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Backpackers with a limited budget will wonder about the cheap hostels in Singapore. Among all of the options of accommodation, hostels are the best place for the travelers with very limited budget. They are made to be cheap but comfortable enough for the guests.

Are hostels safe? This question will be asked by anyone who wishes to stay in a hostel during holidays. Good hostels are not difficult to be found in Singapore, you only need to put extra efforts to find the best hostel that will be safe and comfortable.

Several Basic Considerations for Good Hostels

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Let’s start choosing hostels by considering the basic things to be considered. When selecting hotels, many people will consider budget, locations, and facilities. It is also applied when choosing hostels. That is important to consider price, locations, and facilities. Reviews and ratings in TripAdvisor will be great to help. You can also sort by the price, facilities, and location.

Here are some consideration factors to choose the right hostel for you to spend the night in Singapore:

Hostel Price

Hostel mostly was chosen by budget travelers because they want a cheaper price. Keep in mind that cheaper doesn’t always mean that it will be better. There are a lot of cheap hostels but dirty and inconvenient. It will be better to choose pricier hostel but with cleaner and better facilities.

Hostel Location

It is important to make sure that a hostel is located in the excellent location. It doesn’t mean that the hostel needs to be in a strategic area (although that it will be great if it does). Just make sure that the hostel will be located in the place that can be reached easily by public transportation.

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It will be even better to know the main criteria of hostel’s location. Is it necessary for hostel to be in the center of the city? Is it okay if the location is a little far from the center of the crowd? Try to find out the best option suitable for the trip plan. You might want your hostel near to your holiday destination (ex: Chinatown, Orchard, Bugis, etc)

Hostel Facilities

It’s an obvious thing to be considered. Hostels might be cheap but still able to provide good facilities. There are hostels that provide good Wi-Fi, lockers, and others. Making sure about every good facility will be a very important thing to be done before booking.

Hostel Reviews and Ratings

Checking recent reviews and ratings of hostels at TripAdvisor will actually be a very useful thing. The people who have stayed in a hostel know exactly how a hostel look like and just how good it is. You will find a little bit of how good your hostel will be. Will it be as good as expected or not?

Hostel Dorm Space

Some people feel comfortable with lesser people while some others want large dorms with more people. The size of hostel rooms is varied. It could be as small as four beds even to twenty beds in a room.

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Choose the right size of the room for better and more comfort. Some of the hostels also provided private rooms (ex: 4 beds for a family). You can find those details while selecting the most suited hostel for you at TripAdvisor

Hostel Locker

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In hostels without private rooms, sharing bedrooms is inevitable. Keeping bags or any other things will be a little bit more difficult without lockers. You will need a locker to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Book the Hostel

Some factors mentioned above are very important to be checked to ensure the hostel will be worthy to stay. After taking a good look and check on every hostel, book the hostels online because you will get a cheaper price than if you book on the spot.

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Choose the hostel wisely so you can enjoy your holiday full of fun. You might also be interested in our review about some best hotels in Singapore.