the singapore flyer

Singapore is not only becomes one of the most developed countries in Asia but also one of the most attractive countries in Asia. There are many beautiful places offered by this country. So, if you visit Singapore for your next vacation, you will not be bored. You will get a great experience there.

One of the most recommended places to visit in Singapore is The Singapore Flyer. However, before you visit this place, you have to know the complete guide because it offers many things. By paying attentions to the following guides, you will be satisfied to explore this beautiful place.

About The Singapore Flyer

Many countries have high flyers. However, The Singapore Flyer is the highest one in the world. That is why it attracts many tourists both local and foreign tourists. It is a place where you can see three different countries.

From the top of this attraction, you can see the whole of Singapore, Johor in Malaysia, and Batam in Indonesia. This vehicle is formed like a capsule that is located on a tower with 165 meters high. This height allows you to see the beauty of other countries.

singapore flyer capsuletripadvisor read reveiws

The Singapore Flyer opens from the morning at 08.30 a.m. to the evening at 10.30 p.m. It takes about 37 minutes to explore this Singapore flyer. Not only the beauty of other countries offered for the tourists but also many attractions and entertainments are available at this flyer.

You will not be bored to visit this beautiful place. Overall, what it offers are very satisfying. So, it can be a perfect place that you should visit in Singapore.

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How to Get There

There are many ways to get The Singapore Flyer. So, if you are interested in visiting Singapore Flyer, you can choose from the following options.

  1. By MRT Train

The first alternative to get there is by MRT train. After the train stops at the station, you should cross the junction and then go to Temasek Avenue. You need to walk up to the next junction, and you will see The Singapore Flyer. It may take about 10 minutes.

  1. By Public Buses

The next way is by public buses. In fact, Marina Centre Bus Terminal has located only two blocks away from The Singapore Flyer. You can take various public buses to get the terminal so that you can choose one of them based on your desire. After getting the terminal, you just need to walk to the flyer.

  1. From Orchard Road to The Singapore Flyer

From Orchard road, you can stop on Temasek Avenue. From this avenue, you can walk to the flyer just for about 5 minutes. There are many bus stops that you can choose such as Dhoby Ghaut MRT, Concorde Hotel Singapore, Midpoint Orchard, Lucky Plaza, Royal Thai Embassy, and Delfi Orchard.

Opening Hours of the Singapore Flyer

If you have a plan to visit the Singapore Flyer, you have to know its opening hours. This beautiful place opens every day so that you can visit it on the weekdays or weekend depending on your free time.

However, weekends and holidays are usually much crowded. The Singapore Flyer opens from the morning at 08.30 a.m. Then, it closes in the evening at 10.30 p.m. For the last entry, it should be at 10.15 maximally. After knowing the Singapore Flyer opening hours above, you should plan it when you will visit there.

The Ticket Prices of the Singapore Flyer

singapore flyer ticket price

You must purchase admission ticket before entering Singapore Flyer. The tickets are sold at different prices because it is divided into three categories. Click here to purchase the ticket before arrival to get a cheaper price ($29 for adult)

If you are adults, you need to pay S$ 33 to get the ticket. You belong to adults if you are from 13 to 59 years old. The ticket is for seniors is sold at $24. You belong to seniors if you are over 60 years old. Then, the last category is child ticket. This ticket is for three up to 12 years old. You just need to pay S$ 21 to get this child ticket.

How to Getting Discount for the Singapore Flyer

You can also get a discount to enter this flyer because there are many promotions of the ticket. We suggest you to purchase the ticket at Tripadvisor because it’s cheaper than you buy this attraction ticket on the spot. The price for Singapore Flyer adult ticket at Tripadvisor only USD $29.08. You will save $4 per person.

Click here to purchase at Tripadvisor and click here if you want to read the review first.

Dinner at the Singapore Flyer

Did you know? The Singapore Flyer also provides dinner package, which allows you to have a dinner inside the capsule privately without other groups in the same capsule. This is an exclusive package since the capsule is reserved for your dinner moment.

It will be a great romantic dinner moment, make a surprise for the anniversary or any special moment in the Singapore flyer dinner event. However, this premier package of dinner may not suit for every tourist that visit this attraction because of the premium prices.

dinner at singapore flyer

It is popular that there are two most common cultures done by Singaporean people. They are shopping and eating. Because the Singapore Flyer opens until evening, many guests need dinner there.

Fortunately, this tourism destination also offers dining places. Many food outlets provide great meals for dinner. For example, you will find Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Seafood Paradise, O’Learys & Popeye’s, and there are still many other options for dinner.

Besides that, you can also consider Singapore Food Trail. It is one of the most popular dining places at the Singapore Flyer. It is located at the level one. Even more, it also becomes an ideal spot to look for your favorite foods in Singapore.

At this dining place, you can find many popular menus such as Satay, Fried Carrot Cake, Fried Hokkien Mee, and Chicken Rice. In addition, there are also other delicious local menus such as Beef Noodle, Barbecue Seafood, Prawn Noodle, and Fried Oyster Omelet. So, you may have Singapore Flyer dinner with your own desired menu available there.

The Timings of the Singapore Flyer

If you want to visit this Singapore flyer, you have to know the best timings. Even though it opens from morning until evening, timing is also important to get the best view. In this case, I suggest you visit this place in the morning where the weather is still cool. Check Singapore Flyer availability here

Besides that, the afternoon before the dark comes will also be a good time to visit there. If you visit the Singapore Flyer in this timing, you will see a beautiful sunset. By the way, from the Singapore Flyer timings above, you have to make sure that the weather forecast is fine. You might not want your scenery view is blocked by mist or rain.

The Capacity of the Singapore Flyer

family dinner at singapore flyer

The Singapore Flyer consists of some capsules on the tower. From the capsule, you can see many beautiful views from 3 different countries. However, when the people are too crowded, you have to queue up because of the limited capacity. In fact, each capsule is only able to load up to 28 visitors. Totally, this Singapore Flyer can hold up to 784 passengers. That is why there are so many people who visit this beautiful place in Singapore every day.

The Duration of Riding the Singapore Flyer

To enjoy the great scenery, you need to ride the capsule on the top of the tower. Riding the capsule takes about a half hour. It is long enough because so that you can enjoy the scenery perfectly.

Useful Tip: You can bring snacks inside this capsule. In fact, all the visitors are allowed to eat in the capsules while enjoying the view as long as they can keep the cleanliness.

The Singapore Flyer Bird’s Eye View

view from singapore flyer

Riding the Singapore Flyer will make you able to see the beautiful views of Singapore from above like bird’s eye view. At least, there are two hotels and their scenery that you can see from above.

  1. Marina Bay View from the Singapore Flyer

singapore flyer beside marina bay sands

The first view that you can see from the Singapore Flyer is Marina Bay. It is one of the most popular and highest hotels that you can find in Singapore. It also offers beautiful scenery especially if you see it from the Singapore Flyer.

  1. Gardens by the Bay View from the Singapore Flyer

singapore flyer beside gardens by the bay

The second view that you can see at the Singapore Flyer is Gardens by the Bay. It is a giant flower dome. There are thousands type of flower inside Gardens By the Bay

Besides those excellent views in Singapore Flyer, many attractions can amaze the tourist that visit Singapore. So, you need to consider visiting the following attractions.

Attractions in the Morning

The SEA Aquarium Singapore

In the morning, there are many attractions that you need to see. One of the best options is Sentosa Luge & Skyride. Besides that, you can also consider Madame Tussauds & Image of Singapore Package. Then, SEA Aquarium can also be a good idea. Also, Hippo City Sightseeing Tour also belongs to one of your best choices. Gardens by the Bay will also be fascinating to be visited in the morning. Other attractions that will be best visited in the morning are Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park.

Attractions in the Afternoon

Trick-Eye Museum sentosa singapore

In the evening, there are also many attractions offered for the tourists. The first attraction is Underwater World Singapore and Dolphin Lagoon. The second attraction alternative is TrickEye Museum. Besides that, there is also Adventure Cove Waterpark that you can visit. DuckTour also belongs to the attractions recommended for you. Then, you can also consider visiting River Safari. In addition, it will also be a good idea if you visit National Orchid Garden in the afternoon. Other ideas are Universal Studios Singapore and Two Ways Cable.

Attractions in the Night

singapore flyer capsule ferris wheel

The Singapore Flyer opens until 22.30 in the night. So, there are also many attractions for the night. One of the best Singapore Flyer attractions is Marina Bay Sands Skypark. Besides that, Wings of Time also belongs to one of the best night attractions in Singapore. Sentosa 4D Adventure Land becomes a good option to visit. Singapore River Cruise also becomes a good choice for you. Then, Alive Museum will also be very beautiful in the Night.

That is all about the review of the Singapore Flyer. Considering the great views that you can see from this place, you cannot skip visiting this tourism destination when you are in Singapore. Hopefully, this will be a good reference for you who are interested in the Singapore Flyer.