Chinatown Singapore offers excellent options of restaurants that range from an outdoor place for dinner to the best restaurants. Whether you plan to spend some dollars or some hundred, we have top ten restaurants to be your destinations when visiting Singapore, exactly Chinatown.

Chinatown has a fantastic atmosphere in which the pace becomes really slower than any of the charming shop houses in the area. The place is really popular with a great number of locals and visitors, so the area always looks busy at dinner time. We have listed together all of the top 10 restaurants over there for your decision.

Andre’ Restaurant

Andre’ Restaurant

Restaurant Andre’ is famous as the first ranked restaurant within Singapore that is first established in 20101. This restaurant also becomes five ranked places in Asia based on the latest ceremony from S. Pellegrino.

Restaurant Andre becomes some dining experiences when visiting Singapore to captivate the certain imagination. Andre Chiang as the chef has a fundamental principle: every eight dishes of his changing menu relates to eight-element set. Read more reviews

Maxwell Hawker Restaurant

Maxwell Hawker Restaurant

Maxwell Hawker Center is located between Maxwell Road and South Bridge Road. To pick a dish in this place can be hard because there are more than 100 stalls in which everything will look very tempting. Some locals flock to this restaurant to get some of the hawker’s best food like chicken rice, meat fritters, pork porridge and tapioca pastries.

Besides, Gordon Ramsey welcomes with Tian Tian Chicken Rice that is known as the best Hainanese favorite versions in Chinatown Singapore. In this case, Lunch time will be intimidating due to long food queues so you need to arrive outside the peak hours as long as you can.

Tippling Club Restaurant

Tippling Club Restaurant

Tippling Club is the next recommended restaurant in Chinatown Singapore which seems to be more famous every year. It has consistently been ranked as one of the top restaurants in the country and even across Asia.

The restaurant cocktails are sufficient to be the reason why it should be visited while a mixologist of in-house provides much flair like what goes inside its kitchen. Avoiding any normal stereotypes that are associated with that of fine dining, it is fresh, quirky and bright.

It also takes over some shophouses in Chinatown. This restaurant also loves kitchen which is semi open to allow the visitors to see how busy the team painstakingly some plate for dishes including signature creations like miniature cakes of cheese. Read Reviews or Book a Table Online

Majestic Restaurant

Majestic Restaurant

In Chinatown Singapore, you will find Majestic Restaurant to be the place to get food for your hunger. The Majestic Restaurant with retro chic has been renowned for the take on its famous Cantonese cuisine which is served in individual portions.

The restaurant’s dishes are executed well, and they include many popular options like a crispy prawn in wasabi dressing. Peking duck is served with lobster broth which is boiled with lobster meat, mushrooms, and asparagus.

Majestic restaurant mixes the best between traditional and modern based on the décor in modern, wood dining space with place settings and traditional crockery. Read Reviews or Book a Table Online

Sabio Tapas Bar

Sabio Restaurant

There has been tapas restaurant explosion in Chinatown Singapore, but there are something cooler instead of Sabio restaurant. The monochrome restaurant which is tiled has tables on many indoors and small terrace including the counter in which the tasty dishes are displayed.

It is really advisable to arrive at the restaurant before 18:30 because if you come after the time, you must wait. One of the best features of the restaurant is you can make an attempt a little bit, and you can find many cold and hot dishes that you want more. Read Reviews or Book a Table Online

Broth Restaurant

Broth Restaurant

The next recommended a restaurant when visiting Chinatown Singapore is Broth restaurant. This cool restaurant is well known as night time place for them in search of quite. There many tasty dishes available like Australian menu including some sticky ribs served with risotto bolognaise and mash within the day.

Since it is phenomenal with Australian food, desserts stick comes with Aussie theme. This food appears in pavlova with some fresh fruit addition and delicious chocolate fondants that have been tried. The service is fantastic, unlike most restaurants that they don’t charge for that automatically.

Latteria Mozzarella Bar

Latteria Restaurant

Latteria Mozzarella bar boasts around eleven food varieties from Italy’s favorite cheese that is incorporated into such delightful menu of Mediterranean without pizza insight. With some spaces for having dinner, inside and outside, the restaurant gives real Tuscany taste in Chinatown. The menu which is offered includes some southern dishes, like poached calamari salad and fresh pesto.

However, the highlights of them are clearly the dishes incorporating the name of the restaurant where you may really appreciate its creamy mozzarella flavors. In the restaurant, you will also find Burrata that is known as a large cheese like tennis ball appearing to melt inside.

Le Petit Cancale Restaurant

Le Petit Cancale Restaurant

Le Petit Cancale can be the next recommended restaurant in Chinatown Singapore. By grabbing a seat from its small terrace you will experience finest fruits of Brittany. Le Petit Cancale restaurant specializes on seafood menu and it imports many fresh oysters of Fine de Claire twice in a week.

Inside restaurant’s atmosphere surely replicates a French brasserie, with turquoise walls and nouveau touches. When lunch, the restaurant serves some great salads and quick bites, including seaweed and crabmeat mayonnaise ciabatta for lunch.

Overall, this restaurant buzzes with its evening crowds, champagne glass and a table looking out onto the cobbled street.

L’entrecôte Restaurant

'entrecôte Restaurant

Every stick lover should be pleased to know that there are a fancy stick and Parisian way for providing the excellent choice of eating. Placed in a tiny shophouse, this thin restaurant includes a feel of the bistro with some floors which is polished in gray.

The chips and steak come with a walnut salad which is traditional. However, the menu rest is full of French dishes like snails, chocolate mousse, Foie gras for finishing the meal. Like many other bistros in the Seine, you are not allowed to reserve, but you don’t need to wait longer for having a table. Read Reviews or Book a Table Online

Yum Cha Restaurant

Yum Cha Restaurant

Last but not least, there is Yum Cha restaurant providing dining in all days in the Center of Chinatown. Based on the second old shop-house live, Yum Cha can be interpreted as ‘drink tea’ to give quintessential experience in having dining experience in Chinatown.

Besides the shark soup, pork ribs of champagne, lamb rack, beef noodles, and many other specials, this restaurant is known due to the dim sum dishes. Read reviews

Ending Section

There are also many street foods available around the Chinatown, especially on Smith street. However it is hard to measure the standard of street food, so we decided not to include the street food on this best list. Some of the street food at Smith street also have delicious taste with cheap price. Hope you enjoy this restaurant list at Chinatown. Please leave a comment below if you have any question.

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