best italian restaurant singapore

best Italian restaurant Singapore

Best Italian restaurant in Singapore has become one of the major tourist destinations in Singapore. Many tourists who always want to enjoy the Italian restaurant and look very authentic. Many restaurants provide Italian characteristic on a variety of things. Visitors can experience the joys of Italian food and a distinctive atmosphere. There is a wide variety of Italian food that can be found easily. They are offered with some different types. You can select from the region, city or traditional food. Here are some tips to get best Italian restaurant in Singapore.

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Determine the Type of Italian Dishes

If you think about Italy, then pasta and spaghetti are one of the favorite meal. There are many types of food than pasta that you can try. One restaurant named Otto Ristorante provides a broad range of specialties of seafood. This restaurant is very suitable for tourists who love the cuisine of squid, lobster, and fish. If you like spaghetti, you can also enjoy this meal with a few variations. All the best Italian restaurant Singapore will provide variative kind of spaghetti

Besides the food, the wine becomes one favorite of all tourists. There are many different kinds of wine which are usually served by the restaurant. You can simply choose several types of wine brands from Italy. There are a variety kinds of quality wines. Almost all of the best Italian restaurant in Singapore providing red wine and white wine.

Service of the restaurant is an important factor for all Italian tourists. They will appreciate the services provided by the restaurant. The restaurant manager in Italy is already accustomed to giving a welcome to all guests. They will set the waitress to provide the most satisfactory service. The server will offer a wide variety of special dishes so that guests can choose according to taste.

Useful Tip: You can use Tripadvisor to find the desired restaurant in Singapore. You can sort by price range, location, food types, facilities, and customer reviews.

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Book an Italian Restaurant for Event Purposes

Do you want to throw a party in the best Italian restaurant in Singapore? There is a wide variety of restaurants serving special events by the desire guests. The restaurant provides a reserved place so that the event does not mix with regular visitors.

Before you place an order, then you must specify the event purposes. Do you want to do a wedding, birthday party or event a surprise party for someone special? They will suggest you for the decoration concept.

Some of the restaurants give you special price for event reservation. They also offer you a choice of cakes, flowers, and wine for free. In fact, this restaurant can also provide photo services so that owners will feel very special event. One type of restaurant like Amarone even prepare special waiters dedicated for managing the event.

Best 5 Italian Restaurant in Singapore

I will provide list of 10 best Italian Restaurant based on TripAdvisor rating, and certified by Certificate of Excellence

1. Fratini La Trattoria

Fratini La Trattoria

This restaurant is located at 10 Greenwood Avenue,  Hillcrest Park, Singapore. Fratini La Trattoria has more than 350 excellent reviews from customers. Read more

2. Wine Connection Bistro at HillV2

Wine Connection Bistro at HillV2

This restaurant is located at 4 Hillview Rise The Hillier, #02-05/06, Singapore. This great restaurant currently has 250+ excellent reviews from satisfied customers. Read more

3. Basilico

Basilico restaurant singapore

Located at Regent Singapore, 1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore. This restaurant earns 230 excellent reviews from customers. Read more

4. Ristorante Amarone

Ristorante Amarone

Ristorante Amarone is located at 168 Robinson Road Capital Tower, #01-08/09/10, Singapore. It has 300 excellent reviews from the customers. Read more

5. Capricci

Capricci restaurant

Capricci is located at 27 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore. This Italian restaurant earns more than 200 excellent reviews from the customers. Read more

Here is the ending section of this article. Hope this information will help you to find the best Italian restaurant in Singapore. You can check our restaurant category section for finding another great restaurant, especially in Singapore.