Do you love going to the waterpark? Well, when you are staying in Singapore, you can go to Adventure Cove Waterpark to enjoy your holiday. In that place, there are many kinds of water game, which will be nice to color your holiday.

Adventure Cove Waterpark is one of the special places in Singapore. It has the modern concept and complete facilities. The kinds of the game here will be the best choice. I am sure that it will give the different experience for you and family. To know the detail of this place, now let us see the detail of it below.

Ride and attractions at Adventure Cove

Several choices of games are available there. For the first matter, we will see some kinds of ride and attraction in Adventure Cove Waterpark. The first game in this category is the Wet Maze. Well, Wet Maze is one of the special games, especially for your children. In this game, there are some events, which your kids need to solve. It is like you play a puzzle there. With the kind of the maze, it will be the challenging game.

Ride and attractions

Then, the second option of the game here is the dueling racer. It is another kind of the challenging watery game. This game will be a nice choice, especially for you who want to challenge yourself. What is the special of this game? Well, here, you will have the duel race with your friend in the waterslide. Something that you need to know is that this game becomes one of the favorite games in marine life park!

Pipeline plunge adventure cove

Another kind of the watery game, which you can try, is Pipeline plunge. Yes, it is one of the great games in Adventure Cove Waterpark, which will boost your adrenaline. The special of this game is that you are like riding the water tornado in the dark!

You can imagine what will happen there. Here, you will ride the elevated chute, and it will bring you down. You will face the challenging riding with the amount of water to make it colorful. However, the agent says that the minimum height for this game is 122 cm. You need to check your height first.

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Well, there are some others kind of the watery game, which you can see to fulfill your experience. Of course, to know the detail of it, you can see the list of it. Some others games, which you can consider are Riptide Rocket, Spiral Washout, Splash works, Tidal Twister, Whirlpool Washout, Ray Bay, Rainbow Reef, and others.

It is also important for you to read well the detail of policy. Reading the detail of it is important in the way to increase the safety of you when you play it with your children or family members.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Rules

Waterpark rules

The kinds of the game as above can be the nice choice for you. However, it is also important for you to know the kinds of the waterpark rules. Yes, waterpark rules will lead you to have the safety game with your family. The general rule of the waterpark is the guest does not allow to smoking nearby the pool.

The parents or adult people above 18 should accompany the children below 12. The guest also needs to pay the payment based on the game. It is because every game has the different payment, except the package.

Dining and shopping at Adventure Cove

Dining and shopping

Besides the kinds of the great games to pleasant you in the holiday, marine life park also provides the nice place for dining and shopping. Here, when you want to enjoy your dining with your family members, you can go to The Bay Restaurant. It is one of the special restaurants here, which will give the delicious and tasty food.

This restaurant uses the combination of the traditional and modern concept. There are many kinds of the Asian and Western menus. I am sure that the kinds of menus and the detail of decoration will pleasant you there.

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Guest information

When you want to buy some kinds of gift in Adventure Cove Waterpark, you do not need to worry.  They provide the gift shop for you there. Here, you can go to the Reef ‘n Wave wear. It is one of the gift shops in Adventure Cove Waterpark. It provides many kinds of the special clothes for you and family.



Now, let us talk about the ticketing of Adventure Cove Waterpark. You need to know that there are several types of the ticket and it will influence the amount of payment you should pay.

The ticket is divided by adult and child ticket. The standard price for adult one-day pass ticket is S$36, while the child ticket (below 12 years old) is sold for S$26.

Guest information

Some details of the Adventure Cove Waterpark as above show you that it is one of the nice places, especially when you want to enjoy your holiday with your family members in Singapore. However, you need to know the operating time of it before going there.

The Adventure Cove Waterpark will open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. Of course, you can make your schedule to go there. You can use the Sentosa Express monorail, bus, or car. The address of Adventure Cove Waterpark is at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269