cheap restaurants in Singapore

cheap restaurants in Singapore

Singapore as a country is one of the tourism destination that you should visit in the South East Asia. This tiny country offers you with many kinds of tourism object that you can enjoy. Many of the tourists find Singapore is a pleasing place to spend the time. Singapore has a collaboration of modern and traditional concept of the city. That is why we can see a lot of variation of food in here, from western food to the eastern food.

Many delicious restaurants are dwindling inside this country. You can always find a lot of cheap restaurants in Singapore that suitable with your taste in every corner of the streets. Tourism is not only the matter of sightseeing. Culinary tourism is also important for the tourists. This article will help you to find the recommended restaurant that serves delicious foods with low price in Singapore.

Recommended Restaurant for Tourist in Singapore

Okay, now we will give you some of the recommendation for the cheap restaurants in Singapore. You will also find cheap restaurants with various kind of food style.

lola cafe singapore

First is Lola’s Café. This eating place has cheap western style food that ranges from $5 to $16. It is also popular with the brunch menu which is served from 10 am to 3 pm. The service tax is not charged to the customer which is the reason why this restaurant serves cheap food.

nana thai singapore

The second restaurant is Nana Thai that is suitable for the people who want to taste of Thailand food with a lot of variations. The food is priced about $5 to 10 dollar. You can find the restaurant at 5001 Beach Road.

maki san singapore

Maki San restaurant is the Japanese style restaurant that also serves various kind of cheap food. This restaurant’s price ranged about $6 to $12 per pax.

La Petite Cuisine singapore

Singapore also has cheap French restaurant that you should try. The restaurant named La Petite Cuisine. The food priced about $7 to $20. The restaurant that located in Jalan Serene serves you many French cuisines.

Useful tip: You can use Tripadvisor to find your desired restaurant filtered by the price, location, food types, reviews, etc. You can read customer’s review on every restaurant listed there.

You should know the area where you live. It is because the restaurants are scattered everywhere. You should be able to recognize the address of the restaurant. If you do not prefer a restaurant, you can also find a lot of food stall around the area where you live. It is usually cheaper than the restaurant.