Singapore is one of the best destination for the traveler in the world because this place will offer some attractions from entertainer to the business one. Moreover, if you come to Singapore, it will be better for you to get the impressive hotel that can facilitate you when you are in Singapore.

Choosing the suitable and comfortable hotel will satisfy you to enjoy Singapore very well. Gaining this purpose, you can choose the Oxford Hotel Singapore. This hotel will offer the satisfaction facilities and features that can comfort people very well in Singapore. The modern design and the location, which is good also can satisfy you to stay in Singapore.

The location of Oxford Hotel

The location of Oxford Hotel

The location of this hotel is in the center of Singapore city, and you only need about 10 minutes from Singapore art museum, Peranakan Museum, and National Museum of Singapore. Furthermore, this Oxford Hotel Singapore is also near with Raffles City and Esplanade theater so that you will have satisfaction environment when you are in the hotel.

The hotel location is important because it will have relation to the accessibility for people to go somewhere. Since Singapore is a small town, you should find the best place where you stay to get the satisfaction environment during in Singapore.

If you are curious to the certain hotel location, this hotel is in 218 Queen Street Singapore 188549, Singapore. You don’t need to book this hotel on the spot. On the spot rate of hotel rooms is always more expensive than if we book before arrival. Use TripAdvisor to book hotel ticket online, and their PriceFinder tools will help you to find the cheapest rate of Oxford Hotel.

Oxford Hotel Overview

You have known that the location of this hotel is strategic where the hotel will offer the easy access to any destination that should be visited in Singapore. The design of this hotel is modern so that people will be comfortable when they are in the hotel.

Moreover, the most important that should be noticed by people in this hotel is that this Oxford hotel Singapore always offers the customer the comfortable with the facilities and the features of the hotel. The service of the hotel is friendly so that you will get the satisfaction with its service.

The simple description about Oxford hotel Singapore

Furthermore, in this hotel, also offer the luxurious design interior that can comfort people when they come inside the hotel. The receptionist, which is ready for 24 hours also will facilitate you very much so that if you have any trouble at night, you can come into receptionist.

The environment, which is quiet and calm inside the hotel also will satisfy people to spend a lot of their time in the hotel. The guest room, which is offered in this hotel, is also impressive in amounts so that the guests will be happy in the hotel. Besides, some recreation choices also will guarantee you to do many things during in hotel. Because of that, you will be satisfied when you are in Oxford Hotel Singapore.

Oxford Hotel Facilities

The most important that should be noticed when people in Oxford Hotel Singapore is the facilities and amenities the hotel. Both of them are important to facilitate people when they are in any hotel.

Moreover, the Oxford Hotel Singapore has impressive hotel facilities and amenities that can satisfy people very well. Since this hotel is one of the ideal hotels for the traveler that look for the beauty and the comfortable one in Singapore, the facilities of the hotel will be impressive.

You will see that this hotel has 134 guest rooms that offer the comfortable one for the guest in the hotel. The guest room in this hotel is designed with the harmonic design that can refresh the guest mind very well.

Oxford Hotel Facilities

Furthermore, you also will find other facilities in this hotel that can satisfy and comfort people when they are in the hotel. The facilities can be divided into hotel facilities, room facilities, and additional facilities.

In the hotel facilities, you will see that this hotel offers some rooms, business center, laundry service, receptionist, meeting room, and restaurants. With those hotel facilities, you will have the impressive environment while spending your time in the hotel. Moreover, you also can do many things that can comfort your activity in the hotel.

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Moreover, the room facilities in this hotel are also amazing because this hotel offers air conditioner, heater, daily service, privacy bathroom, shower, hairdryer, TV, Wi-Fi, and table that can offer the satisfaction of the guest inside the room.

The condition of the facilities is also good so that people will be comfortable in the hotel. Moreover, additional services are available so that people can add their facilities inside their room. The other facilities are internet access in the room and also the mattress. The additional facilities will need additional cost that should be paid by people in the hotel.

Oxford Hotel Policies

Oxford Hotel Policies

Besides, it will be important also for people to know the hotel policies in this Oxford Hotel Singapore because it will lead you to comfort hotel very much. The most important that should you notice in this hotel privacy hotel is that the extra bed is available depend on the room which is chosen.

A different room will have different policies so that people should check every policy at the hotel room. Moreover, for children about 0-12 years old is free to stay as long as they stay with their parent with the beds in the room. Please mind this hotel does not allow the pet to stay in the room so that you should not bring any pet to come.

Moreover, if you want to come in this Oxford Hotel Singapore, you can come to check in at 14.00 because this hotel will be ready at that time. However, if you want to check out from the hotel, you can do that at midday so that you should be ready when you are booking at this hotel.

Furthermore, if you are in this hotel, it will be recommended for you to come into Skylight Café. This one is one of the restaurant recommendations that can offer the satisfaction one for you. The food, which is served in this restaurant, is also good with its specialized fusion food.

If you are interested in this hotel, you can check this hotel’s best offer at TripAdvisor. You will find all information, which you need about this Oxford hotel Singapore. The hotel, which is easy to find in the center of the town will be your best consideration to choose the hotel.