best thai food in singapore

best thai food in singapore

Is there anyone wish to get best Thai food in Singapore? Yes, the cuisine of Thailand while holiday in Singapore is not a bad idea because several restaurants serve tasty and nice Thai foods. What about the best one? Which one amongst the foods can be considered as the best? The answer to this question will be varied for every individual. It will go with the personal taste of every individual who eats the Thai foods. Tom Yum is the most popular kind of Thai foods,  but Thai foods are not limited to only that.

Several Recommendations of Best Thai Restaurants

While everyone has personal taste and preferences, there are a lot of restaurants that will be great to be tried for the real delicious Thai foods. Every individual expects different things. Who knows if one of the following restaurants will be good to satisfy the need of delicious Thai foods enjoyed in a great place?

Jim Thompson on Dempsey Hill

Jim Thompson on Dempsey Hilltripadvisor read reveiws

Located on Dempsey Hill, this restaurant offers a great selection of Thai foods. It is a fine dining with the real nice ambience. It is a perfect place for couples or families who expect to spend quality time together and eat good foods. The menu is great and detail and vegetarians won’t have problems eating in this restaurant. The service staff is also very nice and helpful. The parking lot is also good and convenient. However, prepare more money to pay the meals because this fine dining has an expensive price. Some people even said that the price is too much.

Long Tail Asian Brasserie & Bar

Long Tail Asian Brasserie & Bartripadvisor read reveiws

Located within the core of downtown, this restaurant is a popular choice for many people. The restaurant serves not only Thai cuisine but also Vietnamese, Burmese and Asian in general. With the great location, finding this one restaurant is not particularly difficult and very easy. The service is also great with the attentive staff that will help every guest to dine and get the best Thai food in Singapore although that the menu is limited. The prices are not low but a lot of people go out of the restaurant feeling satisfied with overall service.

Sawadee Thai Cuisine

Sawadee Thai Cuisinetripadvisor read reveiws

For the people who search for the good Thai and Chinese foods with good price, this restaurant can be considered. The place is nice with good ambience. With good price and convenient place, the restaurant will be a great place to be visited. Although that some customers don’t seem to like a few foods on the menu; it’s still and overall great place.

Tamarind Hill Singapore by Samadhi

Tamarind Hill Singapore by Samadhitripadvisor read reveiws

Want a place to enjoy the calm atmosphere during dining time? Try this one Thai restaurant. The restaurant has an old colonial feel with great attentive staff and great foods. The prices are not low but will be worth because of the extensive menu and delicious foods. The place is good for regular dining or even an event. It’s perfect for romantic dining. Finding the restaurant requires a little bit of patience; because of its rather hidden location.

Thai Smile Café

Thai Smile Café

Pic by: Open Rice – Thai Smile Café

A café for Thai foods with a good range of price will always be a good thing for everyone. This café has plastic chairs and Formica tables. It doesn’t look like a fine dining at all. However, the low price and the delicious foods will make up for the things the café is lacking. The service is also good and well praised by some buyers. In this cheap café, you will get good tasted foods.

Choosing the Best Place to Get Best Foods

Choose the best option is a very natural thing. There are a lot of options waiting to be chosen. It’s impossible to choose all of them, especially if budget and time matter. To make a decision, trying to visit cheap restaurants is not a bad idea and worthy to be tried.

Consider the available budget and think about the best restaurant to be visited. Go to the better and more expensive restaurants for better ambience or go to the small cheap restaurant with great foods. Both choices are great to get best Thai food in Singapore.