best indian restaurant in singapore

best Indian restaurant in Singapore

What is the best Indian restaurant in Singapore? An interesting question is in need of an answer. Indian foods are tasty and very flavorful. There is no more popular Indian food other than curry. The Indian curry has a great punch of flavor loved by a lot of people from around the world.

When seeking for the Indian curry, everyone wants the best. The original taste of India that will come from the excellent combination of spices. In Singapore, there are a lot of Indian restaurants run by the locals of Indian descents. The question now is the best among them.

Several Recommendations to Be Considered

It will be difficult to decide the best Indian restaurant in Singapore. The taste perception of every customer is different. On top of that, everyone has a different definition of best foods, best services, best places and best price values.

In order to help tourists who visit Singapore and choosing best  Indian restaurant, the followings are recommendations to be considered further:


dbell indian restaurant singaporetripadvisor read reveiws

Searching for the unique ambiance for Indian restaurant? Try D’Bell. This restaurant is recommended to be visited at night although that it also opened during lunchtime. The restaurant does offer not only Indian foods but also American foods. Many people are impressed with the restaurant because of the real good concept and décor alongside great foods. The restaurant is suitable for families or even business gatherings.

MTR Restaurant

mtr singapore indian restauranttripadvisor read reveiws

Located in Little India, MTR restaurant is serving Indian foods for vegetarians. The price is friendly and reasonable. A set of meal for approximately $25 will be enough for two people with two soft drinks as accompaniment.

The service is magnificent, a lot of people come out from there feeling satisfied with their meals. The waiters and waitresses are very friendly and helpful by showing and recommending foods for the hungry customers.

The Curry Culture

the curry culture singaporetripadvisor read reveiws

For the people who have extra cash in their wallet, this Indian restaurant should be considered. It received a certificate of excellence for fabulous service. Some customers pointed out that the foods are not particularly Indian authentic, but the food taste and quality are good. The place is very nice with helpful staff. This restaurants price is quite pricey but it might be worth.

The Curry Hut

the curry hut singaporetripadvisor read reveiws

For you who expect a flavorful curry, this restaurant will be a good choice and might be the best Indian restaurant in Singapore. The restaurant open during lunchtime and dinner. This restaurant is offering the delicious curry and other Indian foods alongside with beers and interesting bar design. The place is clean; the friendly staff will be ready to help.

Choose for The Best Experience

There are other great Indian restaurants in Singapore that are not described in this article. Each restaurant is offering the different ambiance and different flavor despite serving the similar choice of cuisine.

However, there are several factors for considering the best Indian restaurant in Singapore. Food taste is the most important factor because our main purposes of visiting restaurant are for eat. Some of another factor to be considered are service, locations,  menu choices, even the interior design.

Every tourist has their preferences. Hope this article help you to decide the best Indian restaurant in Singapore. You might also be interested in our content category about restaurant review in Singapore. Happy holiday

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