Traveling in Singapore will be more fun if you can find the right place to sleep. Finding the right hotel that serves the best quality and premium services but with valuable price is sometimes hard to find, but here you can find what you need. It is the Orchid Hotel Singapore that can guarantee all that you need.

This hotel is built on the right location. You can get to every place that you want to attend faster. You can attend to public places only by minutes. The location that is close to every place gives you more benefits, more than that this place has been designed with the modern architecture that looks so fine. Want to know more about this hotel? Keep in the track on this line.

About Orchid Hotel Singapore

About Orchid Hotel Singapore

Orchid Hotel Singapore is a modern house hotel that has been built in the strategic location. The hotel is located around at Tanjong Pagar, the historical place. It is also close to the Singapore’s public location. This building has been designed with a high-quality architecture that will make you fall in love.

The hotel is placed at the glass-fronted building in the memorable and historical of Tanjong Pagar. You only need to walk around 2 minutes to arrive at the metro station, moreover it only 3 km apart from Marina Bay Sands that is so popular and becomes one of the Singapore’s landmarks.

Orchid Hotel Singapore Information

Orchid Hotel Singapore Information

If you are interested in spending your night here, then you can use TripAdvisor to search for best offer of this Orchid Hotel from hundreds of booking sites.

You can also come directly to the hotel for on spot booking. The address of this hotel is at Orchid Hotel 1 Tras Link Tanjong Pagar Singapore 078867. You can go by taxi or personal car, and you can come by bus as well.

Please remind that there will be cheaper if you book this hotel online before you arrive at this hotel and purchase the hotel room on the spot.

After you come to this hotel, you will be welcomed by warm and friendly staff that will help you. You will get three types optional room types that you can choose. These various rooms are available for you. The entire rooms are described below.

Orchid Hotel Singapore Rooms Availability

This hotel provides three types of rooms that you can choose. You can decide which one that you need. The room types that are available for you are the executive, suite room, and family room. The three room types are not just a room with a bed, but it also designed with wide space.

The spacious pace will give you the more comfortable place to stay. You can stay all your days long in Singapore with fun and joy. No matter what type of rooms you will choose you will always find it comfortable and cozy. You can come with your family, or you can come by self and do backpacker traveling.

Orchid Hotel Singapore Rooms Availability

No matter your room types is, the hotel always serves more than just a room. You will get the executive that is the standard room with 32 sqm. This space is included as big space if you see It especially it has one king bed size spacious interior that will make you feel comfort more.

This room is more than just if you are doing the trip by yourself. Another room type that you can choose is the suit room. The suite room is placed at the middle range. This room has 40 sqm and one king bed. Space is wider than the previous one. The interior is also different from the previous room, even though both of them still show the beautiful interior.

The last room is the family room. The family room is the right room that you should take if you go with family. The space of this room is more than 32 sqm, and you will get a double king-sized bed. This is more than just enough. Your family can sleep with pleasure and more enjoyable time. The moment you spend on the hotel will be more memorable and fun since you will get more facilities.

Orchid Singapore Hotel Facilities

As a hotel that has been designed close to many public interesting places, this hotel is strategic. It is valuable that this hotel has been designed with premium design architecture that has been setting up on both interior and exterior.

The beautiful hotel should serve premium and high-quality services as well. This hotel offers many excellent facilities that you will like starting from the natural view that you will have and the other facilities.

This hotel has been build with a perfectly beautiful design. You will get a good view on your window room. You can enjoy your time by witnessing the beautiful view in Singapore, especially in the nights.

Orchid Singapore Hotel Facilities

The beautiful view that you can see in the window is just one of many things that you can enjoy. As you know after booking room here, you will be accompanied by the warm staff to your room.

On the way you go, you will see beautiful decorations that look luxurious and elegant. The natural tones are just one of the examples. You can also get a polished room that comes with nice interior. You will feel pleasant and comfortable with your room.

The other facility that you can enjoy is the free Wi-Fi. The internet connectivity that comes with high speed is the good point of Orchid hotel.

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Having high-speed internet connectivity is a must especially at this time. You will never fail with this since you will get many benefits from it. You can keep in touch with your business mate, and you still can do your work even though you are miles away apart from your office. You can send e-mail, calls your relatives, or just arranging some stuff.

You can do everything here, and there are many possibilities of doing so. If you feel bored and feel like want to have another entertaining thing, then you can watch TV in your room. Feeling a little thirsty? Then you can make a cup of tea or coffee in your room since there is coffee-making stuff that you can use freely.

orchid hotel singapore pool

When you feel hungry in the morning, you can get the complimentary breakfast. If it is still cannot fill-up you hungry, then you can go to the restaurant that gives you a beautiful view on the terrace nest to the outdoor pool.

Many various dishes are available for you with different types of foods all around the world. You can skip your food instead and having the morning swimming in the outdoor pool before breakfast.

Another amenity or facility that you can try is the fitness. The fitness room is available for you. So if you want to do exercising on your trip, you can go to this fitness room.

Another pleasuring facility in Orchid Hotel is the sauna that can is available here with premium quality. You can spend your free time here and release all your stress that you get after working here. After the sauna, you will get a fresh body with the fresh mind too.

You do not have to worry since you will get free parking every time you come to this hotel. You still have other amenities like laundry service, room service, kid-friendly, business center, and the smoke-free.

This is all things that you will get once you book and reserved days off in this hotel. Don’t forget to use TripAdvisor’s PriceFinder tools to get the best offer of Orchid Hotel