tax refund singapore

tax refund Singapore

Do you want a delightful shopping experience which is hassle free and tax-free? Then you should know about the policy of tax refund Singapore that could provide you with such experience. In Singapore, tourists may be eligible to get electronic tourist refund scheme, which is a policy which allows people to claim a 7 percent refund on Goods and Services Tax, known as GST (Government Service Tax).

This ability to apply for a refund would be available to payment paid on the purchases made at retail shops that are participating in the policy before you depart from Singapore. Terms and conditions may apply. Customers can only claim their refund for purchases that are above the SGD 100, so to speak.

The return fee then would be deducted from the total amount summed from the Goods and Services Tax, and for tourists who want to apply for their refund, they must follow certain requirements and regulations.

How you Might be Eligible and What the Requirements Are

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Within two months of the purchase, Tourists are eligible to apply for their refund at Changi International Airport or Seletar Airport’s departure hall and would be then subjected to the criteria of the scheme as well as the conditions required. Tourists who are leaving Singapore via cruise would also be eligible to this policy and may be qualified to apply as such.

However, the final destination had to be Singapore or at least involves the cruise to transit in it, so that tourists could claim their Goods and Services Tax refund Singapore on the last departure of the ship from Singapore. However, aside from applying from only particular places applied to the regulations, tourists must also be qualified to all of the criteria stated in the terms and conditions of the policy.

The first condition is that you are not a Singaporean or a permanent resident in the country. The second condition is that you have not spent more than a year there in the last 24 months before the purchase date. The third condition is that you are not employed in the country for the past six months before the purchase date. The fourth is that you are eligible in age and at the time of the purchase, you must at least 16 years old or above to be qualified in the criteria. The last but not least is that you are not a member of the ship or the aircraft on which you would use to leave Singapore.

Certain Exceptions of Tax Refund

However, there are also certain exceptions applied to the policy, in which it means that some goods are not qualified to be included in the tax refund policy.

You may claim your policy of tax refund only and if only your goods can satisfy the criteria of decency, out of these exceptions:

  • The goods are still in good conditions and have not been consumed partly or wholly in Singapore
  • The exported goods that are meant for either commercial or business purpose
  • The goods that would be exported via freight means, and goods that are about public services such as accommodations in a boarding house, hostel, hotel, or other similar premise, tour charges, as well as car rentals.

If you wish to know more about these criteria, then you may visit the official website of IRAS and find out more about these regulations and rules. As for the ways to get the claim, you could get it either by visiting retailer shops, before your departure from Singapore, at the self-help kiosk of eTRS, or at the international airport. Again, if you have a question about tax refund Singapore, do visit the official website of GST tax refund.