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In Singapore, there is a very popular park named Merlion Park. At this park, you can see a Merlion Statue that becomes one of the icons of Singapore. So, tourists who visit this country will not skip their agenda to this iconic park.

Today, Merlion Park becomes one of the most attractive tourism destinations in Singapore. In fact, many people are interested in this place whether they want to enjoy the view and scenery while taking some photos. If you have a plan to visit Merlion Park, you need to consider the following guides.

How to Go to Merlion Park

Merlion Park is a beautiful and iconic park that is located in Singapore xxxx. This park is easy to access so that you will not be difficult to find it. There are many transportation options that you can use for visiting Merlion Park.

You can consider visiting Merlion Park by bus, car, taxi, train, etc. depending on your desire. There are also many travel services that will help you to go there. It is near Marina Bay hotel so that you can go from that hotel by foot.

If you consider going there by MRT, you have to stop at Raffles Place MRT as the nearest station from Merlion Park. After you are out from the MRT, you need to walk along Singapore River near Fullerton Hotel. You can see the Merlion Statue next to this building. That is how you get there by Merlion Park MRT. It shows that this beautiful park is easy to access including from the Raffles Place MRT station.

Merlion Park Opening Hours

There are many tourism destinations in Singapore that you can visit. However, the opening hours are different from one place to another. So, you have to know the opening hours before visiting the place you want.

Merlion Park opens 24 hours daily. So, you can visit this park anytime you want. However, the most crowded time is about 03.00 p.m. to 06.00 p.m., especially on the weekend or holiday. Considering the 24 hour opening hours, you can visit there anytime you want.

The Iconic Merlion Statue

merlion park statue singapore

Merlion Park has an iconic stature named Merlion Statue. It is a statue that with a head of a lion and a body of fish. Besides that, there is also a fountain coming from the mouth of the lion’s head.

This statue becomes one of the most famous icons of Singapore. It had 8.5 meters tall and located in the middle of the Merlion Park. This statue is painted with a fully white color that always looks clean. This statue becomes an attractiveness of Merlion Park in Singapore.

Useful Tip: Don’t forget to bring your camera because you can take some nice pictures here.

Best Hotels Around Merlion Park

If you visit Singapore especially Merlion Park, you need to know the best hotels around it especially for you who want to spend a few days there. So, you can consider the following most recommended ideas.

  1. Marina Bay Sands Hotel

marina bay sands at night

One of the best hotels that you can find near Merlion Park is Marina Bay Sands. It is one of the most popular hotels in Singapore located at 10 Bayfront Avenue. Belongs to a luxury hotel, it is recommended for high-class guests. That is why most of the guests are elite because of the premium room rates with best 5 Star Service

  1. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore


Besides that, this hotel can also be a good option. It is addressed at 1 Fullerton Square and also not far from Merlion Park. There are many interests of this hotel. One of them is the location that is enjoyable. Besides that, you can also enjoy tea in the courtyard comfortably every afternoon. It will be a perfect time. Click here for deal details

  1. The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

the fullerton bay hotel singapore

This hotel can be the next idea to consider. This hotel has a classy design that makes it look very attractive and feel comfortable to stay there. Then, the beautiful view of the bay also becomes an attractiveness of this hotel. If you are interested in this hotel, you can visit it at 80 Collyer Quay, Singapore. Click here for deal details

  1. Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

mandarin oriental singapore

Addressed on 5 Raffles Avenue at Marina Square in Singapore, this hotel is also recommended so much for you. One of the best features offered is the beautiful large swimming pool. Besides that, it is also well known for its outstanding services because their customer services are very friendly so that you will be satisfied to stay at this hotel. Click here for deal details

  1. Ascott Raffles Place, Singapore

ascott raffles singapore

If you visit Merlion Park in Singapore, you should not be confused to look for the hotel to stay because there is Ascott Raffles Place. This hotel prioritizes the comfort with modern design. Overall, you will be satisfied if you stay at this hotel. Click here for deal details

  1. Marina Mandarin Singapore

marina mandarin hotel singapore

This hotel is not far from Merlion Singapore location. Its address is at 6 Raffles Boulevard at Marina Square in Singapore. This hotel has a good popularity so that you should not doubt if its services. There are also many features and other offers that you can enjoy at the hotel. This hotel is one of the best hotels that you can choose near Merlion Park. Click here for deal details

  1. The Residence At Singapore Recreation Club

The Residence At Singapore Recreation Club

Located at B Connaught Drive, this hotel can be a good choice for you. Besides near the Merlion Park, this hotel is very convenient and comfortable. It has a great design with a beautiful view around it. Overall, the services are satisfying so that you will not be disappointed to stay at this hotel. Click here for deal details

  1. Hotel Clover The Arts

Hotel Clover The Arts

If you are interested in this beautiful hotel, you can visit it on 58 South Bridge Road in Singapore. The hotel is always clean and has a calm and fresh nuance. Even though this hotel is small, the location is excellent so that it is easy to access and you can enjoy anything there. Click here for deal details

  1. AMOY by Far East Hospitality

AMOY hotel by Far East Hospitality

AMOY Hotel is the next recommended hotel near Merlion Park. It is located on 76 Telok Ayer Street that is easy to access. It is only a half mile from the park. With affordable cost, it offers good value. Besides that, it also becomes a boutique hotel that is very stylish. Click here for deal details

  1. Pan Pacific Singapore

pan pasific singapore

Pan Pacific Singapore is a luxury hotel that becomes one of the most popular accommodations in Singapore. Located only a half mile from Merlion Park, you can consider staying at this hotel. It offers a pleasant stay because of the design and decoration. Then, you will also get unforgettable experience staying at this luxury hotel. Click here for deal details

After you know the best hotels that you can consider to stay near Merlion Park, you need to know that there are many things to see and do at Merlion Park. Here are the most recommended ideas to try.

  1. Taking Pictures

At Merlion Park, everyone wants to take pictures so that the experience will be unforgettable. So, if you visit this park, you cannot forget to take pictures. Commonly, people take pictures with Merlion Statue as the background view.

Besides that, you can also take pictures with views around it. This park has perfect views to take pictures so can take pictures anywhere at this park. By taking pictures there, your experience will be memorable.

  1. Enjoy the Bay

After satisfied taking pictures, you can spend your day by enjoying the bay. You can see that Marina Bay area has an entirely beautiful view. The scenery can be enjoyed from morning, afternoon, until night.

In the evening, the beautiful lights will make you end the day perfectly. It is very wonderful so that you cannot miss this wonderful moment when you visit Merlion Park.

  1. Hop on an Amazing Bumboat

From Merlion Park, you can also take a river cruise on a bumboat. Using a bumboat, you may explore the other exciting destination such as Clarke Quay and Boat Quay along the Singapore River.

This is one of the most exciting activities that you have to do there. While hoping on a bumboat, you can eat, drink, take pictures, etc. while enjoying the magnificent view.

bumboat singapore

Attraction and Interest Near Merlion Park

After enjoying the moment in the Singapore Merlion Park, There are also many attractions that you can enjoy around the Merlion Park. Visit near attraction will save your time and save cost because we can reach that attraction by walking.

You can purchase attraction ticket at Expedia. They have best price guarantee program to ensure we get the lowest price on all product. You can visit their things to do section to find out what attraction you can enjoy in Singapore. If you need suggestion ideas, hopefully, these will inspire you.

Waterfront Promenade

waterfront promenade

The next interesting place that you need to visit near Merlion Park is Waterfront Promenade. It is an area at Gardens by the Bay that provides an incredible view. There, you can walk along the waterfront while enjoying the view.

Besides that, it will also be perfect for cycling. Also, you can also benefit from the view while eating. It is a great place to spend your holiday either for day or night.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

the esplanade theaters on the bay

There is also a beautiful place near Merlion Park named Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. It has a beautiful view. It will be a perfect place for you who love scene related to water or bay. This place is appropriate to be enjoyed anytime whether it is day or night. You cannot miss visiting this place when you go to Merlion Park.

Asian Civilisations Museum

asian civilisation museum near merlion park

If you like ancient things, this museum will be a great destination to visit around Merlion Park. This museum is one of the biggest museums in Singapore where it is full of great history primarily related to civilizations in Asia.

Cavenagh Bridge

cavenagh bridge

It is an attractive small bridge that across the Singapore River between Fullerton and its central administrative area. This bridge is also full of history. Even though it is old, the structure and view are still amazing.

You can see the beautiful view of the river. This bridge will be great to enjoy in the afternoon, but it is also a good idea to visit there in the night where you can see the attractive city lights.

Shopping at Marina Bay Sands

the shoppes for shopping at marina bay sands

You may want to spend the day to go shopping in Singapore. In this case, you can go to Marina Bay Sands because there are many shops there. There are many outlets, casino, and restaurants that provide various shopping customer needs.

This mall is designed with the luxury design so that you will not be bored to go shopping at this place. Marina Bay Sands and Merlion Park are very close. You can see Marina Bay Sands building from Merlion Park

Here is the end section of this article. Hope this information will help and provide everything you need for enjoying holiday trip to Merlion Park. If you have any question or suggestion, just comment below. All the comments will be replied and moderated