orphanage in singapore

orphanage in Singapore

Orphanage in Singapore is used for some orphans. The orphans are kids who don’t have parents because both of their parents died or left by divorce case. It also used for kids who have a single parent. Orphanage in Singapore cannot be called as an orphanage. It tends to be called as children’s home. Here are some descriptions about orphanages in Singapore.

Orphanage in Singapore, Home for Poor Kids

You can find some orphanages in Singapore, when you go there either for travelling or staying for your jobs there. Usually, that home is also facilitated by free school and hospital for the orphans.

There is one orphanage called Canossaville Children’s Home (visit official website), it has completed facilities like hospital and school starting for kindergarten till the primary level of school. It is located at Salim Road in Singapore. Besides for some orphans, that home also accepts some girls who have a risk for staying at their family for example because of divorce problem. The girls between 6 till 12 years old. Those children can live in that home with other categories of an orphanage in Singapore.

Canossaville Children’s Home

You also can find another type of the orphanage in Singapore. There is also children’s home which accepts kids with special needs. Those categories of children are the deaf, the blind, and the physically challenged. That orphanage named Fatima Home. It is a wing of Canossaville Children’s home. Fatima Home also accepts poor kids from low-income families. Besides receiving the orphans to stay there, they also care them well. Giving free education, psychological concealing, and preparing the orphan’s future are agendas of Canossaville and Fatima Home.

orphanage in singapore

Meanwhile, for the charity, orphanages in Singapore were facilitated by some social organization of Singapore. There is some government organization, for example, Singapore Children’s Society. They also accept any orphanage volunteer who wants to donate some money or gives some help for those orphanages. They welcome volunteers to help with tutoring and teaching the orphans. They also need some volunteers for cleaning the premises there.

Travelling and Becoming a Volunteer

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Merlion Statue – The Mythical Symbol of Singaporetripadvisor read reveiws

Besides that, if you are in Singapore, don’t forget to take the best moment around Merlion statue. There, you can take a picture of Singapore Flyer, Merlion statue, and Marina Bay Sands. You can also visit Singapore Botanical Garden free. It has so many iconic flower.

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become orphanage volunteer in singapore

Becoming a volunteer can be an unforgettable moment for you. Besides you can enjoy your days, you can also get God’s reward by your volunteer activities. Singapore has some orphanages which need some volunteer to help them care the orphans. Some of the activities of volunteers are tutoring and teaching some children. Besides that, you can also fill it by playing a game with them.

You can pass your days happily with some needy kids there. Those activities don’t demand more costs for you because you can visit the orphanage in Singapore for free. For your information, some orphanages in Singapore provide you online information. You can find their official website. You can also call the available phone number on their official website.