chinese food delivery singapore

Chinese food delivery Singapore

When considering foods to be eaten, some tourist might decide Chinese food delivery Singapore. Why choose the delivery foods? Well, there are a lot of reasons for many tourists including the inability to go outside of the hotel for the various reasons. Living in Singapore is easy. It’s all thanks to the accommodations and public facilities.

The restaurant that provides food delivery service is not a difficult to be found. In Singapore, even if you are first-time travelers can find the Chinese food restaurant that provided delivery service easily. You can use Tripadvisor search tool or just ask at tourist information center.

Useful Tip: You can search by reviews, food type, location, facilities, and price range of a restaurant on Tripadvisor.

The Ease in Using Food Delivery Service

Using the food delivery service in Singapore is a very easy. Various foods can be delivered and can be chosen accordingly. There is a choice of using third party delivery service that will deliver foods according to the orders. The service will usually charge delivery fees depending on locations.

There will be a minimum order that needs to be checked before ordering the food delivery. The followings are some services that might be useful for food delivery during the stay in Singapore.

  • Cuisine Xpress
    Phone: 63399883
    Minimum order allowed: $25
    Delivery fee: Depends on locations of delivery. There will be $5 extra charges for delivery below $40 and a surcharge of $5 for delivery during the public holidays.
  • Food Panda
    Phone: 65898669
    Minimum order allowed: Various
    Delivery fee depends on the locations of delivery.
  • Gourmet to Go
    Phone: 65454555
    Minimum order allowed: $25
    Delivery fee depends on the areas of delivery. Extra charges of $5 for deliveries below $40.
  • Room Service
    Phone: 65360065
    Minimum order allowed: $25
    Delivery fee depends on the locations of delivery.

In addition of those options above, there are also several Chinese food restaurants that will gladly deliver meals ordered by customers. There are Boon Tong Kee and Yum Cha Express. Contacting these delivery services can also be done through websites.

  • Boon Tong Kee
    Phone: 62421968 (weekdays from 9.00 AM to 4.30 PM); 98326186 (Saturday to Sunday & Weekdays after 4.30 PM)
    Minimum order allowed: $100
    Delivery fee: $5 and an extra of $5 in particular areas.
  • Yum Cha Express
    Phone: 62221717
    Minimum order allowed: $70
    Delivery fee: Orders below $120 will be charged for $20 and an extra $20 in particular areas. Orders above $120 will have free deliveries.

Ordering On The Spot Vs Delivery Order

Order a food delivery is just an option, it is better if you can go to the restaurant and do on the spot order. First, the food served still warm and fresh cooked. Second, there is no additional cost for delivery services.

Travelers who choose to get food deliveries have their reasons. Maybe they don’t feel like to step outside to find tasty foods. Maybe they feel tired and won’t get out from hotel or hostel rooms.

Some of the Nice Chinese Foods Restaurant Worth to Try

summer pavilion singapore

There are a lot of restaurants serving Chinese foods worthy to be tried. Summer Pavilion is great. The restaurant has nice ambiance and the foods taste are great as well.

Din Tai Fung restaurant singaporetripadvisor read reveiws

Din Tai Fung is another excellent choice. It is a chain of restaurants can be found in various places and serve the best dumplings and Xiao Long Bao.

Cheap Chinese Foods Restaurant in Singapore

Seeking for the cheap Chinese foods? Why not try to visit the Chinatown Complex in Singapore? This place is a great option for every traveler. They can try not only cheap and tasty foods but also shop for great souvenirs. Chinatown is a center of Chinese culture spotted in Singapore.

For travelers who wish to get fun experience during a trip to Singapore, go to  Chinatown will give another piece of pleasure in your holiday. Cheap foods and cheap souvenirs, those make great combination instead of just waiting for Chinese food delivery Singapore.