Visiting a great place surely needs good suggestions so we can decide which place that will give us the best enjoyment. For example, you can try to visit Singapore. Singapore has various kinds of exciting holiday destinations.

When you are visiting this country, you better have prepared the things to do there. You can do such a lot things in Singapore. Here, I will give you best things to do in Singapore so you will get the best experience in Singapore.

Visiting Sentosa Island

Visiting Sentosa Island

For the first choice, you need to visit the Sentosa Island when you need a great pleasure. Sentosa Island is the island of happiness. You can get many kinds of happiness.

First, you can get the overwhelming excitement here. You can get to see magnificent scenery when you are traveling to this place. To reach this island, you will enjoy a ride on a cable car which connects the Sentosa Island with Singapore main island.

Visiting Sentosa is an unforgettable experience and will make you addicted with Singapore for sure. Sentosa is a place that you should visit.

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Enjoying Marine Life at S.E.A Aquarium

Visiting S.E.A Aquarium

When you are visiting Sentosa, you will not only get the great scenery on the surface, but you can also have some fun with the view under the sea. The SEA Aquarium from Resort World Sentosa will provide you with a really great experience.

In the aquarium, there live more than 10000 species of sea creatures. This aquarium also comes with 49 habitats for animals, so it feels like this aquarium is the portable design of sea. You will surely get a great bliss once you walk along the tunnel which is given for enjoying the view. Read More Reviews or Check for Cheapest Rate of Admission Ticket

Taking Photos at Museum of Trick Eye

Museum of Trick Eye

Still, on Sentosa Island, you have to get further in having fun by getting to the Trick Eye Museum. This is a museum where 3D picture are made for giving good scenery. 3D picture is the picture with the realistic view, so it feels like we are standing over something which is real where it is actually a painting.

There are many kinds of 3D art which are exhibited in this museum. You can take a great photo with your friends and make a fun and crazy actions when you are taking a photograph. The best way to make excellent adventure is this visit. Read More Reviews or Check for Cheapest Rate of Admission Ticket

Visiting Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay

The greatest and beautiful place to visit in Singapore which has internationally renowned will surely be the Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sands is most complete entertainment places in Singapore since it have restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping center, photo spot, hotel, and casino.

When you visit Marina Bay Sands, you will get the best scenery around Singapore as this Marina Bay takes the shape of a huge building. When you are getting hungry, you can get swanky bar and restaurant in this building. There are a lot of menu and beverages that will ready to make your lust for foods satisfied.

Going to Chinatown


Having a mandarin aura and scenery is one of the most pleasing things I guess. In Singapore, the Chinatown is the place where you can find the Chinese pleasant experience. Most people come to this place for shopping many souvenirs to be brought home.

While you are shopping, you can also find some interesting Chinese place in this town such as Thian Hock Keng Temple, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, and much more. You also can find many authentic Chinese foods here as there are many Chinese restaurants which are established in Chinatown.

Enjoy Universal Studios Singapore Rides

Universal Studios Singapore

The next best excitement in the Singapore is the Universal Studios Singapore. This is a place with a tremendous excitement as you will get many kinds of attraction zones at Universal Studios. For example, you will get the Lost World, New York, Ancient Egypt, and Far Far Away just like in Shrek film.

USS is the best place when you are having a family holiday because there will be a lot of things that will please your children. There are also some amusements like the roller coaster and other kinds of such attraction that will make you have an excellent experience in Universal Studios Singapore. Read More Reviews or Check for Cheapest Rate of Admission Ticket

Try Singapore Night Safari Attraction

Singapore Night Safari

Once you have had your day fun and you do not get enough about it, there are also a lot of fun which are offered in Singapore. First, you can get the Singapore Night Safari. Visiting Night Safari is a unique trip because you can learn about many nocturnal animals which are preserved in this Zoo.

Having a zoo at noon will be something that is common and having it at night will give you different experience for sure. In this place, there are about 1000 animals kept which come from around the world. I believe your time for traveling will not be wasted terribly in Singapore once you experience this safari. Read More Reviews or Check for Cheapest Rate of Admission Ticket

Party and Hang out at Zouk Night Club


If you do not really like visiting zoo, you can change your amusement with nightlife at Zouk. Zouk is a club which exists in the Singapore city. There are many live night experiences that you will get here such as having to dance with many people in the club.

You will get DJs play good music for you and some refreshing drink which you can have. It is a great place to hang out with your friends when you need some moves in your traveling. I believe you will be pleased visiting this place.

Spend Quality Time at Rooftop Bars

Rooftop Bars

If you want to know how gorgeous the view of Singapore at night, you should visit this rooftop bars. This bar is placed on a top of a high building so you can stare around to look at the city in Singapore.

The most interesting art is that you can see the amazing and spectacular appearance of the Marina Bay Sands from that building. There are a lot of people who will spend their time taking a picture here. You will surely feel amazed once you see this place and you want to take the picture as much as you can.

Hang Out at Club Street Chinatown

Club Street Chinatown

The last interesting place enjoying city life with mandarin aura will be the Club Street Chinatown. This place will provide you with great foods which you can enjoy. They have the best culinary for making your stomach feel satisfied.

You also can feel the hospitality of the Chinatown as it is placed just beside the road. You will have a good street atmosphere in this club street.

Ending Section

Here are some of our recommended things to do in Singapore. However, Singapore has hundreds of other interesting things to do, You just only need to read more on our website that has complete tourism guide for Singapore. Please comment on the form below if you have any question or just join a discussion with us.