BSingapore is one of the most attractive countries in the world, especially in Asia. Singapore has so many public places offered. That is why this country can attract many tourists. One of the most favorite places to visit in Singapore is the night club.

There are so many nightclubs in Singapore. If you go to Singapore, you should feel how amazing their night clubs are. Therefore, you have to know the most recommended night clubs there. Here are 10 top night clubs that you need to try to visit.

Nightclub at Clarke Quay

attica night club clarke quay

If you ask for the best place to drink in the evening in Singapore, many people will say that night club at Clarke Quay is the best one. This area becomes the most recommended options for both local and foreign tourists.

This night club is designed with beautiful backgrounds that make the nuance amazing. The bars and restaurants will be perfect for you to gather with family, friends, girlfriend, spouse, etc. You can also enjoy anything while you hear live music from the bands show there.

There are some of the popular clubs at Clarke Quay such as Attica nightclub, Trace club, club DREAM and CANVAS club (formerly Home club). Considering the great experience you will get, you cannot skip this night club from your schedule list.

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Mansion Bay Esplanade

Mansion Bay Esplanade

You should not always spend your evening in a restaurant and bar for dining or hang out. You can also feel the different nuance in this country. If you are curious, you have to visit Esplanade and go to Mansion Bay club, feel the great experience.

This club has incredible dance music that will bring you to the peak of the enjoyable moment. Mansion Bay Esplanade is one of the best clubs in Singapore

Geylang Area

geylang night club

This area is not as popular as other night great night clubs in Singapore. However, it has complete offers. You cannot only drink there, but you can also buy or enjoy many others. It offers massage parlors, hostess bars, and even dodgy karaoke.

You can choose how you will spend your evening in this night club. Considering the interest, you will regret if you do not visit this Singapore nightclub.

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Holland Village Singapore

Holland Village Singapore

It will also be a god idea if you go to this neighborhood in this country. Besides the strategic location, there are also many other reasons why people like visiting here.

Many people usually come to this night club and hold a party with their friends. Therefore, there is no reason that you do not visit this amazing nightclub.

Club Street – Chinatown

Club Street – Chinatown

This night club is also one of the unique places in Singapore. Its design makes everyone wants to come to this place. It also belongs to one of the best night clubs located in Singapore. There are always many visitors in Club Street Chinatown, makes this place full of fun.

After you feel the great and memorable experience there, you can say that it can be considered as one of the best night clubs or culinary places that you can found in this country.

It is perfect for you to go there with anyone. For example, you want to spend your weekend night in this night clubs or hold a party. Whatever your purpose is, this Singapore nightclub at Chinatown is recommended so much for you.

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Sentosa Beach Club

Sentosa Beach Bars and club

Do you want to go to a night club with a beach nuance? This bar will be a good idea for you. Because it is located near a beach at Resort World Sentosa island, you can enjoy not only the evening nuance but also afternoon. So, you can also enjoy a sunset or see the stars in the evening or night.

This place will also be perfect to hold a party such as a birthday party, graduation party, or any other party. This bar is also always crowded of people all nights even on the weekdays. You can also enjoy the drinks while seeing the beautiful moon in the sky. This place is too perfect to enjoy.

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Club SONAR Orchard Road

Club SONAR Orchard Road

Some people may know that Orchard Road is a mall or shopping place. However, in evening and night, this place offers not only malls but also an excellent club for hang out, Club SONAR by Neverland.

You are still able to enjoy either shopping or drinking at the nightclub. The building is old enough with about 100-year old. However, it does not reduce the interest from people to come to this nightclub in Singapore in the evening.

KYO club

KYO club singapore

If you want to enjoy the evening and night underground of the building while enjoying night club moment, Kyo club is perfect for you. In fact, it belongs to one of the new and modern bars found in Singapore that formerly was used as a bank vault.

This club comes with a luxurious Japanese theme. It also offers perfect sound systems that will elevate your dancing mood. I think everyone loves this place. If you have a free time, you should dedicate your time to visit this fantastic nightclub.

Zouk Club

Zouk Nightclub singapore

Zouk can be a heaven for you to spend your night especially for you who like music and dance. It becomes a venue for music and dance show in Singapore.

You can enjoy the shows every night at this place. Even though it is crowded enough every night, it is still recommended for anyone because this night club can give you a great experience.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands club

Another best idea of a nightclub in Singapore to visit is Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sands have some club inside the building such as Pangaea club and rooftop bar. It is opened since 2010 and now becomes one of the most iconic nightclubs in Singapore.

It is perfect for the night because you can enjoy drinks and beautiful view at the same time. Even more, it also offers a great mall where you can go shopping there. This place is recommended so much for you. You should not skip this place when you visit this country.

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Ending Section

Here is the end of this article. Hope this directory list will help you to choose the right night clubs for spend the night with an awesome moment in Singapore. Please do not hesitate to use the comment form below if you have any question.