Singapore becomes the destination for the vacation of many people because the country is well known as the country which has the well clean and excellent places for traveling.

Therefore, many travelers like to visit Singapore to see the amazing recreation in this country. On the other hand, before you spend your vacation in Singapore, you should prepare anything: ticket plane, hotels, and so forth. Those two things are very important for your vacation.

You have to prepare the hotel where you stay when you are in the Singapore. There are several hotels which have the excellent facilities. Miramar Hotel Singapore is one hotel which provides the complete facility and service for guests. This hotel can be included in your decision-making for selecting a hotel when holiday in Singapore.

Miramar Hotel Singapore Overview 

Miramar Hotel Singapore Overview

Miramar Hotel Singapore is a hotel which is famous in Singapore. This hotel is located in 401 Havelock Road, the central city of Singapore. This hotel includes in the four stars hotel class with the 346 rooms.

It has the strategic location which is near with the Orchard Road. If you are looking for a hot which has the strategic location, this hotel can be used for your option. The hotel provides the impressive facilities. For further information, you can see in this following explanation.

Facilities of Miramar Hotel Singapore

Facilities of Miramar Hotel Singapore

Facilities become the important thing you should know before you want to book a room at hotels. The complete facility is the better choice for you. The Miramar Hotel has several facilities like in the following explanation.

The property that is provided in this hotel is wheelchair access. Thus, if you get an accident and you need the wheelchair access, this hotel will provide it to you. The other facility of this hotel is that the top restaurant at the hotel.

You can eat and drink at the hotel. The restaurant of the hotel is the peach garden restaurant which provides the Chinese, Asian, and other menus. The delicious food can be savored.

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Besides, this hotel provides the pool, and the pool can be used for you who want to swim there. The fresh and clean water will make your body fresh. The Bar or Lounge also completes this hotel. You can drink with your friends or your family.

The next awesome facility of this hotel is the spa. To relax your body, you can use this facility. The hot tub is also the facility that you can get if you are staying at this hotel.

Moreover, Miramar Hotel also provides the fitness center with gym or workout room. To increase your fitness of your body, you can use this facility.

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Miramar Hotel Singapore – The Comfortable Rooms

Miramar Hotel Singapore – The Comfortable Rooms

As it has been mentioned before, that this hotel consists of 346 rooms, the types of the room have the two types: suites rooms and non-smoking room. The comfortable room without cigarette smoke makes the comfortable room.

Each room has the air conditioning which is used for keeping your room cool. In every room, it is completed by the entertainment media such as the large LED TV. Thus you can watch news of your favorite channel.

Miramar Hotel Singapore also provides the internet service. Staying at this hotel, you can connect to the internet easily. Each room can access free Internet by using Wi-Fi with the high-speed internet.

You can browse anything such as downloading videos, movie, and songs. Moreover, if you have social media accounts, you can upload photos or videos on several accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, and so forth. By using the internet service, you can feel more comfortable in your room.

The Great Services of Miramar Hotel Singapore

The Great Services of Miramar Hotel Singapore

This hotel provides several services which can help you to finish your job such as the laundry service. Several services that are provided by this hotel are dry cleaning, banquet room, meeting rooms, business center with internet access, concierge, multilingual staff, conference facilities, shuttle bus service, and room service. You can use the service to help you to finish your job.

The Guests’ Review of Miramar Hotel Singapore

The Guests’ Review of Miramar Hotel Singapore

Guests that have stayed at this hotel give some reviews about the facility provided by this hotel. Some Guests say that this hotel is the good hotel. This hotel has the lower price than the other hotel.

The hotel gives the quick services for the guests. On the other hand, other guests say that this hotel is the comfortable hotel. The staffs of the hotel are very friendly, and the room of the hotel is comfortable. The room is clean and neat makes the guests feel comfortable. The location of this hotel is also strategic.

Top Rated Restaurants Nearby

Top – Rated Restaurants Nearby

If you want to taste the food by other restaurants, there are several restaurants which are recommended for the guests and visitors. The first recommended restaurant near the hotel is red house seafood restaurant which provides the delicious seafood for your menu.

Limoncello pizza and grill becomes the second recommended restaurant. The next restaurant is the Bomarang Bistro Bar. Those restaurants provide delicious food for you. You can try them.

Several facilities that have been mentioned above will make you feel comfortable to stay there. This hotel can be used for your choice if you are looking for the hotel which is located in the center of Singapore.

The complete facilities above are the advantages of this hotel. You need to book the room several weeks before your departure from your country to anticipate something wrong.

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