Jen Tanglin, 4 star Hotels (used to Traders Hotel) in Singapore is one of hotel brands from Shangri-La Hotels. It has a management affiliating with Shangri-La Hotels. Being one of the best hotels in the world is developing its expansion in Singapore.

The Jen Tanglin hotel has become the favorite hotel for tourists visiting Singapore. It is located in a strategic area so that people get easier in reaching some public areas in Singapore. To know more about this hotel, read details below.

Why Do You Choose Jen Tanglin Hotel in Singapore?


There must have some questions occurring about Jen Tanglin hotel. One of the good questions to answer is why people choose Jen Tanglin Hotel Singapore. There are several reasons why tourists tend to trust this hotel. Jen Tanglin hotel has a new management structure that now re-brand from Traders Hotel become Jen Tanglin Hotel.

The location of this hotel is the first reason. Jen Tanglin hotel is located near Orchard Road Singapore in which it becomes a center of Singapore for years. It makes people get easier in moving one place to another one and also shop quickly. Then, it is about its facilities and services. Staying in a hotel is a pleasure through offered facilities and services.

There is a part session talking about services and facilities. A big name and brand image also makes Jen Tanglin Hotel Singapore being the most trusted hotel in Singapore. It cooperates with Shangri-La hotels so the hotel will have managed well. People must understand that Shangri-La hotels have many branches in all over the world.

What Are Facilities and Services Offered?

It is the time to discuss facilities and services. Those two things become a matter determining an excellent hotel. There are some excellent facilities making people satisfied. When you need to gather data and information through the internet, Jen Tanglin Hotel Singapore has provided free wi-fi everywhere. It means that you can work in swimming pool, restaurants, and a hotel room.

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Meanwhile, when you get tired, you can relax your body by swimming in a fantastic swimming pool in the center of shady hotel park. Do you feel unhealthy and fatigue? Do not worry about it. This hotel has built a health club and spa for hotel guests to do some healthy activities in the place.

It is also added a non-stop gym for guests to do gym activities for 24 hours. Are you hungry? A hotel restaurant offers various delicious international and local foods. The food tastes better and good. Exclusive lounge club and salon and spa will spoil you during staying in Jen Tanglin Hotel Singapore. This hotel also provides a 24 hours services for ordering a hotel room.

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How Do You Determine Jen Tanglin Hotel Singapore to Be Best Hotel?

Tourists may get confused on dealing with the best hotel in Singapore to stay. There are some ways to help them in determining Jen Tanglin Hotel Singapore to be the best hotel. When you talk hotels, a good hotel should be located in a strategic area so that guests can go everywhere easily.

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Then, it is about facilities and services. Those two things have a close relationship. Jen Tanglin Hotel Singapore has already met that condition so it could be categorized as one of the best hotels in Singapore. Staffs and Management also become a factor of this hotel’s guest satisfaction.

What Are Good Criteria of Jen Tanglin Hotel?


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Jen Tanglin Hotel Singapore is trying to serve hotel guests properly. For some people, they want to get some reasonable criteria to choose the hotel. Jen Tanglin Hotel Singapore has already provided many excellent hotel facilities and services to costumers.

Modern hotel rooms and stylish hotel appliances become one of the good criteria of a hotel. Every hotel room has been supported high-quality wifi, LED television, and some fantastic facilities. Friendly staffs help guests to find the information needed so that they do not get lost during visiting to Singapore.

Do You Want to Get Back in Jen Tanglin hotel?

People who had stayed in Jen Tanglin Hotel Singapore want to get back in the hotel. There are too many reasons why they should get back to the hotel. This Hotel serves their guests brilliantly. With those high-class services, it is impossible for people to refuse to stay in Jen Tanglin Hotel Singapore again.

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