Mexican Food Singapore

Mexican Food Singapore

Singapore is a multi-ethnic country where you can find various type of people, culinary and languages. It is the reason why Mexican food Singapore can be easily found on its mainland. Each Mexican restaurant that is located in Singapore serves various type of food that might suit your taste. Some of them might be expensive since the restaurant is well built inside a lux hotel. But you can also found a delicious cheaper restaurant along the main road.

Cheap Mexican food Singapore

It is true that Mexican food consist of spices which are hardly found around South East Asia, it is the reason why the spices are specially imported from Mexico to maintain the taste. But it doesn’t mean that all Mexican foods that are now available in Singaporean restaurant are expensive, some of them are affordable even for tourists who have a limited budget.

One of them is Cinco de Mayo loco. It is a takeaway Mexican restaurant that serves Casa, hacienda, and taqueria. The restaurant just built a year ago in 2012, but their name is already well known among Singaporean and tourist.

El Patio singapore

El Patio is renamed after the owner of the restaurant changed. It was previously named as El Felipe’s Cantina that serves their customer since 1985. It does not only serve traditional Mexican culinary such as taco and tortilla, but the owner of the restaurant now tries to develop a new menu that suit to modern taste such as guajillo chile adobo, mushrooms, and spinach, etc.

Margarita’s at Faber Drive which is built in 1878 is also the best choice for those who not only want to taste the Mexican cuisine but also the atmosphere. You can sense the Mexican atmosphere when you enter the outlet; since the room is design by applying handmade Mexican chair, table, hacienda-style décor, and stucco walls. Their best offering is its chile en nogada which is made from roasted poblano chile, veal, pork, almond and walnut sauce. You can also order Mexican desert such as eche frite for $15.

cha cha cha restaurant

Cha Cha Cha restaurant is recommended for those who like Mexican seafood. It serves Mexican “culaicán” for $26 which is made from large prawns and cheese. You can also find Mexican ingredients on Belmonte Latin Food; it sells tortillas, salsas, flans, and much more. It is considered as the main importer for Mexican grocery in Singapore, so you can find almost anything in this shop and make your Mexican food.

Latin restaurant

Singapore is not only famous for its Mexican cuisine, but also other Latin food. You can easily find Argentine and Brazilian restaurant along your way, they are all not as expensive as you think.

Salta Parilla singapore

You can taste and enjoy Argentine’s culinary and atmosphere in Salta Parilla restaurant; it serves salad, soup, and steak. The restaurant located at Icon Village; it will only serve their customer from Monday until Saturday. The restaurant’s shift is divided into two; a lunch type meal will be served from 11.30 am until 2.30pm, while the supper can be ordered from 6.30pm – 10.30pm. You can make a reservation first before coming to the restaurant.

Brazil Churrasco is suitable for those who prefer Brazilian cuisine; it is said to the best Brazilian steakhouse in Singapore region. The restaurant will only open for dinner reservation around 6 pm – 10.30pm. Reservation before coming to the restaurant is needed because it only prepares limited meal for their customer. You may also be interested in nice restaurant recommendation in Singapore in this category.

Useful Tip: You can use TripAdvisor’s restaurant search tool to find a restaurant as you wish. You can filter by price range, food types, location, and customer reviews. Just try it because it’s free.