Visiting Singapore is not complete when you do not stay in Ce La Vi. Singapore is one of the famous countries with the modern system, and it offers some kinds of the great place for their tourist. One place which you should go there is Ce La Vi.

Ce La Vi is one of the great and special restaurants in Singapore, which will lead you to feel the sense of Asian and Singapore. This restaurant is awesome with the collaboration of the excellent service, the delicious menus, and others. Now, in this writing, let us trying to know the detail of it.

Easy Finding Place at Marina Bay

ce la vi restaurant Easy finding place at marina bay

When you ask about where this restaurant is, I am sure that the newcomers in Singapore will be easy in finding it. Well, it is because Ce La Vi locates in one of the icons of Singapore. This restaurant is located in Marina Bay Sands. It is one of the famous places in Singapore, which becomes the tourism and entertainment center in Singapore.

When you want to go there, you can directly go to 1 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018971. Then, around that place, there are many kinds of the mass transportation. You can choose the taxi, bus, and others. So, don’t worry about it!

Ce La Vi Opening time

ce la vi restaurant Opening time

This restaurant opens daily. However, you need to know the operation time, especially when you want to book the seat there. In detail of the opening time, this restaurant has the three different opening time. In Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, they will serve you from 12 to 2.30 pm. Then, this restaurant will close and open again in 6 to 10.30 pm.

When you want to go to this restaurant on Thursday and Friday, this restaurant will serve you at 12 to 2.30 pm and 6 to 11 pm. The last, when you want to go to this restaurant on Saturday, they will serve you from 12 to 3 pm and 6 to 11 pm. So, you can arrange your schedule.

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Ce La Vi, One of Most Sweet Restaurant

As I have said before, Ce La Vi is one of the great restaurants in Singapore. This restaurant is excellent with the high-class decoration with the modern touch of decoration. Inside this restaurant, you will see the sleek arrangement of the properties of the restaurant.

The modern furniture is collaborated with the unique wall decoration to give the comfortable sense for the customers. The size of the place is large so that people will feel the freedom there. In the night, it has the beautiful light, which will be useful especially when you want to have the romantic dinner with your couple.

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Ce La Vi, One of Most Sweet Sestaurant

Besides the great arrangement of the detail of restaurant, which will show you its modernity, this restaurant also has the great menus for you. Some kinds of the menus are available to pleasant you and your family.

In the list of the menus, you will see some categories, as lunch menus, A La Carte menus, tasting menus, wine list, cocktails and drink and flying sommelier tour. Of course, every category of it has the nice detail list for your favorite. The special menus of this restaurant are the taste of Asian, which is irreplaceable and unforgettable

The management of the Ce La Vi restaurant provides the modern Asian dining for their customer. It is one of the special menus in this restaurant. What you will get in the modern Asian dining is some kinds of the innovative flavor and texture of the great menus. It uses the great ingredients and natural choice.

Ce La Vi Romantic sky bar

ce la vi restaurant Romantic sky bar

Another special venue of Ce La Vi is the sky bar. Sky bar is one of the exclusive venues there, especially when you want to enjoy the night. This sky bar is located in the al fresco area of this restaurant.

When you stay in this sky bar, you will have a chance to see the 360-degree panorama of Singapore. I am sure that this fact will pleasant you because the Singapore is nice with its modern thing. This sky bar opens from 12 pm until late in daily.

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The sky bar has little bit different menus with the restaurant of Ce La Vi. In the sky bar, you will have a chance to enjoy the delicious cocktail. There are some kinds of the variations of the cocktail, which can accompany you enjoying the night.

In the sky bar, the management arranges the furniture well. They still use the modern concept with the romantic light. Of course, the combination of all aspects of this sky bar will draw the special memory of your holiday.

Ce La Vi Club lounge

ce la vi restaurant Club longue

For the teenager, who wants to enjoy their life, they can join in the club lounge of the Ce La Vi restaurant. The club lounge is one part of the Ce La Vi, which you can choose. There are several skillful DJ, which will lead you to enjoy the kinds of the music.

They also prepare some different genres of music to make you interesting. In other hands, the different DJ has the different characteristic. Maybe, you can see the list of the DJ and find your favorite one!

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Then, how about the menus here? Well, you do not need to worry about it because the management provides the great menu for you. Three categories differentiate the menus. The categories of the menus are club lounge day menus, club lounge night menus, and the weekend BBQ menus.

Every category will pleasant you with the special list. You can see the detail of the menus of the list. You need to know that the menus of the club lounge are different with the restaurant and sky bar. Well, the detail of the explanation above can be the excellent information for you. When you want to book the seat of Ce La Vi, you can make the reservation directly via TripAdvisor.