Singapore does not require any introduction. The destination is one of the most sought after in the world and witnesses millions of tourists every year.  But what is it about Singapore tourism that makes travelers go crazy about it? Is it the food, people, attractions, or the weather? The answer is –Everything. Yes, Singapore is one of those rare travel destinations that have the best of everything and that’s what makes a traveler fall in love with it.

Yes, Singapore is one of those rare travel destinations that have the best of everything and that’s what makes a traveler fall in love with it. Here we bring you everything you need to know about Singapore to pack your bags and visit it.

Singapore and Its History


Although the written history dates back to 3rd Century, the modern state of Singapore was founded in 1819 after the British built a trading port on the island. The Japanese ruled on Singapore from 1942 to 1945 during the World War II.

After the war, Singapore was under the British rule post which Singapore merged with Malaysia in 1963. But the disputes and social instability among the ruling party of Singapore and the alliance party of Malaysia resulted in the expulsion of Singapore after which it became an independent republic on 1965.

In the 1960s when Singapore was facing unemployment problems, it walked the way of modernization by developing the manufacturing industry, investing in education and developing large housing estates. By the 90’s, Singapore became one of the most prospering nations of the world.

Facts That’ll Amaze You about Singapore Tourism

  • The name Singapore originates from the word Singapura (Land of the Lion) after a Sumatran prince thought he saw a lion on the island.
  • Singapore is a state, a city and a capital all three at once.
  • The tallest indoor waterfall of the world is in Singapore, 35 meters high in Gardens by the Bay.
  • The national anthem of Singapore is printed behind an SGD $1000 note.
  • There is a hug-me coke machine in the National University of Singapore campus. Feel thirsty? Just hug the machine, and a can of coke is dispensed.
  • If you get a gift in Singapore, wait till the person who has given you the gift leaves. It is considered rude to open a gift in front of the person who has given it to you.

Best Things To Do

We know that you already know all about the best-known attractions of Singapore and that is why here’s a list that’s different. Checkout now.

Visit the Singapore Botanical Gardens


A UNESCO World Heritage site, this 156-year-old tropical garden has been ranked the top park attraction of Asia since 2013. This garden played a pivotal role in growing and distributing potentially useful plants in and around Singapore.

The experimentation and promotion of Para Rubber were the reason for the boom in a rubber plantation in Singapore. This main plantation was the reason for the increasing prosperity of this state in the early 20th century. This picturesque garden is a must see if you visit Singapore. See Reviews or Reserve a ticket online

Get Caffeine Kick from The Coffee Shop


Shun the Starbucks coffee mug for a while and experience the strong taste of a Singaporean local coffee. It’s a bet, you’ll get addicted to the coffee to kick start your day. At unbelievably affordable prices, this local brew is enough to keep you awake and refreshed for long. Like it with milk or have it decaf but ensure you have it at least once while in Singapore.

Experience brain freezes with Ice Kachang


If you need something chilled enough to cool you down in split seconds, then try Ice Kachang. Made with shaved ice and topped with different flavors, condensed milk, red beans, and corn, Ice Kachang is a must try during summers.

You try it once and you would have it at least twice. The best part of this dessert is that you don’t need to go to malls to eat this, every eat street has a stall that sells it.

Get High with Singaporean Cocktails


What better way to experience a little tipple than to visit cocktail bars. With some of the fascinating cocktail bars in the world, Singapore will fascinate you with the explicit drinks on offer.

It may sound bit pricey than the local pours, but these enticing cocktails are made to impress and induce. Some of the famous names for cocktail bars are The Gibson, Hong Kong Street, Maison Ikkoku Bar, Smoke and Mirrors, and Jigger and Pony.

Visit Shri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple chinatown singapore

One of the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore, it was built in 1827 in Dravidian style by a Tamilian from Penang. Since then this temple went through various renovations. The gopurams at the grand entrance were developed with elaborate proliferate sculptures in the 1960’s.

This temple has served as a refuge for many new Hindu immigrants since colonial times. Today, this temple is the center for many community activities and a registry of Hindu marriages as at that time only this temple was authorized to solemnize the Hindu marriages. Whether or not for spiritual reasons, this temple deserves your visit for its impeccable architecture. See Reviews or Purchase ticket online

Meet Live Turtles


Meet live turtles in the live Turtle and Tortoise museum located at the Chinese Garden at Jurong. This private zoo is home to over 1600 turtles and tortoises and holds a Guinness Record for the largest collection of Turtles and Tortoise items.

Established in 2002, this zoo is the result of a dedicated team of father and daughter who have collected these animals for the last 40 years. If you’re coming on a package tour, try booking it from a respectable tour operator like Rayna tours. They are renowned, economical, don’t compromise with the comfort and are locals who know the best of the city at the back of their hand.

Go Prawning


Heard the word for the first time? Prawning is nothing but prawn fishing in a contained facility. It is fun to catch prawns while spending quality time with your family along with some drinks and relaxation.

Have barbecued prawns with some drinks and unwind the day long stress. ORTO prawning is the place in Singapore where you can go prawning. It also has detailed tutorials on how to catch prawns.

Travel Tips in Singapore

Every destination is different and so are its laws and regulations. If you travel to Singapore, be sure to follow the laws laid in this island country to ensure a smooth and trouble-free travel experience.

  • Eating in public transportation, littering, and jay-walking attract fine up to SGD $1000.
  • Chewing gums in public are a strict no-no.
  • Drug offenses are punishable by jail sentence and caning.
  • Alcohol and cigarettes are highly taxed.
  • Singapore is considered a developed nation; so it is expensive. Though you can have food at hawker centers, the stay is expensive and are major budget busters. Plan your travel accordingly in advance.
  • Laws in Singapore are very strict and so are the Police officers who are mostly wandering in plain clothes. But if you need any help they are friendly too. Ask for assistance by calling 999. And Yes, they speak English.

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