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Singapore is one of the countries that has the biggest casino in Asia, especially South East Asia. That is why many people go to this country just for playing casino. A casino is a playing place, and it is not only popular in western but also in Asia, especially Singapore.

Even though it raises pros and contras, today casino becomes one of the most enjoyable entertainment for the wealthy. Are you interested in Singapore casino? If you are interested in it, in this article I will share the tips and best ideas of the casino in Singapore.

Online or On the Spot Play?

There are two types of casinos. Based on how to play, the casino is divided into online and on the spot play (live casino). Online play can be done anywhere whereas another one requires you to come to the spot of the casino game.

Different types of casino play have different advantages. So, you can choose it based on your desire. You can compare it and choose one of them wisely. Don’t forget to plan and prepare everything properly so that you will get the best result.

Casino games are played with skill as well as luck. Those are two factors that cannot be separated. So, your plans sometimes do not work well. However, it does not mean that you do not need to learn it. You also need to prepare your mental to face the other players.

In Singapore, the players come from different countries over the world. So, you have to be as smart as possible in setting the amount to wager, and you will get the money if you win.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Singapore Casino

Why should you visit a casino in Singapore? There are many benefits that you will get if you play casino in Singapore. The first is related to the legacy. Singapore casino is legalized so that it is safe for you.

Even more, it also creates about 1,000 new jobs for it that are very beneficial to the Singapore citizen. Besides that, Singapore casino is also hoped to contribute to Singapore’s national product. The expectation is that it can help the country for about $ 235 million up to $ 335 million.

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Casino is one of Singapore country’s greatest income. The government of Singapore will get the tax from a casino. As we know, the tax revenue of casino is great. So, it will be a significant income for Singapore government.

The benefit also relates to Singapore industry. Casino in Singapore is successful to attract the players from various countries. It might be attracting businessman to invest their business in Singapore.

Lastly, it can also hamper underground activities growth. It does meet not only people’s need but also their desire of pushing their luck. Considering the benefits above, the casino in Singapore has many positive benefits both for players and the government of Singapore.

Casino Disadvantage

However, besides the benefits above, there are also some disadvantages of Singapore casino. As we know, casino can cause many social problems. There are many cases that people do crimes because of playing games in casino.

Other possible social problems are suicides, debt burned, bankruptcy, and there are still many others. Besides that, casino also creates the contrast economical changing. On one side, it gives many benefits for one people, but on the other hand, it makes many people lose their money. So, the growth of Singaporean people income will not be stable. It is your choice to play casino in Singapore.

Safety Tips to Play Singapore Casino

If you are interested in visiting Singapore casino, you have to know some tips so that you can play safely, having fun and get the best result you want. So, you have to pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Use a Watch Alarm

When you were playing, especially casino, you have to make sure that you wear a watch. Many people can play casino overnight. If you follow them, of course, you will spend more money. It will burn up your money in your bank account.

You have to set an alarm to limit your time so that you can plan your budget and how much money you will spend for this casino. In fact, is Singapore there are many players who have great budget and play it overnight.

  1. Ask Your Friend to Accompany You

As it is mentioned before, a casino is related to crime and violence so much. So, nobody knows what will happen to you later. You may get drunk or included in a fight. Even more, you have spent much money you have to make sure that you can get home safely. That is why you need to ask your friend to accompany you.

  1. Follow Your Budget Plan

You need to plan your budget before playing casino, how much money you will spend for casino tonight. However, you have to make sure that you follow your plan. In fact, many players in Singapore are out of control especially in spending money for the pot.

When they lose, they will still play and play. This will cause a big problem for your bank account. So, you have to make sure that you were only spending money based on your plan whatever happens.

  1. Play in Cash, Not Credit

Casino can be played with cash or credit playing. They have different advantages and disadvantages. However, I suggest you pay in cash. In fact, credit can break you cash higher because you do not aware your money left.

To prevent this, you have to make sure that you plan with cash play. It will reduce the risk or at least minimize lose your entire cash.

  1. Do Not Drink & Then Play

One of the most common mistakes done by players in Singapore casino is to drink wine until they get drunk. You must not follow them. In fact, playing casino when drunk is a good idea. You lose your awareness so that you cannot think clearly.

You will be out of control I spending money. Even more, it also relates to your emotion so that people who get drunk and play casino are involved in a fight. So, you have to avoid alcoholic drink.

Best Casino Hotels in Singapore

After you know the tips above, you can play casino safely. Whether you win or lose, it depends on you and your luck. Now, you have to know where to play casino in Singapore.

Two hotels provide casino facility. You can stay and spend the night in these hotels and just use the elevator for go to casino room from your hotel room. Here are two hotels that have the biggest and most famous casinos in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands Casino Hotel

The first option of Singapore casino hotel is Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The address is on Bayfront Avenue, in Singapore. You can click here to visit Tripadvisor for booking this hotel. This casino hotel is easy to access and strategic because it is near Changi airport. So, you can find this location easily. That is why it becomes the first choice of Singapore casino.

marina bay sands casino

To play casino at this hotel, you have to know the rules. The first is related to the age where the minimum age should be 21 years old. So, kids or teenagers are not allowed to join playing casino here. Besides that, the entrance fee should be Singapore citizens as well as Singapore permanent residents.

You should also buy & hold a Casino entry Levy that is still valid to enter the casino. To get this, you need to pay $ 100 for a full day whereas for a year; you must pay $ 2,000. It opens for 24 hours even though the crowded time is in the night.

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If you want to enter this casino, you have to wear smart or casual dress code. So, if you wear a sleeveless shirt, you are not allowed to join. You should also use Singapore dollar as the currency accepted in this casino in Singapore.

There are many games to play such as Mini Dice, Craps, Three Card Poker, Power baccarat, three pictures, money wheel, Blackjack, Baccarat, live table games, etc. It also offers many facilities including the restaurant, private gaming rooms, bars, hotel, smoking gaming areas, nonsmoking gaming areas, valet parking, entertainment, etc.

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Resort World Sentosa Hotel & Casino Singapore


This hotel becomes another hotel in Singapore that provides casino. This hotel is also near from Changi airport so that it is not far from Marina Bay Sands. It is addressed on Sentosa Gateway, in Sentosa Island, in Singapore.

You do not have to stay at this hotel if you are only want to visit the casino’s since the casinos are open for public that qualify the regulation such as minimum age and dress code. Similar to the first one, playing casino at this hotel must be at least 21 years old. The entrance fee is also same. Then, the dress code is also smart and casual. Open for 24 hours. It is also crowded especially at night.

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Because it is in Singapore, you should also use Singaporean dollar currency. For the games that you can play, they provide Three card poker, Singapore Stud Poker, Sic Bo, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and 600 Jackpot slots or video machines & electronic table game.

resort world sentosa casino

Even though the games are not as many as at Marina Bay Sands casino, many people are interested in playing casino here. There are also many facilities supporting tourism activities. It has the parking area, promotions, entertainment, hotel facilities, bars, and restaurants. So, you will not be bored and worry to stay and sleep.

This hotel is very accessible, it’s easy to reach from Singapore’s central business District. The transportation is also affordable using a train from Vivo city. Overall, what this hotel offer is very satisfying. Therefore, this hotel is recommended so much for you who are looking for the place to play casino in Singapore.


Useful Tip: You do not need to stay at that two hotel if you want to visit their casinos. You can visit this place just only for entering their casino. Click here to find another nice hotel that located near the casino in Singapore.


Here is the ending section of this article. However, playing in a casino is very entertaining, but please remember that your purposes are only for having fun. Don’t blow all your money by playing in the casino.

Be wise, decide your budget, the casino in Singapore are only for fun, not for earn money. You cannot beat the casino’s statistical edge in the long term. If you have any question or suggestion, just comment below.