Finding the best trip after having a busy schedule for working and study at school is the best choice for refreshing. From many other countries that you may consider to visit, Singapore should be included in your list.

Has been known as the best place to visit by the traveler, Singapore holds the first place as the best country to travel when you are on holiday. There are so many things that you can discover there. You will having fun. Thinking about many fun places you may attend there, you may note about the first important thing before; it is the place where you will sleep.

Deciding the best hotel where you will spend your holiday nights is important. Even become backpacker should think about where to sleep. Finding the best place for your night usually comes with financial consideration. The hotel you will choose mostly base on the budget you will spend.

Some of the hotels in Singapore comes with high and premium facilities. Usually, this type of hotel will have five stars and offers higher prices as well. But it does not mean that you cannot find any hotels that serve and offers a better price. Moreover, it is not possible to find the best hotel that offers excellent facilities with the double deal price. Check out this Four Points by Sheraton Singapore Riverview Hotel Overview

Four Points by Sheraton Singapore Riverview Hotel Overview

Four Points by Sheraton Singapore Riverview Hotel Overview

This hotel is taken placed at 382 Havelock Road, Singapore, 169629. Four Points by Sheraton hotel is located in Outram city and included in Clarke Quay area. Has been built with big and wide building area, this hotel can have 476 rooms with total floors are 21 levels.

You can imagine how high and tall the building is and how big and extensive the hotel is. In this hotel, you can start to check in at 2.00 PM and check out at 12.00 AM in the next day.

This hotel has a strategic location which means it will make your trip day becomes easier. It is a smart idea when you are going to this hotel no matter how you will spend your day, and you can always visit this hotel nearly.

You want to go with your companion, your friend, your business mate, or your family you can bring them all to this hotel. This hotel is close to many public locations. Furthermore, you can enjoy many facilities that have been provided by this hotel.

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Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Room Option

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Room Option

Four Points by Sheraton hotel has two optional rooms that you can choose. You can choose to spend your night in a double bedroom that is enough for two persons, or you can choose the wider one like the twin superior that can load three persons.

Each of them is built with the best architecture and has been designed with elegant interior. You can always feel like home once you enter your foot in the room. Every room package is completed with breakfast complimentary.

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Main Facilities

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Main Facilities

This hotel is not built with just general and common facilities. Once you do the reservation, you will get all the benefits and the facilities that will make your trip become more fun and enjoyable.

The main facilities of this hotel are the best room that has been created with a bigger room that cozy and roomy with reasonable price. Also, it has big swimming pool where you can enjoy your leisure time by swimming freshly.

You do not have to worry about anything since you can always call the receptionist for help. The receptionist is standby for 24 hours long every day. The best of everything is the strategic location that is close to everywhere. Some of the places that you can visit are stated here.

Strategic Location and Close to many Interesting Places

four points by sheraton Strategic Location and Close to many Interesting Places

This hotel knows very well how to please their visitors. It can be seen from the location that is strategic, close to every interesting place that you may want to visit when you are in Singapore. Some of the places that are close to this hotel are the Havelock MRT station.

Other than the station, you can go to the Robertson Walk that is so popular. You can arrive there by only several couple minutes since the location is only 0.60 km far from the hotel. These two locations are some of the places you can visit in a blitz moment.

There are still other places that you can visit. It is the Great World City Mall and the Outram Park MRT Station. The city mall is only apart 0.70 km far while the Outram Park station is only less 0.89 km far from the hotel. If you like to go shopping, then you can directly go to Robertson Walk and start shopping in a whole day.

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Guests Public Facilities

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Guests Public Facilities

There must be something that you still need to know about this hotel, and it is no other than the completed facilities that you need to overview. The complete facilities will make you feel sure to stay your day here and more.

All facilities that you can enjoy here are started from the café that provides delicious food and drink included best music performs and best interior style, makes you feel cozy more. You can try the gym center that also provided here. You can keep doing your regular daily cardio even though you are in a traveling time.

There are bar and restaurant will serve every time you feel hungry and want to fill up your empty stomach. For the business man, you can use the business room for a meeting including the hallway. There is wide park area that is provided here.

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You do not have to worry to park your car. If you want to go with a taxi, then there are many of them stay and stand-by every time. You can ask for a favor in a minute away. If you need a porter or tour guide, then the hotel will immediately serve you. You do not have to feel scared of losing path or road since you will always be guided.

All of the facilities will feel useless if it has not internet access. There you do not have to worry since this hotel provides unlimited internet access for those who make a reservation and spend the nights in this hotel.

When you make a reservation, you may need to show up your photo ID and credit card for more safety handling. In this hotel, you will enjoy your holiday with a large room that amazingly enjoyable. The hotel and the room are just clean, impressive, and memorable, let you visit this place over and over again once you visit in Singapore.