, this country is popular for many tourists, mainly come from the Southeast Asia’s countries.

They are coming for the beautiful dining spots, bars, entertainment parks, casinos, high-end shopping experience. The flights to the Singapore is one of the busiest flight routes in the world.

It’s crucial for travelers to know about their public holidays, to avoid chaos in their schedule and can feel their traveling experience gracefully. Well, let’s check the details!

Public Holidays 2016 Singapore: January to June

new year holiday in singapore

Basically, in the early six months, there are five public holidays that are celebrated in here. In 1st January, it will be the New Year celebration. Usually, many hotels and hostels are already full-booked because many people want to enjoy the grand celebration of New Year in this country.

No wonder, the price of everything will be quite high here. Try to book your flight and hotel at least four months before 1st January so that you may get the best price. Check Tripadvisor for finding the best hotel based on their millions of reviews from recent customer who stay at the particular hotel.

In February, it will be the Chinese New Year, which celebration will be more beautiful and extraordinary. Usually, there will be a street parade everywhere, and you can enjoy the cultural side of this country during the holidays.

In 25th March, there will be a day that is celebrated on Good Friday. Usually, many shopping malls give special discounts on this day, so save your money up before it’s too late. There will be a Labor Day in 1st May and Vesak Day on 21st May, which are also important.

Remember, it’s always safe to book your flight and hotel earlier than these days, except you have more money to pay both of them.

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Public Holidays 2016 Singapore: July to December

From July to December, usually, the Public Holidays 2016 Singapore will consist of some big events from Muslim and Hindu community. On 6th July, there will be a celebration after fasting for a month (Fasting Big Day/ Idul Fitri).

In 9th August, there will be the national day for Singapore, so you may expect many good discount programs from everywhere, started from the malls, hotels, and everything.

In 12nd September, there will be Haji Big Day, which is also an important day here. On 29th October, there will be a Deepavali, a day which is dedicated to Hindu community. For you who want to see the Hindu side of this country, you have to come and see the cultural festival in this country when they were celebrating this special day.

christmast holiday in singapore

Of course, on 25th December until 1st January next year, there will be a day for celebrating the Christmas and new year holiday. Usually, there will also many discount programs from every business units in the country, which we believe can save much money from your pocket.

During these public holidays, you also have to expect the discounts that will come from some entertainment parks, like Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios, and the others. You may also get special discount for buying its latest fashion and jewelry products, which are wildly popular in the world.

For you who love to gamble, usually during public holidays, the casinos will give you some discounts. But remember, usually there will be more people in the tourist spots during public holidays, so it’s also important for you to keep your body healthy due to the high fatigue level.

That’s our entire recommendations for you about this Public Holidays 2016 Singapore event for you. Good luck and enjoy Singapore from the head to the toe!