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Singapore is a country that is full of beauty. You will not be bored and disappointed to visit Singapore. So, it will be a good idea if you plan your next vacation to Singapore. However, you have to prepare it properly. If you have no idea, I suggest you go to Clarke Quay.

It is a place in Singapore that is located near the edge or a river. It combines culinary, shopping areas, and entertainments. You can enjoy your holiday perfectly there. If you are interested in going there, here are the guides where to visit.

Exciting Attractions in Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay has so much delicious restaurants, nightclubs, and nice hotel. It also has so many attractive attraction for tourist. Here are some of the attraction for your holiday references.

Singapore River

As it is mentioned before, Clarke Quay is located near Singapore River. So, this river becomes the first attraction for the tourists who visit this place. Singapore River can be enjoyed all day whether it is day or night.

In the day, you can feel the comfortable nuance whereas you can enjoy the beautiful lights around it. In the evening, it becomes a romantic place for a couple who want to spend their honeymoon in this area.

singapore river at clarke quay

When you enjoy the beauty of the Singapore River, you should not forget to take pictures. So, your experience will be memorable. Around the river, you can also enjoy foods and drinks you want because many spots are very exciting to eat and drinks.

Overall, the Singapore River gives the perfect view of Clarke Quay. That is why this place can attract so many guests. If you spend your holiday in Clarke Quay, you must not forget to visit Singapore River and create an unforgettable experience.

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Asian Civilisation Museum at Clarke Quay

Besides that, it is also recommended so much for you to visit this museum. This museum is a building with British style that can be reached by walking from the Clarke Quay. It is also near Raffles Place MRT stations so that you can access to this place easily.

This museum is one of the best museums in Asia or even the world. So, everyone wants to visit this museum. In this museum, you can find so many best collections of Singapore. Besides that, it also offers exhibitions showcasing the region’s long and diverse history. You can also learn many things in this great museum in Singapore.

Asian CIvilisations Museum clarke quay

Then, you can also explore the displays and galleries shown by this museum. It does offer not only historical displays and galleries but also other general displays that will make you amazed. Considering the displays and galleries that are mostly related to history, this place is perfect for you who like learning histories and cultures of Singapore.

It may take about 2 or 3 hours tTo explore all the displays and galleries because it has about 14,000 square meters floor space. It also provides about 1,300 artifacts of Asia. So, you will not be disappointed to visit there. Read 1k+ Reviews from Tripadvisor about this museum

Fort Canning Park

If you like a view from upside, this can be a good idea to visit. It is a small and green hill at Clarke Quay that you should consider. You will not be difficult to reach this hill.

Even though it is a hill, you can also find malls, offices, and many kinds of transportation around it. From the top of the hill, you can enjoy the beautiful view over Singapore. That is why many people visit Clarke Quay just want to come to this hill.

Fort Canning Park clarke quay

On the top of this hill, there are many spots that you can enjoy. The places are used for different purposes, for example, many people go jogging there. Besides that, there are also places for dog walking.

You can also just relax there while enjoying the comfort and beauty from the different sides. You can visit this place every day. The most crowded time is when it is weekends or holiday. You will regret if you do not dedicate your time to visit this place. Read more reviews and deals near this fort here

Recommended Restaurant at Clarke Quay

Beside of the excellent attraction that we discuss before, Clarke Quay also has some best-recommended restaurant that you might be interested. Here are our recommendation for the nice restaurants in Clarke Quay.

Little Saigon Bar and Restaurant

If you are looking for a restaurant in Clarke Quay, Little Saigon can be considered as the best option. This restaurant cannot only be considered as the best one in Clarke Quay but also one of the best culinary places in Singapore.

There are many reasons why this restaurant because of a great choice for you. The first is related to the foods offered. This restaurant offers the best menus of Vietnamese foods. So, it is recommended especially for you who like Asian foods. Besides Vietnamese foods, it also serves other foods with delicious tastes.

Little Saigon Restaurant and bar

You cannot only enjoy the foods, but the decorations are also perfect to enjoy. It applies many beautiful lanterns that make this restaurant look very attractive as well as comfortable. The lanterns are hung on the ceiling and paired with beautiful mood lamps.

For the beverages, you can also choose various options including Vietnamese inspired cocktails. Besides, you can also enjoy live music because when it is evening there is always a band that entertains the guests. So, your dinner will be perfect at this restaurant. Read customer reviews or Book a table online

Coriander Leaf Bistro Restaurant

This restaurant can also be your best destination when you visit Clarke Quay. Most of the menus are Asian foods. However, the guests are not only from Asia but also out of Asia because they want to enjoy their delicious foods.

You can eat Thailand’s tom yam soup, Vietnam’s signature spring rolls, crab cakes, & Japan’s chicken gyoza. This restaurant is full of Asian menus. So, the nuance is also Asian nuance even though the guests come from various countries over the world.

Coriander Leaf Bistro Restaurant

If you are interested in this restaurant, you can directly visit there. However, you have to know the open hours first. This restaurant opens at 12.00 p.m. to 02.00 p.m. & 06.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday whereas on Saturday it opens at 06.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

This restaurant is addressed on 3A River Valley Road in Singapore. If you want to contact them, you can call +65 6732 3354. By calling them, you can also book it first. They offer the best services that will make you feel comfortable to eat at this restaurant.

Red House Seafood Restaurant

If you want to eat seafood, this restaurant is located at Clarke Quay. When you visit there, you can come to this restaurant to enjoy their menus of seafood. Their favorite menus are shellfish, lobsters, crabs, and fish dishes.

This restaurant is perfect for many purposes. For example, you may have lunch or dinner at this restaurant. You will not only get satisfied but also excited.

Red House seafood Restaurant

If you are interested in this restaurant, you can visit it every day from 11.00 a.m. until 11.00 p.m. Then, the address is at 01-14 the Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay. If you want to contact them, you can call +65 6735 7666.

The prices offered are also affordable enough so that this restaurant is appropriate for anyone from any class. So, you should not be confused again where to visit at Clarke Quay in Singapore.

Recommended Night Club at Clarke Quay

Spending your holiday for enjoying attraction and try nice food in Clarke Quay’s recommended restaurant is not complete if you do not visit their night club. Clarke Quay has so many night club and bars, don’t forget to visit some of this nightclub. Here are some recommendation for you.

Zouk Nightclub at Clarke Quay

In the evening, you can also spend the time at a night club. In Clarke Quay, there are many night clubs that you can visit. One of the best options is Zouk Nightclub. It is one of the best night clubs in Singapore with world class services.

This club provides enjoyable music, delicious menus, beautiful lightings, and top notch sound systems offered. So, you will get a great experience at this night club. That is why it becomes one of the most favorite places in Singapore especially Clarke Quay.

Zouk Nightclub singapore

This nightclub also offers four in one clubbing destination. Those are Velvet Underground – Lounge, Velvet Underground – Dance, Phuture, and Zouk. Different destinations offer different decorations, but all of them are perfect.

This nightclub also has excellent DJs both local & international. So, you will be entertained by them. In fact, night club cannot be separated from DJ. So, their DJs become one of the best entertainments they offer. This night club is always crowded every night.

Attica Nightclub at Clarke Quay

You can also consider visiting this night club to spend the evening or night in Clarke Quay. There are many night clubs around Clarke Quay. However, this nightclub becomes one of the best choices for you. Compared to other nightclubs, it has many benefits offered to you.

One of them is the dance music that is excellent. Besides enjoying music, you can also get great cocktails that will satisfy you. Then, even though this night club is always crowded, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy the evening because the crowds are exciting. This atmosphere makes you want to go back here every night.

Attica Nightclub singapore

Attica Nightclub is a night club for ladies. So, you will meet girls everywhere at this night club. Compared to other night clubs, it offers more choices of drinks. Not only complimentary beverages, but more various choices of drink are also offered.

Some free desserts such as tiramisu, champagne soaked strawberries, and Jager Meister ice cream are also provided. However, the best offer is on Wednesday where the guests will be given with the best dessert group for those who get dazzled for 750 milliliters of martini bottle.

Considering what you will get, this night club is recommended to visit at Clarke Quay in Singapore.

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Recommended Hotels in Clarke Quay Singapore

As stated in the intro of this article, Clarke Quay is a beautiful place to spend your holiday trip in Singapore. It means that we can get fun from the morning, walk around, visiting attraction, enter a nightclub, including spent your night here. We also have a recommendation about the hotel that you can consider in Clarke Quay.

Novotel Singapore Hotel

If you are looking for a hotel for accommodation, this hotel can be your best choice. This hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels not only at Clarke Quay but also in Singapore. So, if you have much budget, this hotel is recommended for you so much.

This hotel has large spaces. The rooms are also great. So, this hotel will be ideal for family holiday. Many people have ever stayed there, and they are satisfied with their services. So, I suggest you prioritize this hotel when spending the holiday in Singapore especially Clarke Quay.

novotel singapore hotel clarke quaytripadvisor read reveiws

Besides that, this hotel also prioritizes comfort. So, when the guests give their review about this hotel, most of them say about its comfort. They are satisfied with the comfort offered. The view from the hotel room is also fantastic.

You can enjoy the night perfectly. From your room, you can see outside with various beautiful lights. Then, their staffs are also very friendly. They also give their best services so that there is nothing disappointing from this luxury hotel. Considering the good review above, this hotel can be a perfect accommodation to stay for tourists. Read more or Search the best rate for this hotel

Swissotel Merchant Court

Still related to the hotel, you can also choose this hotel. This hotel is very strategic. The location is easy to access. Besides that, you can also go to any other place easily from this hotel. That is why many people are interested in this hotel to stay.

The excellent location also becomes a good attractiveness of this hotel. There are many rooms available at this hotel. You can choose whether you want the room for couple, single, or even kids. You should choose it depending on your need.

Swissotel Merchant Court hotel clarke quaytripadvisor read reveiws

For the staffs, they are professional and always give their best services. Everyone who has ever stayed at this hotel is satisfied and wants to go back there. This hotel is a place to stay that is very memorable. You should not be doubt of the comfort.

You can also see beautiful view around the hotel even from the window. Then, you can also take a rest tightly. Overall, it is a perfect hotel for your accommodation during your holiday at Clarke Quay. Read more or Search the best rate for this hotel

Ending Section

Here is the end of this article. We hope this complete information about Clarke Quay in Singapore will help you and enhance your holiday trip to Singapore. However, if you have any question or comments, just put on the comment form below. All comments will be replied and moderated.