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Singapore always attracts many tourists for visiting that country. In fact, Singapore has many interesting places to visit. One of them is Gardens by the Bay. It is a beautiful place in Singapore that becomes one of the most favorite tourism destinations. If you go to Singapore, you need to plan to visit this garden.

There are many activities to do and attractions to enjoy at Gardens by The Bay. Therefore, before you visit this beautiful garden, you have to know the complete guide. In this article, we will discuss the handbook what you can enjoy there.

How to Go to Gardens by The Bay

If you want to go to Gardens by the Bay, there are various ways to choose. You need a few minutes to get the garden through an overhead bridge that is connected from Sands Expo to Convention Center on the 4th level to the garden.

Visit Gardens by The Bay using MRT


You can also consider going to Gardens by the Bay by subway or MRT. In this idea, you have to find the MRT station that is linked to Gardens by the Bay & Marina Bay Sands. It depends on where you come from.

There at least 2 MRT stations that are located not far from Gardens by the Bay. The first option is Bayfront MRT station. It can be considered as the nearest station from this garden because it connects underground Mass Rapid Train (MRT) to Marina Bay Sands. Besides that, it also becomes an extension of the Circle Line that is operated by SMRT.

The second option is Promenade (CC4) station whereas the third idea is Marina Bay (NS27 CE2) station. Those stations are needed to transfer to get Bayfront (CE1) Station before you reach Gardens by the Bay.

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Gardens by the Bay Opening Hours

In Singapore, many tourism destinations open daily including this garden. Gardens by the Bay open almost 24 hours daily. It opens at 05.00 a.m. and then it will be closed at 02.00 a.m. Besides that, it also offers two conservation & aerial walkways where they open at 09.00 a.m. and then closed at 09.00 p.m.

After you know its opening hours, you can plan to visit Gardens by the Bay freely as long as they open. You can also avoid weekends and holiday when it becomes the most crowded time.

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Ticket Prices of Gardens by the Bay

gardens by the bay ticket price

You are allowed to enter the Singapore Gardens for free. However, you need to pay to buy the ticket for the two conservatories. They are Cloud Forest and Flower Dome that are located in the 128 meters long aerial walkway. Those are the parts of Gardens by the Bay that become the primary interests for tourists. So, you need to know the ticket prices that are divided into two categories.

Garden by the Bay Ticket Prices for Adults

The first ticket is for adults. This type of ticket also divided into two types as well. The first is an adult ticket for Singapore resident for $20, and the other is an adult ticket for tourist for $28. This ticket includes Flower Dome and Cloud Forest admission pass.

Gardens by the Bay Ticket Prices for Children

It’s basically the same as the adult. Children ticket is available for 3-12 years old. The ticket price for Singapore resident is $12, while ticket price for child tourist is $15

Where to Purchase? How to Get Special Price?

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Hotel Near Gardens by the Bay

You maybe want to stay at the nearest hotel around this excellent attraction. If you are dedicating your holiday in Singapore only for visiting Gardens by the Bay, You should also know the hotels that are located near Gardens by the Bay. Here are some of the best hotel options to consider.

Marina Bay Sands

marina bay sands at nighttripadvisor hotel price

This is one of the nearest hotels from Gardens by the Bay. Besides that, it also belongs to one of the best and most popular hotels around the gardens. Located on 10 Bayfront Avenue, it is very easy to access. Considering the design, decoration, and view, you need to visit it.

Even more, you will get the best services, features and other offers from this hotel that will make you satisfied to stay there. You can see the Marina Bay Sands building from Gardens by The Bay. Read more

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

the fullerton bay hotel singaporetripadvisor hotel price

The Fullerton Bay Hotel is the next recommended option of the hotel that you can find not far from Gardens by the Bay. Its address is on Collyer Quay in Singapore that also becomes one of the most favorite hotels there.

At this hotel, you will find a classy design and comfortable stay. Besides that, the view is also charming that will attract many guests to stay at this hotel. Read more

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singaporetripadvisor hotel price

It will also be a good idea if you stay at Ritz Carton Millenia. You can visit this hotel on 7 Raffles Avenue in Singapore. This hotel prioritizes customer satisfaction so that you will not be disappointed to stay at this hotel. Besides the beautiful view, this hotel is also luxurious and has excellent services. That is why it is recommended so much for you. Read more

Conrad Centennial Singapore

Conrad Centennial Singaporetripadvisor hotel price

You can also consider staying at this luxury hotel. It is located not far from Gardens by the Bay on 2 Temasek Boulevard in Singapore. You will be satisfied with it services. Besides, this hotel is very nice because it does offer not only the great design but also beautiful scenery view. The nuance also adds the comfort to stay there. Read more

The Westin Singapore

the-westin-singapore-marina-baytripadvisor hotel price

This hotel will also be a good choice for your accommodation near Gardens by the Bay. It is addressed at Asia Square Tower 2 in Singapore that is less than 1 kilometer from the gardens. Many people love this hotel because of the excellent services.

Besides that, it also offers many great features including the large and beautiful swimming pool. So, you can spend the day there by going swimming. Read more

Sofitel So Singapore

sofitel so singaporetripadvisor hotel price

This hotel is located at 35 Robinson Road. It is about one mile from Gardens by the Bay. You will feel very pleasant to stay at this hotel because of the attractive design and comfortable nuance. Even more, it can be considered as one of the best hotels in Singapore even Asia.

This hotel is recommended for the tourists who want to look for accommodation near from Gardens by the Bay. Read more

The Residence At Singapore Recreation Club

The Residence At Singapore Recreation Clubtripadvisor hotel price

Not far from Gardens by the Bay, there is the Residence at Singapore Recreation Club. This hotel is located at B Connaught Drive in Singapore. It offers convenient and comfortable stay. Besides that, this hotel is also luxurious so that it attracts many guests. You will not be disappointed to stay there because of the satisfying services were given. Read more

Gardens by the Bay’s Point of Interest

By knowing those best hotels around Gardens by the Bay, you should not be confused to choose one of them depending on your desire and budget. Now, you need to know the attractions at Gardens by the Bay so that you can plan it properly. For the ideas, here are some of the interesting place at Gardens the Bay.

Conservatory Complex

Conservatory complex belongs to Bay South Garden. Bay South Garden is the largest garden at this location. This garden is designed by landscape architecture firm Grant Associates from the UK. It offers tropical horticulture as well as garden industry. Many tropical flowers make this place very beautiful.

gardens by the bay conservatory

Conservatory complex becomes the icon of Bay South Garden with its horticultural attraction. There are more than 200,000 plants that you can see, and you will be amazed by this view. This complex consists of Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. Anyway, it becomes one of the most exciting attractions offered by Gardens by the Bay, especially on the Bay South Garden.

Flower Dome

flower dome gardens by the bay

Flower Dome also belongs to the attractions to enjoy in this garden. It is also located at the South Garden with more than one hectare wide. The temperature of this place is about 23 up to 25 degrees Celsius.

At this garden, you will find many plants and flower from Mediterranean with cool, dry climate and semi-arid subtropical regions such as Italy, Spain, and South Africa.

sakura flower gardens by the baytripadvisor read reveiws

Gardens by the Bay also provides Sakura blooms at the Bay South Garden. When the Sakura flowers grow blossom, you can see that they are perfectly beautiful. Gardens by the Bay Sakura become an attractiveness of this garden so that it attracts many tourists to see this fantastic view.

There are several Sakura blooms at the Bay South Garden. One of them is Prunus Shirotae blossom from Mount Fuji. Besides that, you can also find vibrant Okame. And there are still many other Sakura blooms found there.

Cloud Forest

cloud forest gardens by the bay

This garden also belongs to the most attractive gardens at Gardens by the Bay. Cloud Forest is smaller than Flower Dome. However, it is also fascinating. With less than one hectare wide, it offers various plants spread there.

You will find an artificial waterfall in this place.  Cloud Forest also becomes one of the interests of this garden. You can take stairways or elevator to reach the top of the waterfall.

Useful Tips: Don’t forget to bring your camera. You can take hundreds of nice photos here.

Supertrees at Gardens by The Bay

supertrees gardens by the bay

Supertrees is the first garden of champion skyrise gardening in the world. It becomes one of the most beautiful attractions of Gardens by the Bay at night that you can enjoy. 18 supertrees are designed like tree structures.

The heights are also different from 25 meters up to 50 meters. They are designed vertically that show the variety of tropical flowering climbers, ferns, and bromeliads. You can also see more than 160,000 plants at this garden with over 200 species.

Supertrees garden can be enjoyed whole day, but it will be best enjoyed at evening. In the evening, the trees will be alive with projected media and lighting. So, they will look charming.

Besides that, there is also OCBC Skyway with 128 meters tall. It is located at the Grove of Supertree as an aerial walkway. Then, you can also see Marina Bay view from 22-meter height between 2 supertrees. This place is perfect even if you not hobby in florist.

Bay East Garden

bay east garden

Different from the previous attractions that are located on the Bay South Garden, this attraction is located on Bay East Garden. The size is about 32 hectares, and it has 2 kilometers of promenade frontage which embroider Marina Reservoir.

It is very amazing like a heaven with Bay central water spot as the main interest. This garden also becomes a good option for you who want to enjoy Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay Horticultural Themes

holticultural themes gardens by the bay

All the attractions above have horticultural themes. Horticulture becomes the theme of this garden because of the natural view. It can also keep the weather and nuance comfortable, calm, and fresh. So, it does offer not only the beautiful views but also keeps the healthy garden.

There are two collections. They are the world of plants and the Heritage Gardens. The World of Plants offers various flora from the forest around the world whereas the Heritage Gardens offer Colonial Garden, Malay Garden, Chinese Garden, and Indian Garden. Those reflect the culture and history of main ethnic groups in Singapore.

That is all Gardens by the Bay review and information that you need to know. Now, if you have a plan to go to Singapore especially at Gardens by the Bay, you should not be confused how to reach there, what to enjoy, where to stay, etc. Read more reviews from recent tourist visited Gardens by The Bay