Have been planned for travelling? If you have not plan it before then try to visit this one. The best recommended country you should visit when you are in holiday, no matter if you do it alone like a backpacker or you go with your family so it will be family trip, Singapore is the best place to go with. If you have decided the country you will go the next thing you should fix up. It is deciding the hotel for place. There are many hotels that are available in Singapore but most of them offer with high prices. If you are going to go with family and having limited budget then you think about it better.

Bencoolen Hotel, Affordable 3 Star Hotel

bencoolen hotel singapore

Finding the best hotel that has three stars class but provide reasonable price is not hard. There is this hotel that is qualified with its cleanness and offer best services for the visitors. It is the Bencoolen Singapore Hotel. This hotel is a three-stars-class type hotel.

It means this hotel is not rather cheap not expensive. It serves very reasonable price with very great services that you will always satisfy with. This is the best hotel that you actually need, the price that valuable, the service that is high valuable, and the fun trip that you arrange. Choosing this hotel for spent the night in Singapore is a good decision. You can check offer detail of this hotel at Expedia. You will get best price guarantee from them.

Valuable Service with Great Facilities at Bencoolen Hotel

Valuable Service with Great Facilities at Bencoolen Hotel

This hotel is taken place at 170 Bencoolen Street, Singapore, 189657. It is known as the favorite hotel chosen by visitors. This hotel is known as the best hotel for family and business. As 3 star class hotel, you can choose room that you like among 538 rooms that are available here. Here you will get several benefits including strategic location near public area like MRT station, business centers, and many more.

The Bencoolen hotel is known as the ideal hotel that has very close location to other public places like shopping center and transportation center. This hotel is next to the Bugis MRT. You only need to walk for 8 minutes. You can also visit the TASTE restaurant that is close to hotel. When you visit this restaurant you will get another benefit that is the discount price for every dish that you order. For every person who reserves room at the hotel you will have a free discount that you will earn at the restaurant. It is really interesting since they serve many kind of foods like international cuisine and the local Singapore dish as well.

This hotel provides free Wi-Fi for everyone who spends the nights with them. You can borrow international adaptors, USB charges, and complimentary access for newspapers, something that not every hotel will give it as offer. You will also get free use of bamboo bicycle and reloaded EZ-link card. This is very helpful especially if you like to visit around the hotel location and doing some free enjoying trip. Many people has been fall in love with this hotel especially because it is very clean, noted that the staffs are very welcome and friendly as well.

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Bencoolen Hotel’s Awards and Love by Customers

Bencoolen Hotel's Awards and Love by Customers

The service and the cozy place is the key of this hotel to get loved by many people. Due to of their hardworking, this hotel gets two awards. The first one is as the best economy hotel in Asia Pacific by TTG in 2009 and the second one is the certificate of Excellence award by tripadvisor in 2012-2015. These awards show that this hotel is really a great hotel with truly great facilities and services offer. You will never feel disappointed to spend your night here at Bencoolen Hotel.

Five Best Points of Bencoolen Hotel

Five Best Points of Bencoolen Hotel

This hotel runs on the lead steps because of their five best points that they can handle very well. It is the great location, sleep quality, rooms, service, value, cleanliness. The location is the best point since this hotel is close to almost many main public places like the public transportation and restaurant. The hotel that close to many main places like this is liked more by the customers. It is because it gives them many benefits for their traveling time. Choose this hotel for your stay during holiday in Singapore will save you much time.

The sleep quality is the next thing that should be taken a note by hotels. Real cozy interior is what most of people are looking for. When people book rooms in the hotel it means they want to have a cozy place where they can spend the night in a comfort situation. Even though Bencoolen Hotel has hundreds room but you may find that the room is quite tiny. But it does not take a matter since the room will always be clean and cozy for sure.

The next is the service. The service of this hotel may not classified as five star service but it is really beneficial for sure. For example, You can take a free shuttle bus ride by only showing your passport and room card. It is really valuable. You will also get discount at the restaurant that affiliates with this hotel. You will get free super speed Wi-Fi that will make you sure of having flashy internet connection. Even though you may not find fitness but you still can spend your time by walking.

This hotel is really valuable starting from the offering price, the facilities, and the services. This hotel is just the best place for trip. On the top of that, the cleanliness is the best point of this hotel that many of hotels especially on the 3 star classes cannot afford. The cleanliness is the best point of this hotel that makes it loved by many people. You can even call the staff to arrange your room just before you arrive at this hotel. Don’t miss an opportunity to get more travel discounts from travelodge.co.uk at VoucherShops.co.uk.