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When you go to Singapore, you have many choices where to visit. Even though it is a small country, there are many beautiful places in this country. One of the places that you cannot miss is Resort World Sentosa Island.

It is one of the best and famous tourism destinations in Singapore. There, you can enjoy many beautiful views, see various attractions, and spend the day at the excellent hotel. Therefore, before you visit this place, you need to plan it properly so that you know what to see and enjoy there.

How to Go to Resort World Sentosa Island

If you want to visit Sentosa Island, it will be better for you to land at Changi Airport. From this airport, you have some choices whether you will get Sentosa Island by taxi, train, or public bus. It depends on your desire and budget.

How to Get There by Taxi

The first option is by taxi. If you consider getting Resort World Sentosa Island by taxi, you just need to ask the driver of the taxi to drop you at Sentosa Island. All the taxi drivers know this place well. That is why it becomes the simplest way to get there.

At the Resort World Sentosa Island, you will usually be dropped at the underground car park. If you choose to get there by taxi, it takes about 30 minutes. So, it becomes the fastest option.

How to Get There by Train

You can also consider getting there by train. In this option, you will use Sentosa Express. Different from the taxi, a train needs to pass some steps or stages so that it takes the longer time. To get the Resort World Sentosa Island, it needs around 66 minutes. So, it depends on your decision whether you prefer by taxi or by train.

How to Get There by Public Bus

Similar to the second option, getting Resort World Sentosa Island by public bus also needs some steps. You need to take some buses before you are dropped at this Sentosa Island.

The queue time also makes you require more time to get there. Getting Resort World Sentosa Island by public bus takes about one and a half hour. Even though it is longer, the costs spent are more affordable.

The Ticket Prices of Resort World Sentosa Island

If you want to visit this beautiful place, you need to buy the ticket first. The tickets are divided into three categories. It depends on how many attractions you can enjoy. They are Play All Ticket, Play up to 5 Attraction ticket, and Play up to 3 Attraction ticket.

  1. Play All Ticket

The first ticket allows you to enjoy all the attractions on this island. However, the price is much higher than the two other ticket categories.

For adults, you need to pay $ 81 whereas for children the ticket price is $ 71. Even though expensive, you will be satisfied because you can see all attractions available there up to 20 options.

  1. Play Up to 5 Attraction Ticket

The second ticket category allows you to choose up to five attractions from 20 available attractions. The ticket is priced $ 59 for adults whereas for children; the ticket price is $ 49.

  1. Play Up to 3 Attraction Ticket

This is another ticket category. It allows you to choose freely three attractions available at Resort World Sentosa Island. For adults, the ticket is priced $ 44.90 whereas for children; you need to pay for $ 39.90.

It will be a right choice for you who do not have much time to spend the day at this beautiful place. So, you should choose the attractions carefully.

Best Attraction at Sentosa Island

Sentosa is a dedicated island for tourism pleasure in Singapore. This island has a complete facility for tourists such as hotel, restaurant, cafe, and attraction. You have many options of RWS attractions to choose. Here are some best ideas that you should consider.

Universal Studios Singapore

universal studios singapore

Universal Studios is the most attractive thing offered at Resort World Sentosa Island. There are many movies and entertainments to enjoy in Universal Studios. 

It is also well known for its seven zones. They are Madagascar, Far Far away, Lost World, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Newyork, and Hollywood. Read more or Get ticket here

S.E.A. Aquarium

sea aquarium sentosa singapore

It will also be amazing if you visit S.E.A. Aquarium. At this place, you will be able to see the beauty of marine animals. There are over one hundred thousand marine animals with more than 800 species from various habitats there.

You will feel amazed with this fantastic attraction. S.E.A is shortened from South East Aquarium. Read more or Get ticket here

Adventure Cove Waterpark

adventure cove waterpark sentosa

Inside Adventure Cove, there are many activities that you can do such as to take high-speed water slides, drift on a river, wade among rays, interact face to face with many sharks, and snorkel with about 2 thousand tropical fish over the reef.

Adventure Cove Waterpark can be considered as one of the most fun attractions at Resort World Sentosa Island. Read more

Dolphin Island

dolphin island sentosa singapore

The next attraction is Dolphin Island. At this attraction place, you will meet many bottlenose dolphins. You can interact with them. You can also learn many things related to dolphins. It is very enjoyable, and it can be an unforgettable moment for you to visit this place. Read more

The Maritime Experimental Museum

The Maritime Experimental Museum

There is also an interesting museum at Resort World named the Maritime Experimental Museum. This museum offers maritime history. Besides that, it is also interactive because you can see ancient maritime items directly.

It also becomes a multi-sensorial museum in Singapore. This museum is appropriate for the family trip. This attractions ticket is included in S.E.A Aquarium ticket. Read more or Get ticket here

Trick-Eye Museum Sentosa Singapore

trick eye museum singapore


Another museum offered at Resort World Sentosa Island is Trick-Eye Museum. At this museum, you will experience 3D artworks that are very miraculous. So, you should dedicate your time to visit this attraction place. Don’t forget to bring your camera because you will take so much funny-tricky photo’s here.Read more or Get ticket here

K-Live Sentosa

K-Live Sentosa

If you like K-Pop, Resort World Sentosa Island also offers an attraction related to it. At K-Live, you are allowed to meet K-Pop stars you want anytime. Of course, it becomes a great attraction from this tourism destination.

Anyone is allowed to visit this place to meet his or her favorite K-Pop stars. Experience your awesome moment by meet your favorite Korean actress in a hologram that perfectly matches the real ones. Read more

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Restaurant at Resort World Sentosa

After enjoying the attractions there, you may feel tired and hunger. You do not need to worry because there are many restaurants there. If you need the list, here are the restaurants located at Resort World Sentosa Island. At least there are four restaurant genres that will be suite for most tourist that visiting Sentosa Island. There are such as follows:

Asian Cuisine

If you want the local foods, this restaurant can be a good place to eat. There are many authentic local foods provided at this restaurant such as spicy Korean delights, Malaysia’s popular hawker fare, etc. You will feel satisfied with their local foods offered to you. So, it becomes a good place for eating at Resort World Sentosa Island.

Western Cuisine

You can also enjoy various Italian classic foods American contemporary foods at Resort World Sentosa Island. You just need to go to Western Cuisine, and you can choose the menus you want. The friendly services also add the satisfaction of the guests who eat there.

Halal Cuisine

For Moslems, this restaurant can be the best option. This restaurant is certified Halal so that Islamic dietary laws accept all the foods. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the foods you eat at this restaurant. Not only accepted by Islamic dietary laws, but the menus also have great tastes that make the guests perfectly satisfied.

Bars & Lounges

At night, this place can be a good idea for a hangout. This bar-restaurant offers various menus that you can enjoy. The most popular menus are concocted cocktails like the common bars. This place is very enjoyable for hanging out with friends, families, or anyone else.

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Those are the restaurants that you can choose for eating. Besides those options, there are still many outlets that provide various foods at Resort World Sentosa Island. So, you can also consider eating at the food outlets available there.

It depends on your desire and your favorite menus to eat. So, Resort World Sentosa Island does not disappoint the guests for hunting culinary foods.

Hotels at Resort World Sentosa

Undoubtedly that the island of Sentosa is one of the best icons to represent Singapore. Some of the tourist are visiting Singapore for only having fun and spend time in Resort World Sentosa island. It is better to choose the hotel inside Sentosa island.

When you stay at Sentosa island’s hotel, you can save time and money since you don’t need to take public transportation for go to Sentosa. You should not worry because there are many hotels located there. At least, we have a list of best eight hotels in Sentosa island to consider.

Beach Villas Sentosa

Beach Villas sentosatripadvisor hotel price

Beach Villas Sentosa is the first option of the hotel to consider. Whatever your purpose, this hotel is ideal for you. For example, it is magnificent to stay there for vacation. If you go for honeymoon in Singapore, this hotel is also recommended for you. Read more

Crockfords Tower Sentosa

Crockfords Tower sentosatripadvisor hotel price

At Crockford’s hotel, you will find the luxury design, comfortable nuance, and premium personalized services. The features are also complete enough that you can enjoy. Overall, what the offer are satisfying so that you should consider this hotel to stay. Read more

Equarius Hotel Sentosa

equarius-hotel-sentosa-singaporetripadvisor hotel price


This hotel is addressed at a tropical rainforest fringe. This hotel offers an ideal gateway for you who love nature. In fact, this hotel has a natural view and nature themed decoration. So, it can be like a heaven for nature lovers. This hotel is recommended so much for you all. Read more

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

Hard_Rock_Hotel_Singaporetripadvisor hotel price

The next hotel is Hard Rock Hotel Singapore. It applies modern interior that is very attractive. This hotel has a beautiful view so that it becomes a perfect accommodation for you who have a holiday in Singapore. Staying at this hotel will give you great and unforgettable experience. That is why you should prioritize this hotel. Read more

Genting Hotel Jurong

Genting Hotel Jurong sentosatripadvisor hotel price

Genting Hotel Jurong the first hotel in the Lake District of Jurong. This hotel brings you beautiful rooms and great decoration that are very amazing. You can enjoy chic view around it. Considering what it offers, you should consider staying at this hotel during your holiday. It will be a perfect stay experience you have. Read more

Festive Hotel Sentosa

Festive Hotel Sentosatripadvisor hotel price

If you want to stay at a hotel that provides an ambiance of a lively island, Festive Hotel will be a perfect choice for you to stay during your holiday. This hotel is very vibrant as well as fun. So, you will not feel bored to stay there. If you have ever stayed at this hotel, you want to go back there again because. Read more

Hotel Michael Sentosa

hotel-michael-singapore-1tripadvisor hotel price


The next hotel to choose is Hotel Michael. This hotel is well known for its artistic walls and furniture pieces applied for the decoration. You can also find various art galleries available at this hotel. This hotel is appropriate for you who like arts. Considering the decoration, this hotel is very attractive. Read more

Treetop Loft

Treetop Loft sentosa

It is the last option of hotel available at Resort World Sentosa Island. This hotel is designed with a canopy and has trees perched more than 10 meters above the ground. This hotel is perfect for exclusive & privacy services.

Overall, what this hotel offer is satisfying. You need to consider staying at this hotel during your holiday in Singapore especially at Resort World Sentosa Island.


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That is all the review of Resort World Sentosa Island that you need to know. So, you can plan where to visit and stay during your holiday at this Sentosa Island.

Hopefully, this will be a useful reference for you who are interested in spending the next vacation at Resort World Sentosa Island in Singapore. Please use the comment form below if you have any question or comments.