When you have the special holiday trip with your family in Singapore, it is not complete when you do not stay for a while in the Restaurant Andre Singapore. Well, you need to know that this restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Singapore, which will provide the great menu and new experience to make your holiday more enjoyable.

What makes restaurant Andre special is the nice arrangement of the detail stuff and properties. In other hands, some kinds of the delicious menus there will give you more chance to choose. Now, let us see some details of it, which maybe will be nice information to lead you.

Easy Reached Location of Restaurant Andre

Easy Reached Location of Restaurant Andre

For you, as the newcomer in Singapore, you do not need to worry when you want to go to the Restaurant Andre. Yes, it is because this restaurant is easy to be reached. The address of this restaurant is at 41 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089855, Singapore.

There are many signs, which will help you to go there. When you have the smartphone, I am sure that the Google Maps will be the nice thing to help you there. Besides the strategic location of the restaurant, there are also some kinds of the great transportation in Singapore to help you.

Something that you need to know is that the Singapore is one of the famous countries with the good transportation facilities. The modern system of the transportation will give not only fast vehicle but also the efficient time. When you need to go there by the mass transportation, some kinds of it, such as the taxi, bus and monorail are available. Every mass transportation has the different ticket price. You can choose by your needs and budget.

Restaurant Andre Detail Opening Time

restaurant andre singapore Detail opening time

Before you go to Restaurant Andre, it is important for you to know the detail of the opening time. Yes, it is because this restaurant has the different opening time. When you want to go to this restaurant on Sunday, the restaurant will be ready at 7 pm.

This restaurant does not operate in the morning until afternoon. The service of the restaurant on Sunday will be available until 11 pm. The same opening time happens on Saturday. Then, on other days, this restaurant open at 12 pm to 2 pm and 7 pm to 11 pm.

Great Menus to Taste at Restaurant Andre

Great Menus to Taste at Restaurant Andre

As I have said before, this restaurant is famous for the kinds of the great menus there. Several special menus are available, and you can taste delicious food there. The menus are differentiated by some classifications, such as the breakfast menu, main course, dinner menus and others.

This restaurant is also the heaven for you who like the seafood menus. How about the price of it? You do not need to worry about it because it has the average price for all menus. The management says that the price of the menu is around $367 with the 51 different choices. Now, let us see some classifications of it below.

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Delicious and Tasty Seafood at Restaurant Andre

Delicious and Tasty Seafood at Restaurant Andre

For the first matter, let us see the kinds of the seafood in this restaurant. The special seafood menu here is the black pepper crab. Crab is known as the one of the special seafood with the delicious taste. Here, the cooker cooks the crab with the black pepper flavor. The combination of the delicious crab with the spicy pepper is awesome.

Then, still talking about the seafood menu, this restaurant also provides the buttered prawns with the salted egg. This menu is special for you who want to taste the original flavor of the prawns.

Chicken Special Menus

restaurant andre singapore Chicken special menus

This restaurant is also nice for you, who love the chicken menu. Some kinds of the creative and extraordinary menu made by the chicken as the essential ingredients are available. Here, you can see the special chicken and mushroom. The delicious chicken is combined with the fresh mushroom. It is cooked with the Asian sausage with the high-class taste.

In other hands, you also can choose the Cantonese white-cooked chicken. This menu is a good choice, especially for you who want to taste the fresh chicken with the unique flavor. Very recommended for the dieting people.

Special Fast Breakfast

restaurant andre singapore Special fast breakfast

In the list of the breakfast menus, this restaurant provides some choices for you. You can see the baked egg with the cream for the first choice. We all know that the egg is nice for breakfast and it has the appropriate nutrition, such as the protein, mineral, and others. In other hands, the cream there will give the delicious taste to open your morning.

Then, when you want to taste the Europe menu for your breakfast, there is baked French toast stuffed with fruits for you. The baked toast is sweet with the creepy taste and the fruits inside the toast give the freshness for you. It will be nice to be combined with a glass of milk.

Well, the kinds of the menus as above can be the great consideration for you. However, you do not need to worry when you want to get the different menu. As I have said before, there are 51 different menus there. You can see the detail of the menus in the list of it. In other hands, there are also many kinds of drinking menus there. Just check it!

Restaurant Andre reviews of customers

restaurant andre singapore Some reviews for customers

The kinds of the menus as above give you a nice choice when you want to taste the great foods in Singapore to pleasant your holiday. Something that you need to know here is that this restaurant has 30-seats for their customer. The seats are nice with the modern concept and the comfortable material.

There are several kinds of the room, such as the private room, meeting room, and others, which can be your consideration in booking. Some customers say that Restaurant Andre is nice in both of food and service. In other hands, the clean of the area also becomes the factor to consider.

When you want to go there with your family, it will be nice for you to make the reservation before. Yes, the reservation can be the guarantee that you will get the seat there. Then, how to book the seat in restaurant Andre? For the phone booking, you can call +6565348880 and the customer service will serve you as well.

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