When you want to enjoy the weekend with your family in Singapore, the night safari can be one of the great choices for you. Visit Singapore night safari is nice because it is full of education about the animal, which will be an excellent new knowledge and experience for you and your children.

In other hands, Singapore night safari is not only a show of animal. In that place, there are some other nice things, which will pleasant you such as the dining venue, and the kinds of shop. Now, it is your turn to read some details of it below. I hope it will be useful information for you all.

Night Safari Attraction’s Address and Access

Located in 80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826, people will be easy to reach it. Yes, it is because the location of it is in the center of the town and there are many accesses to go there. When people want to go to the Singapore safari night, they can choose some kinds of the public transport.

The first accessible public transport there is the MRT and bus. These mass transportations are nice with the excellent service and fast performance. There are several nearest MRT stations, which can be your consideration, such as the Choa Chu Kang, Ang Mo Kio, Marsiling, and Woodlands. The two last station only operate in Sunday and public holiday.

Address and access

Something that you also need to know, especially when you drive your own car, is the parking rates. What makes this Singapore night safari special is the electronic system in its parking. The electronic system is one of the modern and new systems of parking. This system will give the maximal service in vehicle parking.

How about the cost of the parking? Here, the first hour of parking is cost $3/hr. Then, the cost will be added $2/hr for the additional. When you do not have the cash card or UI, you need to pay the rates $8/day. It is the same case with the maximum parking charges there.

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Leopard Trail at Night Safari attraction

Leopard trail

Singapore night safari provides many kinds of the showing, which will pleasant you and your family members. The first kind of it is the leopard trail. Do you know about leopard? Well, it is one of the wild animals in the world. It is one family of the tiger.

Seeing the leopard in its original habitat will be one of the special experiences for you. Of course, you do not need to worry about the safety of you when seeing it. To see the leopard, you will follow the trail or the small street there. It is bordered with the glass window, so you will be safe when seeing the family of leopard there.

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Himalayan foothills at Singapore

Himalayan foothills

Do you ever hear about the Himalayan foothills? Well, it is one of the special types of goat in the world. This goat is special because of its unique by its capability. In the original habitat, this goat can climb a mountain! See, how great it is!

Now, you do not need to go to Himalaya when you want to see this special goat. Yes, it is because Singapore night safari will show it for you. Inside this safari, you will be able to see the family of the goat does their usual activity. Of course, the guide will serve you well there.

Singapore Night Safari Thumbuakar Performance

Thumbuakar performance

When you want to see another performance in Singapore night safari, you can join with the Thumbuakar performance. What is the Thumbuakar performance? It is one of the fire performances.

When seeing this event, you will see many attractions of the expert using the fire. It is one of the traditional performances, which becomes the special event in this place.

You are not allowed to try it because all event performed by the professional. The management says that people can watch this event only on Friday and Saturday. The times of showing are 7 pm to 10 pm.

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Other Great Facilities at Night Safari

Other great facilities

In order to pleasant the customer, when they are going there, the management provides some other facilities. The first is the dining restaurant. Inside the Singapore night safari, there are several kinds of the great restaurants, such as the Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, Bongo Burgers, Casa Italia, Chang Chawang Bars, Safari Sizzles and Zebra Café.

Well, the kinds of the restaurant here will serve you well with the sort of the great menus. In other hands, those restaurants are also excellent with the modern concept there. I am sure that the kinds of it will be the beautiful place to stay in enjoying your night.


The another kind of the facilities inside the Singapore night safari is the gift shop. As its name, this shop is selling many kinds of gift, especially when you want to bring something for your family or when you want to give some gifts to your couple.

In this shop, there are many kinds of gifts, which you can consider. Of course, half of the content of the gift shop is the miniature of the animal. There are several types of the miniature, such as the doll, sculpture, and other souvenirs. When you want to go to the shop, it opens daily at 5.30 pm until 12.00 mm. In usual, there is a special promo and discount!

Singapore night safari the gift shop

Well, the detail of the Singapore night safari there show some useful matters for you, especially when you want to go there. Then, how about the ticketing? Well, here, the management gives some different categories of ticketing. For the adult people, they need to cash $45 for the ticket. Then, for the child (3 – 12 y.o), they need to pay $30.

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You can join with membership and get up to 25% discount in buying the ticket. Singapore Night Safari open daily from 7.15 pm until 11.15 and the restaurant and shop open from 5.30pm.