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Singapore is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists over the world. So, if you do not have a plan for your next holiday, you can consider going to this country. Singapore becomes a good idea because this country has so many beautiful places, hotels, night clubs, and shopping center.

In addition, there are also many local culinary options that you must try. Singapore culinary is considered as one of the most delicious ones in Asia even in the world. So, if you want to visit this country, you should try the following specialties foods from Singapore.

One Dollar Ice Cream

One of the most popular foods in Singapore is one dollar ice cream. So, when you are in Singapore, you must buy this. One dollar ice cream is different from other common ice creams. It is a kind of ice cream that is served with a unique shape with wedged bread.

This food will make you satisfied. This food is appropriate for breakfast, snack, or dinner. With only one dollar, this ice cream is very affordable. In fact, it tastes very delicious. So, you will regret if you do not try this food in Singapore.

singapore one dollar ice cream

One dollar ice cream is the most delicious ice cream is Singapore and one of the tastiest ones in the world. In Singapore, this ice cream can be found in many places. For example, you can go to Orchard Road and you will find many people sell this ice cream.

It also offers various tastes. For example, you can choose one dollar ice cream with vanilla taste. Besides that, there are also mango, red bean, durian, coconut, and there are still many other tastes that you can choose. Singapore culinary was not complete if you do not try this iconic food.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

If you want to eat rice, this can be one of the most recommended ideas. At a glance, it is like the ordinary chicken rice. However, the taste is certainly different. It is a kind of chicken rice that is originally from Singapore.

This local food of Singapore is made from steamed chicken that is served with rice cooked in a chicken stock. So, the taste is really delicious. This food does not only become one of the most favorite meals for Singaporean people but also tourists because there are curious about it. After you eat it, you will love it.

hainanese chicken rice

It does offer not only the delicious taste but also nice aroma. You can add some extra sauce if you like stronger taste. So, it will make everyone interested in it. Chicken Rice is appropriate for lunch and dinner. Eating a portion of this chicken rice will make you full.

This chicken rice is available at many restaurants in Singapore so that you can find it easily. Do not regret if you visit Singapore and miss the one of most popular food in this country.

Singapore Chili Crab

Many people love seafood especially tourists from different countries over the world. If you also like seafood, you do not need to worry because many restaurants in Singapore provide seafood. If you are interested in seafood, I suggest you choose chili crab.

Chili crab is hard-shell crabs that are cooked in thick enough gravy added with tomato chili. Then, the crabs are steamed and parted from the cracked. After that, they are stir-fried in a paste with chili sauce, eggs, and ketchup. As its name, this food is not spicy. You just need to eat and enjoy its delicious taste. This food is really tasty!

singapore chili crab

Eating chili crabs will not make you as full as eating chicken rice. However, it will be enough for you for dinner. In fact, this food will be most delicious enjoyed in the evening. Many restaurants serve this food and the taste is similar.

You can choose where to eat this delicious local taste of Singapore culinary based on your desire. Considering the delicious taste, you must try eating chili crabs, and I bet that you want to eat this food again some days else.

Laksa Noodle 

The next option is laksa. This is rice noodles that are served in spicy coconut curry soup and then added with shrimp, egg, chicken meat, and fish. This food is a cross food between Malay and Chinese cuisine.

Nowadays, Laksa is very popular in Singapore. Even more, people are considered not ever to go to this country if they have not ever eaten Laksa. So, when you spend your holiday in this country, you have to try eating this local food in Singapore. You must try the delicious taste of this food with the mild hot soup.

laksa noodle singapore

Laksa has some variants. However, Laksa that is identical to Singapore is Katong Laksa. This food comes with cut-up noodles. In some cases, it is also added with tofu puff and cockles. These additional ingredients become the more options for you so that you can choose your choice.

There are many tourists who love this kind of rice noodles, not only local tourists but also foreign tourists. Overall, the review from people who have ever tried this food is satisfying. So, trying to eat this food will be a good idea for a complete pleasure of Singapore culinary experience.

Char Kuay Teow

Kuay Teow is well known as Asian food. Singapore also has its local kuay teow named char kuay teow. This food is served with broad white fried noodles added with some other ingredients. It can be enjoyed with Soya sauce for extra taste.

This food is also served with the fish cake that adds the taste. In addition, you can also find clams in its ingredients. Lastly, it tastes perfect with Chinese sausage. With all those complete ingredients, this local food in Singapore can attract many tourists to enjoy this delicious food.

char kuay teow

You will not be difficult to find this food because most restaurants in this country provide this food. To compare which restaurant that serves the best Char Kuay Teow in Singapore, you can compare from different restaurants.

This food is appetizing so that you will certainly like it so much. This Singaporean local food is appropriate for dinner, but you can also enjoy it anytime. This food is recommended so much for you who want to enjoy Singapore culinary taste.

Hokkien Prawn Mee

Still related to noodles, this food also belongs to the most advised foods that you must try when you are in Singapore. This food is made from stirred and fried Hokkien noodles.

It is added with some other ingredients. One of them is prawn that also becomes one of the main ingredients. It also comes with slices of pork or chicken for extra taste. There is also fish cake or even squid included in this food.

Other ingredients added in this food are chili, vinegar, and soy sauce. With all those complete ingredients, this Singaporean culinary food is enjoyable because of the delicious taste.

hokkien prawn mee

Each serving of Hokkien Prawn Mee comes with a lime wedge as well as sambal sauce. Those function to tone down its oily taste so that it does not taste too oily. This is what people like from this food.

In the version of Singapore, Hokkien Prawn Mee uses thick and flat egg noodles. So, the tase will be greater. To eat this food, it will be best using chopsticks. However, some people prefer using a fork. It depends on your desire. However you enjoy it, you will be addicted to this food.

Barbecued Stingray

Barbecue taste is one of the most favorite foods of people over the world. In Singapore, you can also eat barbecue. However, Singaporean culinary barbecue is different from the ordinary barbecues. It is called barbecued stingray.

It belongs to seafood dish that is served at hawker stalls. So, you cannot find this food at any restaurant or culinary place. That is why this food is very unique. It has a unique taste compared to other Singapore culinary foods. Now, it is very popular in all places in this country. Even more, it becomes a must tried food for tourists who visit Singapore.

barbeque stingray singapore

There are some versions of barbecued stingray. For example is classic version. Classic Barbecued stingray features a piece of stingray mean that is slated in thick sambal sauce. Sambal sauce is a spicy condiment that is made from diced tomatoes, some chilies, & shrimp paste for the base ingredients.

Then, it is wrapped in a banana leaf before it is cooked on a grill slowly until perfectly cooked. To enjoy this delicious food, you do not need to spend much money because it is priced affordably. So, there is no reason why you do not try this Singapore culinary local food.

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Fish Head Curry

If you like fish, there is also a delicious food in Singapore named fish head curry. So, you can also try this food during your holiday in Singapore. This food includes a big fish head as well as vegetables that are cooked in a curry.

This food is served with bread or rice. Tourists from Asia prefer using rice to eat this food whereas tourists from Western countries prefer using bread. So, you can choose whether you want using bread or rice depending on your desire.

fish head curry

Even though not always, it is usually accompanied with a glass of local lime juice or calamansi. It is a beverage that comes originally from South Indian with Malay and Chinese influences.

The beverage has some versions. For example, it is added with tamarind juice. It purposes to give a taste of sweet-sour. Anyway, the main food is fish head curry that becomes one of the most popular culinary foods in Singapore now. So, if you do not have any idea to eat, you can consider this food.

Singapore Satay

This food can be found in some other countries in Asia especially southeast Asia besides Singapore. For example is Indonesia. Satay from Singapore is similar to the common satay foods in other countries.

It is a meat that is skewered and grilled and then served with a rice cake or also known as ketupat. Besides that, it is also served with peanut sauce as well as cucumber chili relish to add the taste. Even more, some people like the peanut sauce to combine with other foods. In fact, it becomes the unique thing from satay.

singapore satay

Satay is very popular in Singapore as side dish. It is also popular as party platter or starter for a big party. Another unique thing from satay is the flavor and scent that is strong turmeric. So, this food can be smelled from far distance.

Satay also comes with spice that becomes the main marinade ingredient. Satay is made from different meats. So, you can choose based on your desire. For example, you want to eat chicken satay. Besides that, there are also satay from mutton, beef, pork, and other meats. Anyway, satay is a unique food that you must try in Singapore.

Char Siew Noodles or Rice

This food can be another best option that you can find in Singapore. This food has two choices of main ingredients. You can choose whether noodles or rice. Commonly, noodles become the choice for western people whereas rice becomes the choice for Asian people.

Served on a plate, the noodles or rice is added with barbecued pork and a thick sauce. So, it is also served with ketchup for your option. So, you can enjoy it with hot or sweet taste based on your desire.

char siew noodle and rice

Whether you eat it with noodles or rice, it is delicious so that it depends on your desire. The noodles or rice is also served depending on your portion.

It can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner anytime you want. Considering the delicious taste, you must try eating this Singapore culinary food. Today, it becomes one of the most favorite foods that you can find for Singapore culinary

Hope you enjoy this article guide about Singapore thematic culinary. You might also be interested in our other article about the nice restaurant in Singapore.