Singapore is a paradise for the traveler. This country provides many places to visit and excellent facilities in the tourist destination which will surely make you happy. There are a lot of fantastic amusements which come from the challenging one and the other ones which leave you with widely open mouth.

Among many recreational locations, We will discuss the SEA Aquarium Singapore which is quite good and pleasing. This place offers you with beautiful appearance and many wonderful feasts for your eyes. You will want to visit Singapore over and over again when you are visiting this place.Sea Aquarium is one of the attraction which located at Sentosa island. This is one of the biggest aquaria in the world that have almost complete sea species that visitors can enjoy.

The S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore

The SEA Aquarium Singapore

Why does this place get love so much by visitors? This SEA Aquarium is a giant aquarium which is made with a passageway in its base. Here, the hall makes you have a direct view to the content of the Aquarium.

You can walk through the tunnel with the view of the marine lives which have been kept in the aquarium for a long time. This is a quite pleasing place as you will feel amazed with the fantastic appearance of many sea creatures here.

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The Wonder of the S.E.A. Aquarium

The Wonder of the SEA Aquarium

When you are walking inside the beautiful passage under the sea, you will witness many kinds of marine life. The marine lives are pleasing and wonderfully enchanting. In this huge aquarium, there are more than 100.000 sea creatures which are kept here. In these numbers, there are more than 800 species of marine lives here.

That is such a beautiful variations of animals, so you will surely never feel bored with the view even you are staying inside this aquarium all day. The new view of interchangeable sea creatures will surely make you pleased and happy. The example of the fantastic marines which are kept here is like the shark and other kinds of fish.

The Habitats in S.E.A. Aquarium

The Habitats in SEA Aquarium

There are also 49 kinds of habitats which are set inside this aquarium. You surely know that every animal in the sea will have various habitats and this aquarium understands how that nature life happens.

In every habitat, you will surely see any different animals which dwell in that place. Habitat is the place for the animal to make a nest and also breed so in each habitat, you may witness many newborn of marine. The depiction of whole world marine lives is simplified in front of your eyes when you are visiting this great.

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Enjoying Karimata and the Java Sea

Enjoying Karimata and Java Sea

This is a nice place too for enjoying certain view under the sea. This place ventures in the world under the Strait of Karimata. This is a place where you will witness a great monument of shipwreck under the sea. The shipwreck is quite enchanting and old, and it becomes a beautiful spot for photos when you are passing this place in the SEA Aquarium Singapore.

The shipwreck is an ancient thing, and that is why the shipwreck has also become one of the habitats of the fish. Many fishes and other ocean creatures make a nest and live around this shipwreck.

Bay of Bengal and the Laccadive Sea

Bay of Bengal and Laccadive Sea

In this wonderful place, you will also enjoy the great view beneath the Sundarbans mangrove. Here, you can also do some research about the life of Marines around mangrove. You will see many kinds of fish which usually inhabits mangrove area.

The example, you will witness the amazing spotted scats, mudskipper, silver batfish, and the archerfish. Those whole fishes will make you feel pleased and grateful at the same time as you get to see the greatness in the world beneath your world which you cannot see easily.

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Ocean Journey at S.E.A Aquarium

Ocean Journey at S.E.A Aquarium

Having a journey in the ocean is something which most people will be hard to do, but you will do it easily in the SEA aquarium Singapore. This place is quite good because here, you will have to see the wonderful bottlenose dolphins.

This is a quite great fish as it is renowned as the best swimmer in the sea with its fast speed. You will also see some unison of fish which will make a pleasing pattern in the sea. The attractive design is surely something which will release your stress, and you will get nice tools for healing your depression and stress.

Strait of Andaman and Malacca Sea

Strait of Andaman and Malacca Sea

Here, the wonderful strait from the Andaman and Malacca Sea is ready to make you feel more amazed. In the greatest view, you will see the inhabitants of that sea with all of its unique and natural behaviors.

Here, the way you enjoy the view will be more amazing as you get to see the marine lives beneath your feet. You will walk on a really wonderful glass and it will please you for sure. You will see the fish swimming around your legs and see the magnificent and another point of view of having aquarium.

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Shark Seas

Shark Seas

I believe that most of you will surely fear to see the sharks from the close range, but here, you are welcome to such view. In the shark seas, you will be able to witness this king of sea predators from close range. When you think that dealing with shark view is dangerous, your thought will be eradicated in this place.

With its incredible view and pleasing moves, you will see the graceful movements of these predators in many numbers. There are more than two kinds of shark which are kept here like the hammerhead shark, coastal shark, sandbar shark, and many other types of shark.

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora

Ocean Restaurant in Cat Cora sea aquarium

This place still keeps its surprise, and one of the wonderful surprises is this Ocean restaurant. Looking amazed and pleased, you will get even more amazement with the food which is served to you. The impressive underwater restaurant theme with the view of the ocean is right in front of your face.

You can enjoy those romantic moments while eating the meals which you have ordered. The foods which are sold here are commonly the healthy and light meals which surely will not make you get stuffed and hard to move around. You just need to rest here for restoring the fatigue which you acquire from wandering around the aquarium.

The East Africa Habitat at S.E.A Aquarium

The East Africa Habitat at S.E.A Aquarium

When you are a marine lover, you will surely be grateful for visiting this SEA Aquarium. Here, you will also witness the East Africa Marine inhabitant. Most of the fish from this region is relatively rare and will only be found in this habitat. The SEA Aquarium has brought this habitat in front of your eyes, so you do not have to visit Africa for enjoying this marine life park.

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