Business Short Courses in Singapore

Business Short Courses in Singapore

Singapore is often regarded as a destination country where people around South East Asia continue their education short courses in Singapore are available in different types of study and major. They choose Singapore not only because it has outstanding quality for its university, but it also has a lot of research resources materials.

You can choose a short course base on the major that you want to learn including fashion, business, finance, English, media, social science, tourism, leadership and much more. To study in Singapore, the first thing that you need to pay attention is the language barrier. Make sure that you are mastering the English language because you use English for both of research paper and classes.

Business and finance short courses in Singapore

There are several universities in Singapore that has both finance and business classes including London School of Business and Finance, the University of Newcastle, Institute For Asia Strategy And Knowledge and Taaleem College of International Studies. Each of university has their short course program, so make sure that the major you take are related to your study.

London School of Business and Finance is recommended for those who want to study business; the courses are divided into three types including part time, full time, and Oxford Brooker. The tuition fee will depend on the number of papers that you take the courses. A full-time course completes within 60 hours face to face meeting, you can also learn from their studio-recorded lectures which are available for the student who are taking the course in London School.

You can also choose a part-time course if you prefer a flexible time for the classes, a part-time class usually are carried during the weekday, weekend or evening. The requirement and the material are almost similar with full-time courses, but the tuition for the part-time class is cheaper compared to the full-time classes. If you failed on your courses, you could re-sit the course without paying anything, but it depends on the study mode.

Institute For Asia Strategy And Knowledge divides their classes into several majors including Distribution and Value-Chain Analysis in Asia, Market Opportunity Assessment in Asia, Partner Search (M&A) in Asia, Market Entry Strategy in Asia, Commercial Due Diligence in Asia and much more. The university is focusing on marketing study around Asia market.

The subjects which are discussed during the courses is mostly related to the distribution channel around Asia, the performance of each company, the solution to improve the supply chain, etc. The classes are mostly managed in the form of 2 days seminar so that you will have no mid-term, research paper, and final exam to complete the study.

Study Tour in Singapore

You can also choose a study tour program to improve your knowledge regarding Asian’s market and industry; the program is designed by Taaleem College of International Studies which is fit to executives who plan to live in Singapore for a limited time. During the program the student will be introduced to the business progress relates to housing, amenities, and transportation. The course covers cultural exposure, technology, network, and meeting; it is the reason why Asian executives who take this course are guided to visit Singapore signature landmark and infrastructural project.

The courses are also held through online journal which can be completed in your home country. There are several places which will be visited when you take the study tour package from Taaleem College of International Studies including National University of Singapore, Workforce Development Agency, Promethean World, National Computer System and Infocomm Experience Exhibition.

You need to play $ 1500 for a person; the expense will include the stay and the program fees. There are a lot of short courses in Singapore which majoring economy and business; they are all having outstanding quality; since some of the universities built a partnership with the European University.