Where is your plan for the next vacation? If you have a plan to go to Singapore, you have the right decision. In fact, there are many beautiful places that you must visit. So, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed to visit Singapore.

Many hotels spread in this country. Even more, you can also find many hotels with low prices. You have to be careful in choosing the cheap hotel where you live. If you do not know where to stay, here are the best cheap hotels to consider.

Hotel 81 Dickson

Hotel 81 Dickson singapore

One of the most recommended hotels in Singapore is Hotel 81 Dickson. This hotel is not only well known for its low price but also the excellent facilities and services. The strategic location will ease the guests to go anywhere.

That is why you should prioritize this hotel. Comes with simple decoration and modern style, you will not only be amazed by its design, but you will feel comfortable to stay in this hotel. So, I suggest you stay there. Read Reviews or Check for Lowest Rate Offer

Venue Hotel – The Lily

Venue Hotel – The Lily

Venue Hotel – The Lily can also be a good idea to try. Similar to the first option, this hotel is also very strategic. You can go to anywhere from this hotel easily. With the affordable price, you must not be doubt of the comfort because this luxurious hotel prioritizes the convenience.

There are many people who have proven that its comfort is very satisfying. Even more, the facilities and services are also great so that you should not hesitate to stay here. Read Reviews or Check for Lowest Rate Offer

Amaris Hotel by Santika Singapore

Amaris Hotel by Santika singapore

The next best idea is Amaris Hotel by Santika. This hotel is near Raffles City and National Library Board Singapore. There are also Peranakan Museum and Esplanade Theater near this hotel. It shows that this hotel is strategic and easy to access.

If you stay at this hotel, you can go to any other place easily. You will get the best comfort with the affordable price offered so that you can take a rest tightly. Read Reviews or Check for Lowest Rate Offer

Robertson Quay Hotel

Robertson Quay Hotel

If you want to stay at a luxurious hotel with a low budget in Singapore, this hotel can be the solution. It can be considered as a hotel with a friendly class, but I am sure that you want to go back if you have ever stayed here.

In front of the hotel, there is a beautiful swimming pool that you can enjoy. Besides that, in the night, you can also enjoy entertainments and restaurants around the hotel. Also, the location is also easy to access. Read Reviews or Check for Lowest Rate Offer

Park 22 Hotel

Park 22 Hotel singapore

There is a gorgeous boutique hotel in Singapore named Park 22 Hotel. It can be considered as one of the top hotels with low prices. One of the attractive offers from this hotel is the nightlife.

You can enjoy your night perfectly like at a bar. Besides that, you can also spend your evening by having a nice dinner. In this hotel, all the guests can eat delicious foods offered at low prices.

This hotel also offers four different types of room. They are standard single rooms, deluxe double & twin rooms, family rooms, and superior double & twin rooms. You can decide where to stay at this hotel depending on your desire. Read Reviews or Check for Lowest Rate Offer

Value Hotel Thomson

Value Hotel Thomson singapore

Value Hotel Thomson belongs to 3-star hotels in Singapore. Even though it is not as luxurious as many other hotels in this country, you will still be amazed by its facilities, services and comfort offered.

Even more, you do not need to spend much money to stay there because of the low prices. This hotel is also easy to access so that everyone should prioritize it. It also offers different room types so that you can choose it based on your need. It is appropriate for any traveler. Read Reviews or Check for Lowest Rate Offer

Harbor Ville Hotel

Harbor Ville Hotel singapore

This hotel can be the next choice for you. Based on the class, this hotel belongs to economy and business classes. If you want a cheap accommodation in Singapore, you should prioritize choosing this hotel.

Even though it offers low prices, you will not be disappointed especially for the comfort. Even more, the nuance is also very calming so that it is really perfect for an affordable hotel in Singapore. I recommend you to try staying at this top cheap Singapore hotel. Read Reviews or Check for Lowest Rate Offer

Parc Sovereign Hotel Tyrwhitt

Parc Sovereign hotel Tyrwhitt singapore

This hotel is located in Little India where this area is well known for its low priced hotels. With the simple design, this hotel prioritizes the natural nuance and view. If you stay at this hotel, you will feel very comfortable.

As an affordable hotel, Parc Sovereign Tyrwhitt offers the complete facilities. The workers are also friendly because they prioritize the customer satisfaction through it satisfying services. Read Reviews or Check for Lowest Rate Offer

Champion Hotel Singapore

Champion Hotel singapore

It is easy to access Champion Hotel and you can also go to anywhere in Singapore easily from this hotel. This hotel is designed simply, but the comfort is undoubted. If you are interested in it, you can also consider this hotel for stay.

By staying at this hotel, you can enjoy all the impressive facilities and take sleep tightly all night. This hotel becomes a perfect choice for travelers with low budgets. Read Reviews or Check for Lowest Rate Offer

BIG Hotel Singapore

big hotel singapore

This hotel is the best cheap hotel that you can find in this country. Comes with a hip boutique style, this hotel rated as 3-star hotels. It offers large rooms, great living room, attractive features, and any other offers perfectly.

You can choose from different types of room with more than 300 rooms available. In this hotel’s room, you can enjoy LED TV, internet access, and in-room tablet. Some of the extra facilities are available on the different class of room. Read Reviews or Check for Lowest Rate Offer

Ending Section

You can find another article of any best ten directories in Singapore here. Have a question or need other suggestion of cheap budget hotel in Singapore? Just drop a comment below. We will discuss another option of budget hotel in Singapore