Singapore Holidays 2016

Singapore Holidays 2016

This article dedicated to you who love to spend your holiday time in Singapore for 2016. As you can see, Singapore is one of the hottest tourism spots for people in Asia because of its lucrative service for everyone who like to spend their money.

 In this little country, you may get good foods, beverages, shopping spots, casino spots, entertainment parks, good public transportation, and much more! With these facilities, no wonder many Asian people also love to go there as their first destination to go abroad.

We would like to share our suggestions for you who want to go to the Singapore, especially for the first time. Well, let’s check the details up!

Singapore Holidays 2016: Fun Spots for You

The Universal Studios Singapore

For you who want to relax your mind and access fun things from Singapore, you may go to several places. For example, you may go to the Universal Studios, one of the best entertainment parks in Asia. In here, you may go to its game arena and unleash your stress after so much work in the office. Besides, many people also love to take their pictures in here, because this park is very popular around the world.

merlion park singapore

You also have to visit the big Merlion Statue in this country. This statue is the symbol of Singapore’s tale. No wonder, thousands of photos are shared on the social media platforms every month by the travelers that already enjoy their time in Singapore.

marina bay sands casino

For you who love to try some gambling games, you also have to try it in the Marina Bay Sands, especially in their casinos. Some of the games are attractive and addictive, suitable for you who have much money and have no idea to spend them.

Our expert in this Singapore Holidays 2016 article also suggests you to visit the lounge bars that you can visit, and you may feel the excellent experience from the service industry in this country.

Singapore Holidays 2016: Food and Shopping Spots for You

For you who love to enjoy your time to eat and drink good beverages, Singapore is perfect for you! First, you may try some street food stalls and try its famous Singapore’s ice cream, which is very delicious with its special bread.

Besides, you may also try its fried seafood and also traditional foods like noodles or rice, which produced from the culture of Malaya. For you who don’t love traditional foods and want to taste its five-star quality foods and beverages, you may try them directly in the high-end restaurants that are spread across the country. You may also book your room in the 4 or 5 stars hotel, and see what their restaurants can serve for you. You can also taste some high-quality desserts from this country, which tastes are incredible.

Mustafa Centre singapore

The next thing that you can also try is to visit its shopping spots, which are awesome. For you whose budget is not that high, you can go to several spots like Mustafa Centre, Lucky Plaza, and Far East Plaza. In these places, you may get affordable clothes, footwear, cosmetics, souvenirs, gadget, and much more!

If you want to buy a gadget from Singapore, you have to be very careful! It’s important for you to buy it directly from its original stores (especially the expensive one) because we believe the guarantee is that good.

For you who want the first class experience shopping, you may go to Marina Bay, Vivo City, and Paragon. Believe us; you may get every first class item that you want from these shopping spots. That’s our suggestions for you who want to feel the sensation of a holiday in Singapore. Just follow our recommendations from this Singapore Holidays 2016 and prove them by yourself. Happy holiday!