Even though Singapore is a country in a small island, people always love Singapore. Singapore is one of the best place to live, the cleanest country, the most discipline country, and the great business place. Besides those superiorities, Singapore also offers comfort and amazing places that people can visit. That’s why people always come to Singapore for their holidays.

The amazing nature blends with the modernity in Singapore. Everything seems not impossible to reach in Singapore. If you wonder why people love Singapore, here are some notable reasons why Singapore is lovable and famous. Best ten place for visit when you are in Singapore

Start from Marina Bay Sands

Start from Marina Bay

Marina Bay offers you the most spectacular side of the cosmopolitan city-state of Singapore. The developments are fast that change this area so much. The focal point of this side is the S$5.5 billion Marina Bay Sands complex. The amazing things to see and new experience to have are ready for you.

Buildings and resorts are available here that make you hard to leave. Nightlife side is easy to find as Dining and shopping are. Singapore’s landmarks, iconic skyscrapers and hotels, and the fantastic attraction are here for all of us. Visiting Singapore will not be perfect without spending your hours in Marina Bay. See Reviews or Get Best Deal

Gardens by The Bay

Bay with Gardens

Still, in Marina Bay, you can feel the nature in a modern city-state of Singapore from the Gardens by The Bay. Marina Bay has Gardens by the Bay that is worth to visit. It is a huge park with such colorful and futuristic view that is located in Singapore Bay area. You can have fun in SuperTree.

SuperTree has an amazing structure that lets you have a new sky-walking experience. The greenhouses have such unique design; it is like a seashell by a large size. Hundreds of plants and trees are living inside. You will surely get an excellent view of Gardens by the Bay from Marina Bay Sands complex. See Reviews or Get Best Deal

Merlion Statue – The Iconic Symbol of Singapore

Merlion Statue – The Mythical Symbol of Singapore

Merlion Statue is an inevitable part of Singapore. This statue is a notable and popular landmark of Singapore. Furthermore, Merlion is not merely a symbol of Singapore. It means beyond for the citizens of Singapore. It is the Singapore’s mythical symbol. It attracts many tourists for each year as well as the local citizens.

This half-lion, half-fish statue completes the picturesque view of Marina Bay. Finding Merlion will not be that hard. It is located nearby the waterfront at Marina Bay. What about the budget? Visiting and taking a photograph in Merlion are totally free. Find the best angle and capture your best moment in Singapore. See Reviews

Singapore Flyer for a Wonderful Panorama

Singapore Flyer for a Wonderful Panorama

Have a good view of Singapore from Singapore Flyer. The world has regarded this great wheel as the largest observation wheel in the world. The diameter is 150 meter while the height is 165 meters high; 30 meters taller than The London Eye. It can travel at 0.21 m for each second.

The complete panorama of Singapore will be presented from the height every night and day. Empress Palace, the Padang, Marina Bay, Raffles Place and Singapore River are places the passengers can see from this amazing wheel. Having a good panorama with Singapore Flyer will also be very comfortable as the capsules are bus-sized with the air conditioner. See Reviews or Get Best Deal

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park

Besides having a relaxing and mesmerizing holiday, you can also let your kids learn about the bird at Jurong Bird Park. This bird park has the tallest waterfall that is made by man. Besides, it becomes the largest walk-in aviaries in the world. The birds from South America and Africa fly freely in this tropical-set park.

The design of Jurong Bird Park is exclusive to resemble the birds’ natural habit. You and your kids can enjoy the entertaining, and educational bird shows every day. Furthermore, your kids can have a new dining experience with birds around them. See Reviews or Get Best Deal

Singapore’s Religious Sites

Singapore’s Religious Sites

Besides education and notable landmarks, Singapore also has some religious sites that are worth to visit. Thian Hock Keng Temple is the most important and the oldest temple in Singapore. The traditional Southern Chinese style is presented in this remarkable temple.

The other religious site that you can visit is Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. It becomes a completing spot of the heart of Chinatown. You can find the Sacred Buddha Tooth Relic in this religious site. It is a stupa with 320 kg of gold from the devotees. What about the view? The architecture will make you amazed.

Museums for More Singapore’s History

Museums for More Singapore’s History

Singapore is a small country with various tribes, ethnics, and culture. The history must be various, and it is interesting to learn. Visiting some museums can be a good option when you are in Singapore. Singapore has many museums with various histories.

One of the remarkable museums in Singapore is The Peranakan Museum. Here, the history of Peranakan communities in some parts of Southeast Asia like Malacca, Penang, and Singapore is displayed. The Peranakan Wedding Bed that was owned by Mrs.Quah Hong Chiam of Penang becomes the most popular artifact in this museum. See Reviews or Get Best Deal

The Istana – Where the President Lives

The Istana - Where the President Lives

This is the Istana, the Malayan term for a palace. It is the President of Singapore’s official residence. Singapore’s Prime Minister is working here. This palace is built when the British colony ruled Singapore.

The Neo-Palladian style is reflected in the architecture of this building. Paneled windows, deep verandahs, and louvered windows are the features that make this palace perfect. Unfortunately, this palace is rarely open to the public. Make sure that you choose the best date, especially on big days like Eid, Deepavali, Labor Day and Chinese New Year.

Civilian War Memorial

Civilian War Memorial

Singapore is a complete place where you can learn many things such as modern life, education, history, and more. Civilian War Memorial is a place where you can recall the pain and sacrifice of Singaporean People during the World War II. This memorial is dedicated for those who perished at the Japanese hands.

This memorial has four pillars with 60 meters height. It symbolizes the suffering of Malay, Indian, Eurasian, and Chinese communities in Singapore. People held an annual homage to the war victims every 15 February.

Universal Studios Singapore at Sentosa Island

Universal Studios Singapore

Opened in 2010, Universal Studios Singapore becomes the latest addition in the best places to visit in Singapore. Seven sections with seven different themes are presented in this place. Shows and rides are countless. Besides the sections that are all related to the big hit movies, Universal Studio Singapore is also very completed by the shopping and dining sites.

The tallest intertwining roller coasters in the world are here to make this amazing spot perfect. Visiting Universal Studios Singapore will give you an excellent experience more than what you may be expected. See Reviews or Get Best Deal

Ending Section

The places in Singapore to be visited by tourist is not just limited by this list of ten places. There are hundreds of interesting places in Singapore you can visit and spend your holiday with the awesome moment of joy. You can read more in our website to find other interesting places in Singapore. Leave a comment for a question or just join a discussion with us.