Nice Restaurants in Singapore

Nice Restaurants in Singapore

Excellent restaurants in Singapore are always sought by many tourists that have traveled a great distance to visit Singapore. As we all know, Singapore has been one of the most visited countries because of its uniqueness and its hospitality to the tourists.

Singapore has many facilities for the tourists, among them are transportation facilities, accommodations, and also culinary facilities. Talking about culinary facilities, Singapore has many great culinary spots that will spoil the tourists’ palette with delicious cuisine.

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Because of Singapore is basically like a small melting pot, just like the United States of America, where people with different ethnic and culture are living together in one place. It makes the culinary world in Singapore so popular and vary.

You can find any cuisine type in Singapore. Started from Asian cuisine, Indian cuisine, Western cuisine, and even Middle East cuisine can be found in Singapore. Below are some superior restaurants in Singapore that you can visit to fulfill your appetite and spoil your tongue.

Useful Tip: You can use Tripadvisor to find your desired restaurant. You can filter by price range, food types, location, facilities and the most important, customer reviews!

1. Akashi

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You will be able to guess what kind of restaurant by its name. Yes, it is a Japanese restaurant. Akashi provides you with casual Japanese cuisine without costing you lots of money. The restaurant serves good quality menu and affordable price.

The restaurant, which is located on Tanglin Road, has so many menus that you pick. Among them are the classic Japanese cuisines such as sushi, ramen, udon, teriyaki, sashimi, okonomiyaki, and so on.

The signature dish of this Akashi restaurant is the Sushi Tsuki which only cost you $16 to $20 per portion. The meal consists of an assortment of sushi filled with tuna, Tamago, and salmon. It is very delicious and apparently worth the price.

There is one more signature dish in this restaurant, and it is the Otsukuri Set. The cost ranges from $26 to $29. The dish is like sashimi with Salmon, nigiri rolls, miso soup, tuna, and Yellowtail fish. It is mouth watering and must be tried by anyone who comes to the restaurant.

2. Pasta Brava

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As stated before, Singapore is a melting pot so that any food from all over the world can be found here. Pasta Brava is a very nice Italian restaurant. The restaurant will provide you with fresh and handmade pasta. Not only pasta, but the restaurant also has classic Italian menu for you to try such as pizza, risotto, and gelato for desert.

The interior of the restaurant is very Italian classic. You can feel the rustic impression of Italy inside the restaurant. The restaurant is located on Craig Road, literally in the centre of Singapore so that it is very easy to find.

Linguine Regina Del Mare

The signature dish of Pasta Brava is the Linguine Regina Del Mare which is the seafood pasta with a tomato base. It is seriously delicious, and the price is only $23. If you do not like pasta, try their risotto. The signature risotto dish is the Risotto Nero Alla Sinfonia Dei Nostri Mari that will only cost you $23 as well. The risotto is also seafood based risotto and cooked in squid ink. It is very delicious and affordable.

The two restaurants above are only a few part of delicious and affordable restaurants in Singapore. There are many others such as La Strada, PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance, Da Paolo Ristorante, Quayside Isle Fish Bar and Bistro, and so on. Just follow your taste and craving, and find what you want to eat. Singapore will provide it with its many excellent restaurants in Singapore.