korean food delivery singapore

Korean food delivery Singapore

Korean food delivery Singapore is easy to find in Singapore. If you want to enjoy your holiday in Singapore, don’t worry about your food problem. For you who like Korean foods, you can order those Korean foods simply. Many food companies in Singapore service you delivery order. The Korean foods will arrive at your door or hotel where you stay in.

Kinds of Foods in Korean Food Company in Singapore

the korea food company singapore

The Korea Food Company has two types of foods. First, they have food which is ready to cook. Second, they have food which is ready to eat. If you want to consume the foods for a longer time, you can order food which is ready to cook. If you are hungry enough, just order the food which is ready to eat.

For you who are fans of Korean culture, of course, you know so well about some menus of Korean foods. Here is one of Korean Food Company which serves you Korean food delivery Singapore. The Korea food company is one of the restaurants that serve Korean food menus with delivery service.

kimchi package

It is originally inspired by traditional food from Korea. So, for you who travel in Singapore and want to taste the traditional foods of Korea, you can order there. It serves you menus into some categories such as starters or usually called as the appetizer, Kimchi package, and BBQ Meats packet.

The prices of those menus are also available at various prices. For starters menu, they have Japchae and pancakes. You can buy one with $20.00. Meanwhile, Kimchi packet is sold starting from $6.00 till $12.00. Then, you can get BBQ Meats package only by $22.00 till $49.00. Last, for meals, it applies price only on $25.00 for each menu.

It also has a K-Loyalty program. This program is facilitating you for paying by K-dollars. Besides that, you can get new information about their menus, promotions, and special offers exclusively. You only have to register on their website and fill the available form which including by your identity like email, phone number, address, etc.

How to Order Korean Foods

You can visit their official website or do a direct call to the Korea Food company restaurant. After that, you can choose the available menus there. So, for you who like Korean foods but you are in Singapore, it’s so easy to get Korean food delivery Singapore.

The Korea Food Company

  • Address: #B-20, One 1 Raffles Place, 1 Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
  • Phone: +65 6535 9195